Women's Equality Day

Women's Equality Day (26th August 2021)

When is Women’s Equality Day 2021?

Like every year, Women's Equality Day is being celebrated on August 26th, 2021. This day is observed in women’s honor and suffrage that they went through and to foster equality in all aspects of life.

However, this event should be celebrated by every global workplace on August 26th as an act of solidarity with women everywhere who have fought for their rights.

Celebrating Women’s Equality Day

Celebrating Women’s Equality Day in Canada means recognizing how far women have come in their fight for equality. Canada has been one of the countries whose fight has resulted in a change in law. We stand by other countries still fighting for equal rights, while appreciating the standard we enjoy today because of the work of many women before us.

Today we commemorate Women’s Equality Day by lifting up all the women in sport. We’ve highlighted just a few of the many Canadian women that participated in the Tokyo Olympics this year, women that consistently inspire us with their determination and sportsmanship.

Group Photo of Canadian Women Won 24 Medals at the Tokyo Olympics

Canadian Women Won 24 Medals at the Tokyo Olympics 

Canadian women made history throughout the Tokyo games, winning a total of 24 medals. They set several awe-inspiring records at the event as well: 7 gold medals, 6 silver medals, and 11 bronze medals. They also took home many awards in individual events such as swimming races and weightlifting.

Penny Oleksiak

     A 21-year-old swimmer who brought back home three more medals began learning to swim at a neighbor’s pool. Though she tried to join various swim clubs, she wasn’t successful with securing a spot. 

    But she continued to struggle and finally, Gary Nolden offered to coach her. That’s how she started her career in swimming and today, she has become the pride of the country.

    Kylie Masse

      Now in her fourth year of graduation, she struggles hard to balance between her swimming career and education. But she has no intention of letting either of these slip and wants to be the best at both. 

      Starting off her day at 5:15 a.m for swimming practice, she works hard the entire day and doesn't reach home until after dark. All her hard work brought her three medals back home. 

      Jessica Klimkait

        After winning gold at the 2017 Pan American Judo Championships, she was looking forward to gold in the Tokyo Olympics. Though she lost the semi-final on penalties, she fought back and earned a bronze medal. 

        It was hard for her but she didn’t lose hope and realized she didn’t want to sabotage the chance of earning a bronze medal this year.

        Making a Plan How to Celebrate Women’s Equality Day

        How to Celebrate Women’s Equality Day

        • Follow a Mentoring Program: A mentoring program can be helpful for women to connect with higher authorities. They can take inspiration from them by discussing career prospects and scopes to success.
        • Encourage Girl Power: On this day, show your support to women and foster more opportunities for them such as women-specific internship programs, offering a college scholarship, or women’s performance bonuses, etc.
        • Do Some Charity: Organize a fundraiser to support a cause so that organizations supporting women empowerment can grow.
        • Aid a Cause: You can become a volunteer to help make a difference in society and work for women’s rights. 
        • Listen to Women: On this day, arrange a meeting where every woman in the organization gets a right to speak about their issues. It can be related to making betterment in the working conditions for women.

        Celebrating Women

        Women’s Equality Day is a day to celebrate the importance of women and their role in society. We can all take steps towards gender equality by supporting organizations that advocate for equal rights, educating ourselves about feminist theory, and celebrating some of our favorite female heroes who fought for what they believed in. How will you be celebrating Women's Equality Day this year?

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