Pacific Northwest

Packed with lush rainforests, snowy peaks, and a diverse ecosystem; the Pacific North West is the perfect region to visit if you are looking for an experience that has it all. Spanning from Oregon in the USA to British Columbia in Canada, there is no shortage of unique landscapes and diverse wildlife to discover. Whether you find yourself knee-deep in powder atop of Whistler or on a coastal trail in Oregon, PNW is the perfect place to pack your gear and experience all the unique trails that this region has to explore.


green trees on rocky mountain beside river during daytime

The West Coast trail is known as “the hike of a lifetime”, not only because of its amazingly beautiful scenery, but also because it is the hike of a lifetime for most, meaning it will be the longest and most challenging most hikers experience. With the hikes average duration being anywhere from 6 to 9 days, it will not only test you individually, but also all the equipment you bring and use. Here’s our team’s suggestions of what to get for yourself before taking on the hike of your life!

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British Columbia

Forge Your Own Trail

Pacific Rim National Park

Olympic National Park

Crater Lake National Park

North Cascades National Park