How to Take Care of Your Merrell Footwear

How to Take Care of Your Merrell Footwear - Skuxs

Whether for everyday wear, mountain climbing or hiking, premium quality shoes will not only enhance your overall image but ensure your safety and wellbeing. Merrell is one of the top brands for premium quality boots.

In this article, we take a closer look at how to take care of your Merrell footwear to make them last in the long run. 

Caring for Merrell Boots

Merrell is a premium boot maker and has continued to retain its position as the top work boots and rock-climbing shoemaker since 1981. Founded by Clark Matis, John Schweizer, and Randy Merrell in the U.S., the company initially focused on manufacturing high-quality hiking shoes. 

After the company was acquired by Wolverine World Wide, the shoe industry giant in 1997, Merrell became a wholly-owned subsidiary. In 2010, the company had expanded its footprint, with the total sales of clothing and footwear crossing $500 million. Apart from premium quality athletic shoes and hiking boots, Merrell also makes jackets, gloves, sandals, hoodies, socks, t-shirts, and shorts. You can also find a wide range of accessories such as bags, backpacks, and stuff sacks.

By 2010, the top-quality products made by Merrell were sold across 151 countries. The company runs 116 concept stores in multiple countries across the globe. Merrell is focused on enhancing its market share by opening new company stores as well as e-commerce sales. 

Merrell work and hiking boots are made of the finest quality of leather. Proper care will help ensure the shoes retain their strength and durability for years to come. Applying a leather conditioner will prevent the bag from drying out and cracking and will protect it from excessive moisture that can cause the leather to swell.

Here are some tips for maintaining the original shine and integrity of superior leather products:

Cleaning your leather climbing shoes – After every use, clean your leather boots with a soft brush. Remove laces before cleaning and use running water to clean the shoes. Even if the shoes are not used regularly, cleaning them once a week is important to prevent dust build-up that can break down the leather prematurely. Wipe the shoes with a damp cloth while avoiding soap that can dry out the leather boots. Avoid using harsh chemical cleaners for cleaning your Merrell leather shoes. ColdPack Ice+ Moc Waterproof - Men's is a perfect choice for your outdoor adventure, whether backpacking, hiking, or climbing. Featuring full-grain leather in the upper, cushioned midsole, and optimum waterproofing, these cold weather shoes are designed specifically for staying on your feet in the winter. 

Keep it dry – Avoid using a hairdryer or placing the leather shoes in direct sun or on heat vents to dry them. This will lead to the Merrell leather shoes drying out rapidly, along with a cracking and shrinkage of the leather. Let the boots dry out naturally in an area where there are no wet or damp surfaces. Premium Merrell shoes, like the Moab Adventure Chelsea Waterproof Wide Width - Men's features M Select DRY that allows the moisture to escape while sealing out water. This ensures maximum comfort during wet and cold weather. The lightweight construction and insulation further add to the comfort quotient.

Storing - A shaded and ventilated area is ideal for freshening up the leather shoes. Ensure you bring the shoes inside if it starts to rain or if it gets too humid. Avoid storing the leather climbing shoes next to a heat source, such as a radiator, as it can make the leather brittle, leading to cracks. Storing your leather climbing equipment and rock-climbing shoes in plastic bags is also not a good idea as the leather needs to breathe. Lack of air will lead to mold growth on leather. Choose a fabric bag or a cardboard box with a loose lid for storage.

Condition the leather – A leather conditioner will help retain the leather’s original lustre and texture, preventing drying out and moisture build-up that can lead to leather swelling. Many top-quality shoes come with effective waterproofing upper such as Women's Moab 2 Mid Waterproof. Durable leather and M Select DRY technology ensures complete waterproofing of the hiking boots.

Rock Climbing Gear

From climbing helmets to ropes, there are multiple rock-climbing gears that you will need to choose carefully to optimize your safety, comfort, and overall climbing experience.

When it comes to climbing ropes, you need to choose a dynamic rope that can stretch to accommodate a sudden load (such as when the climber slips and falls) and prevents accidents. The VR9 Green is a single dynamic rope that is not only affordable but is of premium quality featuring DryCore technology and is UIAA certified.

You will also need a lightweight climbing helmet such as the Neo™ MIPS® Helmet that also has built-in temperature control that adjusts to extreme hot and cold temperature fluctuations that are common on mountains.

You can find an extensive collection of premium quality Merrell shoes as well as climbing equipment including helmets, climbing shoes, ropes, and other rock climbing gear here.

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