South West

One of the most common misconceptions is that a desert ecosystem means the lack of life; however, the South West region is proof that this is simply that, a misconception. Whether it be red rock country of Sedona that offers some of the best trails in North America or the vast winding expanse of the Grand Canyon, there is no shortage of activities to experience in the area. To add to all Southwest, the diverse ecosystem serves as home to some of the most unique wildlife and plant life that the world has to offer that invite you to take things slow and soak in the natural beauty.



Day hiking in South-Western USA offers some of the most contrasting terrains you can experience in a geographical region of its size. If you visit desert areas you can experience sweeping sand dunes, incredible hoodoos and canyons that will blow your mind. Compare that to the wooded forests, mountain tundra and alpine lakes you will see visiting the southern end of the Rocky Mountains. Regardless of where you go, having the right gear is essential to staying safe and being able to enjoy your time in nature. We have created packing list tables for each type of terrain and time of year to help guide your preparation for day hiking in this region.



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