Helinox Lightweight Camping Chairs – Choose The Best One

Helinox Lightweight Camping Chairs – Choose The Best One

Planning a camping trip? We urge you to spare a thought for seating. If you are inviting your friends and family to join you on your camping trip, you will have to take their comfort and convenience into account as well. Not everybody might want to plop down on the grass. A hammock is all well and good, but you might want to carry a few chairs. Now camping chairs need to be lightweight, foldable and sturdy. You don’t want to carry around a ton of unnecessary weight on your camping trip. You will also most likely appreciate camping chairs that can survive most weather conditions. Worry not, just choose from the range of camping chairs made available by Helinox. Helinox is an award-winning camping chair manufacturer. A Helinox chair will most definitely add to your camping experience!

Best Helinox Chair

While the Helinox chair that you think is best will depend on your own unique needs and preferences, Helinox chairs have something to offer for everyone! What are some good Helinox chair options to consider? Let’s learn below –

  • Helinox Chair Zero (Shop: Chair Zero) – Our Helinox Camp Chair Review had to begin with the Helinox Chair Zero. The ultra-light-weight camp chair from Helinox is smaller than a water bottle when packed. Its overall packed length is 13.5inches and overall packed weight is 1lb 2oz. However, don’t mistake its light weight and portability for an inability to provide supportive seating. The Helinox Chair Zero accommodates 265 lbs and its material construction and design offer an enviable blend of comfort and functionality.
  • Helinox Chair One (Shop: Chair One) – The Helinox Chair One is the original Helinox Folding Chair It brings together sophistication, portability and comfort – all in one! The packed weight for this Helinox Folding Chair is 2lb 2oz and the packed length is 13.5 in. The Helinox Chair One offers 320 lb capacity and is made available in a variety of colors to zest up your camping environs!
  • Helinox Sunset Chair (Shop: Sunset Chair)– The Helinox Sunset Chair is an absolute camp chair must-have. Its compact carry sack enables you to use it as a neck pillow, shall you so desire. You have the option to add on rocking feet to this Helinox chair. The Helinox Sunset Chair Rocking Feet is an unparalleled camp chair experience you don’t want to miss out on! The packed length and weight of the Helinox Sunset Chair is 18.5 in and 3lb 4oz, respectively. With 320 lb weight capacity, even your heaviest of friends can comfortably seat themselves in this foldable camp chair from Helinox.
  • Helinox Playa Chair (Shop: Playa Chair) Helinox Playa Chair is a comfortable travel-friendly portable chair offering from Helinox Chair Canada. Thinking of spending a long time lounging by that camp fire? You will want to be seated in this chair. While the Helinox Playa Chair only weighs 4lb 3oz, it can support up to 320 pounds of weight. It conveniently folds into a 21in streamlined carry case. Music festival, picnic at the park, whatever be your occasion – the Helinox Playa Chair makes for a perfect companion. Made available in black and blue colors, you can’t go wrong with this Helinox folding chair.



Helinox Playa Chair vs Sunset Chair

The Helinox Playa Chair and Helinox Sunset Chair are both high-back camp chairs from Helinox. Helinox Chair Canada enthusiasts often pit the two against each other as they both offer similar features. So, if you find yourself at a Helinox Camp Chair Sale, which should you go for – the Helinox Playa Chair or the Helinox Sunset Chair Canada?

The Helinox Playa Chair is sufficient for anyone looking for a quality Helinox folding chair, however, if you want added space to luxuriate in, the Helinox Sunset Chair Canada is probably a better choice for you. The height and seat base of the Sunset Chair is 39 in and 14 in respectively, which is greater than the Helinox Playa Chair’s 36.5 in height and 9 in seat base. Despite this, the Helinox Sunset Chair is actually lighter than the Helinox Playa Chair, which is weighed at 4lb 3oz. The 3lb 4oz weight of the Sunset Chair hardly seems to matter when you think of the fun rocking chair experience it offers with optional rocking feet. The Helinox Playa Chair performs better in all terrain,but the comfort is much greater in the Helinox Sunset Chair Canada.

Go Get Your Hands on One

If you are all set to go camping or planning to call your friends over for a barbeque evening, you will want to shop for a few Helinox camping chairs first. These chairs are strong, weather-resistant, easy-to-clean, portable and comfortable – pretty much anything anybody could want in an outdoor chair! So, what are you still waiting for? Don’t let your backyard barbeque evening/picnic with family/camping trip down for the lack of appropriate seating!

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