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Most climbers or sterling athletes purchase their sterling rope based on diameter, weight, and price. The color choice also comes into play in the selection of sterling ropes for your needs. These critical details are trustworthy based on standards – EN/CE and UIAA. However, information and knowledge of the best sterling rope Canada can help you find the right rope without getting into the technical details.

Main Types of Ropes

There are mainly two types of sterling climbing ropes, static and dynamic, that are available. Each of these ropes has its unique qualities. Static ropes do not stretch much. This characteristic has several advantages. It helps in hauling a load up and in assisting an injured climber in coming down.

Using this rope to ascend is also convenient because of this characteristic. Sterling dynamic ropes have a greater stretch factor so the impact of a falling climber is easily absorbed. Static ropes are not meant for lead roping or top climbing. They are neither designed nor certified or tested for this activity.

Main Types of Ropes - Skuxs Canada

Single, Half, and Twin Ropes

There are three types – twin, half, and single - with a dynamic rope for climbing.


A single rope is the choice of a large majority of climbers. Single ropes are available in different lengths and diameters for a variety of climbing applications. In comparison to the system of two ropes, they are easier to handle. There are a few single ropes that come rated as twin and half. They can also be used for any climbing technique. It is best to use ropes only as intended through their test and design. These ropes come marked with a circle, one at both ends.


A half rope is the best when used for ice-climbing, mountaineering, and climbing on the rocky routes. Two ropes are available with half ropes for climbing. One rope is clipped to the right and another to the left. They are straight and parallel when managed correctly. These reduce rope drag, especially when the routes are wandering.

The half-rope application has several advantages, including less rope drag, a faster ascent in comparison to a single rope, and access to a rope when a piece gets damaged or cut.

However, half ropes require skill and dexterity to manage. Additionally, the two ropes are heavier than only one rope, and they must be matched as a pair. Sizes and brands cannot be mixed. Each end of the half ropes comes with a ½ symbol.

Single, Half, and Twin Ropes


Twin ropes have a similar system that is used with half ropes. However, you need to clip both the strands with twin ropes for protection. This is what you would also do with a single rope. These ropes are preferred when your route is straight with more rope drag than with half ropes. These ropes are also lighter than half ropes.

As with any other rope, there are pros and cons to twin ropes. You tie them together when rappelling, which lets you go nearly two times farther in comparison to a single rope. If a rope gets damaged, twin ropes provide redundancy. You require effort and skill to handle twin ropes, and their combined weight is more than that of a single rope. You can use them only as a matched pair. These ropes come with a circled (∞) infinity symbol.

Static Ropes

The static rope has several applications, including hauling and ascending, climbing, caving, and rescue work. It is advantageous to use this rope when you do not want stretching, for instance, when an injured climber has to be lowered down. It should not be used for lead climbing or top loading.

Best Static Ropes

Diameter, Length, and Weight

While skinnier ropes are lighter, they are not quite durable. They also need a greater level of skill in their use. Thicker ropes are resistant to abrasion and are durable. You will want a skinnier rope if you are hiking longer distances, while you may need a thicker rope if you are top-roping.

9.4 mm or less

Single ropes under this specification are best for long climbs. Ropes in this range are lightweight.

9.5 mm to 9.9 mm

Single ropes under this specification are ideal for multipurpose activities, including sport climbing and trad.

10 mm and above

Single ropes in this diameter are ideal for big wall climbing, regular top-roping, and gym climbing.

Half, Twin, and Static Ropes

Half, Twin, and Static Ropes

Usually, twin ropes range from 7 to 8 mm in thickness; half ropes usually come in a diameter of 8 to 9 mm. Static ropes, though commonly measured in inches, come in the 9-13 mm diameter range. So their diameter is expressed in inches.

The Best Sterling Single Ropes in Canada

VR 9.4 Orange

This rope is lightweight but has a firm grip. Its price makes it the ideal choice for budget-conscious climbers. It is also a popular choice for climbers in all categories for lightweight, strength, and grip. As per standard, it comes with a Middle Mark and DryCore Technology. This single rope is CE and UIAA certified.

Its diameter is 9.4 mm, as can be inferred from its name. Its dynamic and static elongations are 31% and 78.4%, respectively.

Sterling Single Ropes in Canada

VR9 Green

If you are looking for handling and performance, your choice is the VR9. Someone purchasing a rope in a range of under 10mm diameter for the first time usually prefers a VR9. You can compare this rope with Velocity 9.8mm except for the difference in fibers and colour choice. Climbers looking for quality at a reasonable price usually select this rope which comes in lengths of 50, 60, and 70 meters. The two color choices are Neon Green or Orange. DryCore Technology and Middle Mark are included.

Velocity 9.8mm Orange

The manufacturer claims this rope as their quintessential all-rounder because it is well suited to any terrain, including ice and rock. It is long-lasting or durable, strong, lightweight, varied, and versatile. No wonder it has gained acceptance among world-class climbers and hikers. It is available in a wide range of lengths from 35m to 80m, with options of increments of ten meters in between. 

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