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International Day of Yoga - Skuxs

Yoga, an ancient gift practiced for centuries, seems to be more popular today than ever before. On December 11 2014, in recognizing the universal appeal of Yoga, the United Nations declared June 21st as an International Day of Yoga. It is exclusively celebrated as the day to appreciate the art of yoga and its many benefits. It also falls on the summer solstice which is why it was chosen to represent the celebration of yoga. This is the day when there’s maximum sun all over the world.

Increasingly more people are adopting yoga as an everyday practice to enhance well-being, gain freedom from stress, increase flexibility, along with other health benefits. It requires very little space to practice meaning you can uptake this activity easily in the comfort of your own home. This is more than encouraged to remedy the increased mental stressors you may be experiencing due to the pandemic.

Though we celebrate this day in June, you don’t have to restrict yoga practice to this day alone. The more regularly you practice, the more beneficial it is going to be for your health and well-being. On this day, yoga enthusiasts are encouraged to sign-up for yoga. They listen to relaxing music to create their flow of movements. New yoga pants and mats are bought. The experienced yoga practitioners and the yoga teachers introduce their friends to it. They form groups to try out yogic exercises and postures. Yoga retreats invite people to join them.


Setting Up Yoga Space

Setting Up Yoga Space

The best thing about yoga is you can practice it almost anywhere – outdoors and indoors. You may choose any convenient place. You can go to the park, your backyard, or even a beach if your choice is outdoor yoga. If you feel uncomfortable going out, indoors may be the best place for you. You can create your space in the hallway or your room and roll out your yoga mat.

You may choose to embellish your personal yoga space with plants, candles, incense sticks, wallpapers depicting yogic postures, or in any other way you like. The important point here is to create your haven, a personal space that has a calming and peaceful effect on you. You may choose to let the light filter through your window or pull the curtains and dim the light if you find it more relaxing.

Practice at Home

Practice at Home

Yoga practice at home has several benefits. It teaches self-awareness. You feel more in control as you learn about mindfulness and being present in your body. It leads to personal growth by allowing you to approach situations in your life from a grounded perspective. When you practice regularly and consistently, it can positively affect other undertakings you might pursue.

With increasingly more practice, you can inch closer to mastery by the day. You can assess your progress and choose the style or set of poses that fits you best. These poses should make you physically, emotionally, and mentally revitalized.

You can design your home routine on this day and resolve to begin practicing yoga for at least 10 minutes a day. As you will notice its beneficial effects, you will be inclined to practice for a longer duration. If you design your home routine, be careful to begin with poses that impart comfort and stillness. Comfortable pose or corpse pose impart comfort and peace. More difficult poses like warrior pose or sun salutation should follow when you have achieved a desired comfort level.

It also helps to pick a direction based on your nature and temperament. Opt for a vigorous session if you are energetic. While more of the standing poses will make you feel grounded. In case you feel you lack energy, use inversions and back-bends to help you feel energized.

For consistent yoga practice, it is recommended to choose a select few poses you are comfortable with that are best suited to you. You are bound to be motivated enough to come back to your mat more frequently.


Our Favourite Brands to Get Your Yoga Practice Started

Alo Yoga has a deep belief in the transformative power of yoga. The core of their brand is welcoming the mindfulness that yoga brings into the rest of your life - taking that peace from the”studio-to-street”. Alo’s conviction for well-being is shown through their work culture, having yoga sessions twice a day in their studio and meetings outside in their meditative zen garden. We love Alo because they also take care of the environment as much as they do themselves. They operate within a solar-powered office with electric car charging stations, as well as a recycling program in place to reduce wastage.

Noli Yoga specializes in fashion-forward yoga pieces keeping quality in mind with every garment designed and manufactured in California. Their pieces are tailored to provide compression and support for the best fit, constructed with fabrics that feel soft against the skin. Noli’s luxe yoga and loungewear is meant to transition you between activities while giving you a sense of confidence and chicness while doing it.

Final Words

Yoga is an ancient art to soothe the soul, refresh the mind, and energize the body. The day reminds people all over the world to adopt the yogic lifestyle and align more with their inner peace.

As yoga practices have been popularized, people all over the world have begun practicing yoga in increasingly more numbers. They have experienced its mental, physical, and emotional benefits. If you haven’t started practicing yoga already, consider giving it a try! On June 21 this year, you can begin with a new resolution.

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