No matter where you are from, it is hard to ignore the diversity California has to offer. If you can imagine an outdoor sport, chances are you can experience it, or all of them in the same day. From the lush forest and tall cliffs of Yosemite that make for a climber’s paradise to the long beaches of SoCal that serve as a surfer’s haven; California has it all. If that is not enough, all these amazing natural destinations also serve as home to multiple world-class, culturally diverse cities that offer everything under the sun.


brown rocky mountain beside body of water during daytime

When you think of must-do activities in California, there is a good chance backcountry camping does not rush to the front of your mind, but it should. While the Golden State boasts the glitz and glamor of Hollywood and over 800 miles of beach-lined coast, driving 4-hours inland from San Francisco would take you to the trailhead of one of the best backcountry hikes the USA has to offer. The Half Dome Hike located in Yosemite National Park is famous for its near-vertical 400-foot final ascent which can be summited without climbing-equipment thanks to cables fixed to the rock-face.

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