Top 6 Baffin Shoes for Men

Baffin Shoes for Men - Skuxs Canada

Not sure which snow boots are the best? Then here are the 6 Best Baffin shoe recommendations. This blog post is a detailed Baffin shoes review that will help you choose the right snow boots for your next snow adventure!

Here are the top 6 Baffin shoes for Men:

  • Baffin Control Max
  • Baffin Snow Monster
  • Baffin Wolf Boot
  • Baffin Impact Boot
  • Baffin Snogoose Boot
  • Baffin Titan (PIn) Boot

    Baffin Control Max

    Baffin Control Max

    If you look for style and functionality, and comfort in your snowshoes, then the Control Max might be the best one for you. Manufactured with high-quality and water-proof material, the Control Max comes in a worn brown shade. The shoe features a removable, Baffin unique multi-layer liner with a waffle-comb foot-bed. The multi D-ring lace fastening looks not only stylish but also provides excellent support. The full-grain insulated leather and a waterproof seam-sealed upper keep the shoes dry in the snow. 

    Product Highlights

    • Compatible for temperature up to -70ºC/-94ºF
    • Features a multi-layer, removable inner boot system
    • Arctic rubber shell, EVA midsole, footbed rubber outsole base
    • Use full-grain insulated leather
    • Waterproof upper with multi D-ring lace fastening system
    • Modish style 

    Baffin Snow Monster

    When it comes to style and the protection in snow, Baffin shoes Canada never fails to deliver. The Snow Monster Shoe from Baffin is an excellent snow boot that combines style, comfort, and functionality. With a temperature rating as low as -70ºC/-94ºF, these shoes protect your feet in deep snow. Manufactured with water-proof and full-grain insulated leather, your feet won’t get wet. Available in two colors, the boots come with a high-quality rubber base that allows easy movements in the snow.

    Product Highlights

    • Waterproof rubber base
    • Can withstand temperatures as low as -70ºC/-94ºF.
    • It comes with a removable, multi-layer Baffin liner
    • Modish design 
    • Available in black and a worn brown color
    Baffin Wolf Boots - Skuxs

    Baffin Wolf Boots

    For someone who prefers convenience and comfort in the boots the most, then Wolf Boots are for them. It is manufactured with premium quality material with a 3-rubber-mix base and 900 Denier Nylon upper. One of the best things about these snow boots is that they come with a double buckle system that provides quick and easy fastening. The boots don’t let water or snow inside as it comes with a moisture management system and locking snow collar. In short, these shoes are comfortable, and keep your feet warm and dry with high quality. 

    Product Highlights

    • The double buckle straps for quick fastening
    • Snow locking collar to prevent snow from getting in
    • Waterproof with the moisture management system.
    • Two-color variation: Black/Exp Gold, Black/Pewter
    • Double weave for maximum durability

    Baffin Impact Waterproof Shoes

    Designed for freezing temperatures (100ºC/-148ºF), the Impact Snow Boots are the best Baffin shoes. The outsole is manufactured with arctic rubber, shell, EVA, midsole, and polar rubber; the base is waterproof. The double B-Tek insulation adds more durability while keeping the shoes dry. Moreover, the Impact shoes come with a double aluminum insole. The waffle comb footbed provides comfort as well as support to the feet. With all the incredible and highly functional features, Baffin Impact Shoes are worth spending the money on.

    Product Highlights

    • The Double B-tek insulation keeps your feet warm and dry
    • It comes with double buckle straps
    • It has a snow-locking collar
    • The boot comes with an aluminum insole
    • The boots are long providing warmth on the lower leg
    • Features removable inner boot system with waffle-comb foot-bed
    SnoGoose Baffin long shoes

    Baffin SnoGoose Shoes

    Manufactured with premium quality material with a 3-rubber-mix base and 900 Denier Nylon upper, the SnoGoose Baffin long shoes are durable, comfortable, and warm. The snow boots feature a side-to-side lace fastening with a toggle that allows convenient and quick fastening. Along with a waterproof rubber base, the Snogoose also has a waterproof nylon snow collar. These shoes are manufactured in two colors, black and white.  

    Product Highlights

    • The side to side lace fastening for quick fastening
    • Waterproof nylon snow collar
    • Available in black and white
    • Double weave for maximum durability

    Titan (PIn) Baffin Waterproof Shoes

    The last but exceptional Baffin snowshoes are the Titan waterproof shoes. Designed for comfort, convenience, and durability, these shoes can withstand low temperatures down to -100 degrees. The Titan boots keep your feet dry in the snow and are manufactured with lightweight, flexible, fully-molded, waterproof material. Featuring the B-Tek insulation, the boots use a max-layer removable inner boot system. The boots are easy to wear as there is no lace, strap, or toggle fastening. Due to the material, the outsole is easy to clean. The microcellular waffle-comb footbed provides comfort while trapping the air and moisture outside. Even in freezing temperatures, these shoes keep your feet warm and dry!

    Product Highlights

    • Waterproof, lightweight, and durable
    • Uses B-tek insulation
    • No lace or strap system
    • Feature a plain toe design
    • It comes with a waterproof snow collar
    • Can withstand extremely low temperature
    Titan (PIn) Baffin Waterproof Shoes


    How warm are Baffin boots?

    Designed with high-quality material including rubber, leather, and nylon with B-tek and full-grain insulation, the Baffin boots for men can withstand temperatures as low as -100 degrees. Its waffle-comb footbed locks the moisture and air outside, keeping feet warm inside. The Baffin Snow Monster or Titan are some of the most warmer snow boots. 

    Why choose Baffin shoes?

    Baffin shoes deliver quality, comfort, and functionality. These shoes are specifically designed for freezing temperatures. The boots are manufactured using premium quality material with high insulation, such as double B-Tek and full-grain insulation. Moreover, the shoes are waterproof and also feature a snow locking collar. 

    Are Baffin boots waterproof?

    Yes! All Baffin boots are manufactured with a waterproof tri-rubber base. Moreover, the upper material like leather or nylon is also waterproof that keeps the moisture locked outside. 

    Baffin Shoes Canada is a brand that undoubtedly manufactures high-quality snow boots featuring high-level insulation. With durable construction, functional design, and waterproof technology, Baffin shoes are worth taking on your next snow adventure!

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