World Environment Day

World Environment Day

If you are an environment lover, we love to see you as a savior to our planet. You are truly a warrior fighting for our collective survival. Congratulations! June 5 is your day – World Environment Day 2021. This is the time to reflect on the implications our habits and actions may have on the environment. This day seeks to offer us a moment to pause and consider what we can do differently today to give the world a better tomorrow.


Every 3 seconds the world loses enough forest to cover a football pitch and ecosystem loss is depriving the world of carbon sinks, like forests and peatlands, at a time humanity can least afford it. - United Nations

In the decade of the 70s, we became aware of the troubling situation of our changing planet and declining environment. In 1972, the UN called a conference in Stockholm, Sweden to discuss this. On the first day of the Stockholm conference, the General Assembly of the UN established World Environment Day (WED) on June 5. The discussion of the meet was on the integrations of human interactions and its environmental impact.

When was the first World Environment Day celebrated?

Two years after the Stockholm conference in 1972 under the UN program, the first world environment day in 1974 took place. The theme of this WED was ‘Only One Earth’. WED celebrations have been an annual feature since 1974 to mark the day. 

In 1987, celebrations began to be rotated across cultures so that different countries can host the event. This was done to create global awareness of our changing environment as it concerns the global population without the distinction of the national borders.

The idea behind the creation of June 5 as Environment Day is to generate awareness about what needs to be done to protect the environment. There are several challenging environmental issues like global warming, protection of wildlife, air pollution, marine pollution, greenhouse emissions, sea-levels rising, and several more. The celebration of World Environment Day is to shed awareness on these pressing issues and bring to light every small choice leaves an impact. The awareness today surrounding WED has become a global platform for environment-related activities, discussions, and movements. On this day, humanity collectively collaborates to work towards saving the planet.  

World Environment Day 2021

Pakistan is going to host World Environment Day 2021 in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). The theme of this year’s world environment day on June 5, 2021, is Ecosystem Restoration. The focus of this theme is on re-establishing our relationship with nature. This day will also formally launch the UN Decade (2021-2030) on Ecosystem Restoration. 

Pakistan, the host nation of the WED will showcase the country’s efforts and initiatives in restoring the ecosystem while highlighting the environmental issues. Across the world, this day will be marked by activities and events while complying with COVID-19 regulations.

Our Favourite Eco-Friendly Brands

In light of World Environment Day, we wanted to take a moment to appreciate some of the brands we carry that keep the environment in mind in every step of their process. Brands like these set the expectation and precedence for brands in the future and contribute to the world while keeping the Earth in mind.

The North Face
The North Face makes their products with our future generations in mind. With innovatively created products, they encourage their consumers to shop sustainably or extend the life of the gear they already own. The North Face’s commitment to less waste is met through their Limited Lifetime Warranty program and their Clothes the Loop program which works to extend the life of their products. Amongst their goals are products intentionally designed for circularity (through using previously-owned gear) in 2022, 100% responsibly-sourced apparel fabrics by 2025, and eliminating single-use plastic packaging by 2025.

Sauconcy puts their best foot forward through having almost all their apparel contain recycled and sustainable content. Wherever possible, they minimize plastic usage in both their apparel and shoes in an attempt to minimize gear that ends up sitting in landfills for far longer than it should. They encourage users to extend the lifespan of their products by repurposing them or donating them. Saucony partnered the Sustainable Apparel Coalition for further improving sustainability efforts and prAna’s Responsibly Packaging Movement to create less wasteful packaging. Saucony is dedicated to having “the lightest footprint possible.”

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