How to Choose the Right Cycling Equipment - Informative Guide 2021 | Skuxs

How to Choose the Right Cycling Equipment

If you are a beginner cyclist with no idea what cycling equipment you need, here is a complete guide explaining what equipment to buy and where to find it.  Here is the biking equipment list that is essential to make...

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Let's celebrate World Gratitude Day - Skuxs Canada

September 21: World Gratitude Day

September 21st is World Gratitude Day, and it's a time to be grateful for all that you have. It may sound like an overly positive holiday, but keeping gratitude alive can change your life. When we focus on what we're...

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Women's Equality Day (26th August 2021)

Women's Equality Day

When is Women’s Equality Day 2021? Like every year, Women's Equality Day is being celebrated on August 26th, 2021. This day is observed in women’s honor and suffrage that they went through and to foster equality in all aspects of...

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