Smartwool Canada: Best Hiking Socks Of 2021

Smartwool Canada: Best Hiking Socks - Skuxs

Blisters, sweat and aching feet – most hiking enthusiasts are familiar with these unwanted side effects of hiking. While hiking is an exciting outdoor activity, the right type of hiking gear, apparel and accessories help maximize comfort and safety that in turn, makes the entire experience enjoyable.

Given that on average, 2,000 steps are required to travel a mile, not to mention the ups and downs and rough terrain encountered in typical hiking trails, the importance of wearing the right hiking socks cannot be emphasized more.

When it comes to high-quality socks, the brand name that often instantly comes to mind is Smartwool. Smartwool ski socks and hiking socks are recognized the world over for the critical role they play in ensuring your feet stay blister-free and comfortable throughout your adventures.

What makes Smartwool socks the preferred hiking socks?

The top-rated Smartwool socks Canadian hiking enthusiasts love are made from premium, special Merino wool making the hiking socks more breathable, odour and moisture resistant, durable, anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic.

Smartwool socks Canadian hikers prefer, are not only comfortable, soft and luxurious but have the right level of cushioning to provide optimum protection against blisters and harsh weather conditions. The best-selling Smartwool hiking socks for men and women are made of Merino wool that is a renewable, natural and protein-rich fibre that grows on sheep. Apart from keeping your feet sweat-free and dry during hiking, these hiking socks regulate body temperature to ensure your body’s temperature is stable even during extreme weather conditions.

Best 2021 Smartwool hiking socks

Here are the best hiking socks of 2021 from Smartwool Canada:

The best 2021 Smartwool socks for women

Women's PhD® Outdoor Light Micro Hiking Socks -  The PhD® Outdoor series of Smartwool hiking socks are renowned for their cutting-edge design, the ideal blend of fabric and cushioning. The Light micro is designed for the outdoor trail with Indestructawool™ technology offering the ultimate durability. Merino wool and mesh design ensure your feet stay protected all through the extensive journey. The micro height and women-specific fit ensure a slimmer fit while being perfect for low hiking shoes.

Women's PhD Outdoor Ultra-Light Pattern Mini Hiking Socks - The Ultralight mini hiking socks feature Shred Shield™ technology that maximizes durability in the region where it matters the most – the toe region, allowing hikers to cover extraordinary distances. All Ultra-light hiking socks from Smartwool Canada are made using this revolutionary technology.

Women's PhD® Outdoor Light Mid Crew Socks - The PhD® Outdoor Light is preferred by women who are looking for the best of comfort, durability and versatile design. In high-wear areas, the Indestructawool technology maximizes protection against wear and tear while offering superior comfort with 4 Degree™ elite fit and Virtually Seamless™ toe technologies.

Women's PhD Outdoor Light Pattern Mid Crew Cut Socks - Attractive colour and design are just two of the appealing features of the Light Pattern Mid Crew Cut Socks from Smartwool. Lightweight cushioning in the sole and shin absorb impact while enhancing comfort. Two elastics utilized in the sock design optimize stretchability.

Top-rated Smartwool socks for men

Men's PhD Outdoor Light Mini Hiking Socks  – With an ideal blend of Merino Wool, Nylon, and Elastane, the ankle-high Smartwool socks for men is perfect for mileage. Smartwool has used the cutting-edge Indestructawool™ technology that features an innovative way of knitting premium yarn to optimize the performance of the hiking sock without compromising comfort, or fit. The 4 Degree™ elite fit is another innovative system used in hiking socks that provides precise fit and minimizes sock slippage. Light cushioning optimizes impact protection, and its Virtually Seamless™ toe knitting system is designed to prevent hot spots and blisters, as well as in-shoe discomfort.

Men's PhD Outdoor Light Micro Hiking Socks With light cushioning and Indestructawool technology, these ankle-length Smartwool socks for men are designed for durability and summer hiking. Stretch, support and breathability make them one of the top-rated Smartwool Canada socks for hiking.

Men's PhD Pro Outdoor Medium Hiking Crew Socks - If you are using hiking boots with high cuffs, the best Smartwool socks to buy are the Men's PhD Pro Outdoor Medium Hiking Crew Socks. The classic height preferred by hikers, Crew socks go above the ankle to maximize protection against abrasion and cold weather conditions. Achilles’ strap and Virtually Seamless Toe technology offer additional warmth, comfort and breathability.

Men's PhD Outdoor Light Crew Socks - The PhD Light Crew Socks from Smartwool are rated as one of the best 2021 hiking socks given their snug fit that supports arch and instep. The “x” pattern of stretchy nylon offers optimum support while hiking. Light cushioning gives the right amount of padding for the forefoot and heel, while a blend of fabric materials ensures excellent breathability.

Smartwool socks sale

There  is a wide range of Smartwool hiking socks to choose from, depending on the weather, the distance you intend to cover, the terrain and the type of hiking shoes you wear. From no-show socks to crew, ankle and knee high length, from lightweight to heavy cushioning, you can find the top-rated Smartwool socks Canadian hiking enthusiasts prefer here.

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