Best Camping & Hiking Backpacks in Canada Spring 2021

Best Camping & Hiking Backpacks in Canada - Skuxs

Looking for the best camping backpacks in Canada for spring 2021? Here are some of the best backpacks that ensure your hiking and camping trip is seamless:

What to Look For in Trekking Backpack?

When it comes to selecting the best backpacks, there are certain features that you need to look for:

Size or capacity: While there are no hard and fast rules on how big the trekking backpack should be, there are many factors that determine what size of trekking backpack you should opt for. These include the trekking essentials that you will carry, how long your trip is, and the time of the year/season that you want to go backpacking. For instance, if you want to take a camping trip in the winter, you may need bulkier gear. Ensure you match the trekking backpack’s capacity with the type of gear or trekking essentials you'll be bringing.

A majority of backpackers typically take short trips of one to three days, and for this duration, camping backpacks in the range of 50-to-70-litres are most popular. A 60-litre backpack will give you adequate space to pack additional items if you are taking your kids along with you. For an overnight trip, a trekking backpack of 35 to 55-litre capacity is ideally suited.

Weight and load: Apart from the capacity, you will need to also look at the total weight you will be carrying. If you are carrying bulky gear, you will need a backpack that is designed for extra weight. There are plenty of hiking backpack brands that offer a lightweight backpack if you prefer ultralight gear and minimalism.  When considering a lightweight backpack, look at the suspension, frame and padding of the backpack. One of the key factors to look for is the empty weight of the trekking backpack itself. 

Organizational features: The best backpacks have great organizational features. Apart from the top-loader, the best backpacks have additional access through a u-shaped zipper to the middle or bottom of the pack. External floating pockets and zippered pockets on the top lid help you store some lightweight trekking essentials such as a headlamp or a rain jacket. Hipbelt pockets allow you to store quick access essentials such as lip balm, lifesavers or a camera.

Best Hiking Backpacks Based on Age and Gender

For children and teens - The Fox is one of the best hiking backpacks for teenagers and kids that combines superior functionality and technical design of the bigger backpacks while catering to the needs of teens and kids. The VariQuick system lets kids adjust the length of the backpack, adapting to the ‘growing’ needs of children. This makes it one of the best travel backpacks for the younger ones. Apart from the adjustable system, the Fox features a padded hip belt, outer pockets, SOS label and contact system.

For adults - The Terra 55 Backpack offers a great mix of lightweight comfort and durability that are two of the features in a hiking backpack Canada residents seek. The Dyno Lift System™ is a self-equalizing, on-the-go shoulder strap adjustment, while the back panel with breathable mesh and cushy foam package enhance functionality. More efficient storage is made possible by the expansive front stash pocket, making the trekking backpack ideal for long-distance treks. The floating lid allows you to store a tent or a sleeping bag.

For women - Aircontact Lite from Deuter is one of the high-quality backpacks known to be robust and indestructible. The latest design is more streamlined, modern and neat apart from being more comfortable. The flexible shoulder straps and hip fins ensure a comfortable fit around the wearer.

Best Travel Backpack Based on Brands

Some of the best hiking backpacks Canada adventure seekers use have earned rave reviews from experts. The hiking backpack brands that have made it to the list of the best camping and hiking backpacks of 2021 are:

  • Osprey hiking backpack - The Osprey hiking pack is one of the top-rated camping backpacks in Canada. Known as one of the high-quality backpacks, the Osprey hiking pack balances durability, organization and comfort. The “Anti-Gravity” AirScape back panel is one of the most impressive features that facilitate pack ventilation. The materials used are of the highest quality, while the pocket design optimizes space. The Osprey hiking pack is well suited for a day trip or extended hiking trips in rough terrains. Osprey has been consistently delivering high-quality backpacks with several of its models.
  • Aircontact from Deuter - The Aircontact from Deuter is rated as one of the best lightweight backpacks that makes it the perfect hiking essential for any kind of trek or camping trip. The back length adjustment system, gear attachment loops and padded hip belts are just some of the key features that make this one of the coveted hiking backpack brands.

There is no dearth of options when it comes to high-quality backpacks that are sure to optimize your trekking experience. Determine the kind of gear you will need to carry, your torso length and the duration of the trip to choose the best backpacks.

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