Top 10 Saucony Running Shoes 2020

Top 10 Saucony Running Shoes 2020

Birth of Saucony

An iconic Pennsylvania running shoe brand, Saucony was founded in 1898. In the 1960s, Saucony running shoes were relocated to Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is one of the oldest and most relied upon sports shoe brands in the United States of America today. Many patriots will choose a pair of Saucony shoes over popular brands like Nike and Adidas.

In keeping up with the competition in the sports apparel industry, Saucony revamped their designs in the last few years. The brand came up with some innovations that really ramped up sales of shoes. One of the novel inventions was that of the isofit construction in the upper part of the shoe. The other, this year's innovation, was the new material of the everun sole, created to enhance endurance while running.


Shoe Categories

As far as shoe classification goes, Saucony has a very convenient way of doing this. Shoes are categorized as being pronation, trail and road shoes, and truck and racing shoes. These are all, by and large, Saucony running shoes. Saucony assumes that there are kinds of runners and each has a shoe that will fit, so to speak. Although the company is well known for its specific running shoe models, its neutral running shoes have been famous for a long time now. Almost a decade ago, Saucony launched the Kinvara neutral running shoe. The model oversold itself and bookings were taken for new orders by the ton! Listed here, are the top ten shoes from Saucony, perfect for running feet.



The Kinvara of Saucony

The No. 11 Kinvara shoes made for running, by Saucony, were revamped in 2019 in a major way. This year's shoe, in 2020, retains a majority of these innovations. The shoes are lightweight, one of the most in the Saucony shoe bag. Responsiveness is gentle, with soft cushioning and mild support. In the middle of the sole, there is the addition of softer foam. In the upper part of these Saucony running shoes, there is some more edgy detailing. This pair of shoes is great for running cross-country and track.


 Saucony's Flexible Models

A recent addition to the Saucony bandwagon is the Saucony Flex shoe with film technology. Overlays (films) are molded to the shoe's upper to provide support. This makes these shoes not only lighter but reduces skin irritation by way of blisters while running.


The Triumph of Saucony

The No.18 Triumph model of Saucony is a shoe that is one of the top models in the range of Saucony's running shoes. With cushioning power to the max, it gives you a run like no other. A bit hefty on the price tag, it's well worth the cost as it gives you long-distance running support and comfort. The return on energy is powerful, and the upper with its streamlining produces landings that are softer without any rubber of the older model.

Freedom to Run

Saucony's new Freedom shoe (ISO Two) is the shoe in which Saucony has its technology of the everun sole. Its earlier version was fabulous enough, and this one is a wee bit better. There is just more of the everun sole. The sole is now a full-length sole of everun technology. The upper is super comfortable and this shoe can take a lot of running time. It is known for its durable high standard.


The Echelon of the Running Shoe

The Echelon of Saucony's running shoes range is the optimal pair of shoes for comfort and subtle style. With a smooth layer of everun, it doesn't ensure too much motion control but is good for people who have just started serious walking or running. The base is stable and especially ideal for people with arc issues. It has a therapeutic arc. If you have flat feet, you will feel super in these, even as you pick up running speed.

Endorphin in your Feet

Saucony running shoes are known for their novelty and maintenance of ease for the runner. Made for the fast and furious runner, the Speed Endorphin model of Saucony is the way to power up your running potential. This model has a wonderfully reactive middle sole and an upper that lets you breathe. The game-changer for a trainer is the nylon plate that is embedded.


 Saucony Support Guide Shoes

This shoe is meant for runners who want more stability and support while they run. The 13 Guide is exceptional for stability if you train daily. A special form fit upper helps to keep you steady. With cushioning to give you that extra level of comfort, you will be on your way to a confident run.

 Redeemer of Saucony

This model is sold primarily for its motion control facility and its non-constrictive appeal regarding Saucony running shoes. At each step, you feel a level of new comfort and renewed strength to go that extra mile. Cushioning is of a prime quality with Saucony's trademark everun technology.


 Peregrine for Running Trails

If you are a runner of trails, you'll adore the trail running shoes that Saucony makes. Saucony's Peregrine (the no.10) is the best in its category (though don't neglect the others). With a rock plate enhanced for hard trail running support, these shoes give solid traction. With an update in cushioning and stability, these shoes give speed and terrain comfort. You can find both men’s and women’s editions of the Peregrine on the Skuxs website.


 Exodus to Adventure

No matter whether you love trail running or not, the Xodus of Saucony with its new upper construction isofit structure gives any running shoe a run for their money. Saucony running shoes have always been about value for money, but with this no. 3 ISO model, you get more than what you paid for. You can use these shoes for any long-distance running on rough or smooth terrain. The upper has no tongue, and so it is convenient to wear. The sole has a firm grip and non-slip stability. For a lightweight shoe, this is a robust shoe and dries fast when it gets wet. There is comfortable mesh over the forefoot area of the shoe, which makes it breathable. The shoe has abundant cushioning, yet isn't heavy or bulky.


Top Ten and Top-notch

There you go then, these are the top picks of Saucony's shoes of 2020 for running. Built to last and ride the road with new technology like the extremely soft inner sleeve that blends with your foot, Saucony is the top gun in running shoes. This locks the foot firmly to the shoe, so there's not a hint of loss of support, which is so essential in a shoe made for running.

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