Canada Day: Our Canadian Brands

Canada Day: Our Canadian Brands

Canada Day is celebrated on July 1st, and the reason for its importance is simple: it is Canada's birthday! Thousands of people travel to Vancouver, Ontario, Montreal, and other Canadian cities every year to participate in the vast range of festive events and celebrations that take place on this occasion. In fact, Canada Day is such a huge event that worldwide festivities are held in nations with a large Canadian population!

History of Canada Day

Until 1982 Canada's national holiday was celebrated as Dominion Day and then the day was renamed as ‘Canada Day.' July 1, 1867 marked the formation of Canada’s independence. 

History Of Canada Day

Celebrating Canada Day

There are a lot of ways you can spend this summer holiday in Canada and make the most out of it. You can plan for a one-day trip to Alberta, Cape Spear Lighthouse, the Canadian Museum of History or go for a festival celebration in Ottawa, Ontario. Going camping and hiking is also a great way to spend this holiday. If you’re planning for this type of adventure, take a look at our favourite Canadian brands and their products that you will be needing to celebrate Canada Day.

Top Outdoor Apparel Canadian Brands

Looking at the outdoor clothing market, you have a wide range of options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for low-budget products or high-end manufacturers, you have it all. But most of us want an affordable brand with a wide range of products that are durable. Keeping this in mind, our team has come up with the most renowned Canadian outdoor apparel brands by experiencing their different products related to hiking, climbing, skiing, backpacking, etc. Below you will get a brief introduction to each of these brands with their most recommended products that makes them stand out from the competitors.
Canadian Boots -  Skuxs
  • Baffin Canada
  • Location: Stoney Creek, Ontario

    Popular Products: Heatwave Gore-tex Cornice Glove, Youth Jet Boots, and Titan (PLN Boot)

    What We like: Technically advanced designs, real-world testing, product quality, and vision to offer the best quality products.

    Baffin started in 1979 with a vision to manufacture technically advanced, superior quality footwear and apparel. With a keen focus on quality and industrial safety application, Baffin has been successful for years in designing, developing, testing, and manufacturing a range of products. 

    Baffin believes in real world testing and for that, the testing team experiences these products personally in extreme environments, providing the best-performing cold-weather and full-season footwear and apparel products.

    Here is what we recommend

  • Titan (PLN Boot) by Baffin

  • Titan (PLN) boots made by Baffin in Canada stand out year after year as the very best in their class. These warm light boots are ideal for ice fishing, deer hunting, and snowmobiling. It has an aggressive, long-wearing, and self-cleaning outsole design that is perfect for the extreme weather conditions to avoid ever experiencing cold feet.

  • Kodiak 
  • Location: Cambridge, Ontario

    Popular Products: Thane Waterproof Boot, McKinney 6-Inch Waterproof Boot, and Low-Rider V Cut Boot.

    What We Like: Gear that adapts to what matters, manufacturing what people love, passionate craftsmanship, and complying with the highest industrial safety standards.

    Since 1910, Kodiak has been manufacturing boots in Canada with an approach that is deeply rooted in the understanding of what people want. The organization drives its success on hard work, good planning, smart thinking, and determination to overcome challenges.

    Kodiak strives to deliver a product with features that offer a new level of comfort. Its products successfully comply with both CSA and ASTM protective footwear standards. The products are responsibly designed and made with Metal-Free Technology. Bringing innovation to athletic-style safety footwear, one of its best features is its QuadAir technology that offers shock absorption with a four-chambered encapsulated airbag that cushions from impact. 

    Here is what we recommend

  • Thane Waterproof Boot

  • This sturdy boot is made to withstand any journey and includes waterproof leather and canvas for a heritage-inspired appearance. With sealed seams and military-inspired hardware, this boot is built to last. A waterproof membrane means warm and dry feet when trudging through the elements.

  • Tilley Canada
  • Location: Toronto, Ontario

    Popular Products: LTM6 Airflo Mesh, T3 Wanderer Hat, and TWS1 Paddler's Hat.

    What We Like: Sourcing the best materials, investing in the latest textile innovations, and employing the highest level of craftsmanship.

    Tilley takes the classic design philosophy of combining form and function to a whole new level. They combine style with innovation, while offering timeless classics that are given a modern twist. Their uniquely fitted hats made from quality materials can accompany you wherever you go, Tilley offers practicality for any outdoor adventure.

    Tilley Hats Canada are made using only the finest materials and expert craftsmanship while offering timeless classics that are given a contemporary touch. Tilley's designs are a labour of love. Starting from sourcing the best materials, investing in textile innovation and employing craftsmen to perfection - Tilleys were conceived for life outdoors.

    Here is what we recommend

  • Ltm6 Airflo Mesh
  • The Airflo Hat is an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for a hat that will provide sun protection and keep their head cool. The extra airflow around the crown means you can stay more comfortable on hot days, while durable UPF 50+ nylon combined with their unique Airflo technology provides a water-repellent finish to protect from rain or shine!

  • Hiker’s Hat

  • It's no secret that our lives are becoming increasingly dependent on the availability of technology. For those who enjoy outdoor adventures and live in hot climates, these technologies make for a perfect match! Tilley Hats have an evaporative cooling insert which reduces heat stress from strenuous hikes while offering sun protection of SPF50 to help protect you against harmful UV rays. When this Hiker's Hat is not being worn, it can be clipped into place using its back brim loop so you don't lose it when exploring new locations!

    How to Celebrate Canada Day

  • Travel Plans

  • To properly celebrate Canada Day take some time to explore the country and experience its natural and man-made wonders. Whether you choose an indoor or outdoor attraction, every city has something to offer. Take advantage of this chance to learn more about Canada's history, natural animals, and stunning scenery.


    Alberta is a fantastic outdoor getaway. Walk through the Jasper Canadian Mountains or take a horse-riding tour to wildflowers' fields or visit Calgary's badlands.

    Hockey Hall of Fame (Toronto)

    The Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto is a great place to learn about the history of Canada's most popular sport. In a virtual reality model hockey rink, you may compete against today's greatest hockey players!

    Cape Spear Lighthouse

    While visiting the Cape Spear Lighthouse, take in the stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. The historic Cape Spear lighthouse in Newfoundland and Labrador is one of the oldest surviving lighthouses, providing excellent views of humpback whales and porpoise pods.

    Canadian Museum of History (Quebec)

    Explore the Canadian Museum of History in Quebec to discover more about key events and people who have impacted Canadian history. The Canadian History Museum is one of the oldest public institutes in Canada and is growing every year with new exhibits.

  • Going to a Festival

  • Many of Canada's bigger cities hold large events with numerous free attractions. Magic acts, stilt walkers, bouncy castles, and delicious food are available at these festivals. Moreover, several towns also organize free concerts and performances to commemorate the occasion, and virtually all festivities include family-friendly activities.

    Celebrations in Ottawa

    Consider attending Canada Day celebrations in Ottawa, the nation's capital. The grounds and environs of Parliament House, Ottawa hosts a magnificent celebration with activities all day and massive nighttime fireworks in the evening. 

    Event in Toronto

    The annual Canada Day event in Toronto includes circus acts, celebrity visits, and musical performances.

  • Going Camping

  • There are many different types of camping in Canada, ranging from car camping to backcountry camping. Many Canadians take advantage of the long weekend in July to get away from the city and reconnect with nature. Visit Grasslands National Park in Saskatchewan, Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba, Algonquin Park in Ontario, Pacific Rim National Park in British Columbia, and a slew of other national parks and campgrounds around the country.

  • Trailing
  • Skyline Trail in Nova Scotia

    You can visit Cape Breton's Highlands National Park that many people consider to be one of Canada's greatest national parks, owing to the breathtaking views from just about anywhere in the park: imagine undulating hills, coastal cliffs, marshy marshlands, and an endless ocean.

    The Skyline Trail is among the Park's most popular walks, providing one of the greatest viewpoints across the park. Hikers can go for a 6.5-kilometer out-and-back walk or an 8.2-kilometer circle, adding on a few more kilometers.

    The trek is short enough to do in a few hours but long enough to thoroughly immerse you in Nova Scotia's magnificent landscape. It is a very straightforward walk, however, the most difficult part of the trail is a set of steps.

    The Plain of the Six Glaciers in Alberta

    The Plain of the Six Glaciers is a popular route situated in the Canadian Rocky Mountains near Lake Louise in Banff National Park that showcases the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains. The out-and-back path is 13.8 kilometers long and is considered a moderate walk.

    The route begins at the popular Lake Louise and gradually rises 587 meters over switchbacks, with magnificent views of the blue lake. The route opens up to the wilderness as you go near the conclusion of the walk. It appears like you're in the midst of nowhere but actually, you aren’t. In the Alpine meadow is a rustic tea establishment that is open seasonally for everyone.

    This track is best walked in mid-summer but aside from that time of year, be prepared for winter weather! It’s a great idea to bring clothing for all year long, the nature of the Rockies means that the weather may change quickly, particularly as you travel up higher.

    The Fundy Footpath in New Brunswick

    The Fundy Footpath, which stretches 47.5 kilometers along the Bay of Fundy and is home to the world's greatest tides, is not for the faint-hearted. The path is difficult to navigate since it continually climbs and descends for a total elevation increase of about 2,750 meters. Your legs will be sore after the trek, but it’s well worth it for the adventure.

    This is a point-to-point path with a mixture of woodland areas and coastal walks, with the majority of walkers requiring about four days. In several places along the path, there are wilderness campsites.

    Your companion on the Fundy Footpath is water-safe walking boats: it offers riverside crossings and waterfall passes. You'll also need to be aware of the tides, which can cause delays. For that reason, a tidal chart should be included in your gear bag. It'll take some effort, but you'll be rewarded with incredible views that you wouldn't otherwise be able to see.

    Gear for Hiking and Cardio

    For all our runners and athletes, check out our other Canadian favourite, Sugoi.

    Subzero Zap Tights

    The Subzero Zap Tights are DWR (90% Polyester 10% Spandex) water resistant for thermal protection paneled with Zap Tech reflectivity. It has a comfortable elastic waist with a low-profile inner drawcord for a secure and comfortable fit. With 6-inch locking ankle zippers, our tights also have a side phone pocket with welded cord escape for secure storage.

    Evolution Shorts

    The Evolution Shorts offer moisture-wicking and breathable fabric for high output performance and comfort no matter where you are going hiking. It has flat seams and an 8-panel design combined for a low profile, contoured fit. It also includes an RC Pro chamois with a 3D structure for further comfort in the saddle. Furthermore, the silicone leg gripper ensures slip-free comfort without constricting your thighs.

    Wrap Up

    Get ready for Canada Day with these products and brands. 

    We will be celebrating our country's 154th birthday this year on July 1st! Make sure to take some time out of your day to celebrate all things Canadian, including the food we eat, the cities we live in and everything that makes us uniquely Canadian.

    Find all your adventure related needs online at Skuxs Canada

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