Buying Guide: Best Climbing Belay Devices 2020

Buying Guide: Best Climbing Belay Devices 2020

Belay devices are popular climbing equipment used by climbers and mountaineers to control ropes. Belaying refers to various methods used by climbers to create friction in their rope system, which helps them to arrest falls. The friction generated by the rope system stops and limits the falling distance if a climber falters while climbing.

A belay device is specially designed to improve safety during a climb. It allows the climber to manage the rope duties with very low physical resistance. With the help of a good belay device, even a physically weak person can arrest the fall of a partner climber heavier than him/her. Belay devices also act as friction brakes. So in case, a climber is falling due to a slack in the rope system, the fall can be addressed and brought to a complete stop.

How Does A Belay Device Work?

In a typical situation, when the climbing rope is held away from the climber's body in an outward direction, it moves freely. In such a situation, the belayer can take the weight of a climber on the robe or give the climber extra rope to help him/her make the first move.

However, when the rope system is brought towards the back of the device and the side of the climber's body, the slack in the rope is forced onto a tight bend. The tight bend rubs against the belaying device and/or against itself, which allows the belayer to help arrest any sudden descent of a climber in the event of an untoward fall. The friction generated by the rubbing helps slow the rope movement but also creates heat in the process.

There are various types of belaying devices in the market. Certain types of belaying devices help arrest a fall without any action from the belayer. Others require that the belayer holds on or pulls up the rope in a specific direction.

Usually, belay devices attach to the harness of the belayer through a carabiner. They’re generally made up of aluminum or some alloy of aluminum. Some of them also serve as descenders, which help in controlling descent on a rope, which is known as rappelling or abseiling in some parts of the world. Some belay devices can also control two parallel ropes; a feature typically used by climbers to decrease rope drag.

Automatic belay devices are available as well, and they allow climbers to do their climbing all by themselves in their climbing gyms.

Best Belay Device

Your search for belay devices on our Skuxs website will lead you to some of the most reliable products available for climbing enthusiasts who take safety seriously. Read on as we delve deep into the various belay devices we have for you. Let’s get started!

  1. Mad Rock Lifeguard

If you’re on the lookout for a belay device that scores big on compactness and durability and is incredibly light as well (weighing only 154 grams), look no further than the Mad Rock Lifeguard. The secret of the Lifeguard’s longevity is its construction, which features stainless steel and aircraft-grade aluminum. It’s a belay device that suits all classic belay techniques.

  1. Edelrid Mega Jul

A belay device known for its durability and versatility; the Edelrid Mega Jul is a dream for climbers. Some of this device’s highlights include its high- braking performance, which is nothing short of incredible when it comes to assisting belayers with leader falls. It’s also an incredibly strong product, thanks to its superb stainless steel construction. The Mega Jul is best suited for ropes whose lengths are in the range of 7.8 – 10.5 mm.

  1. Black Diamond ATC-XP

The Black Diamond ATC-XP is a much-improved version of the original, thanks to its updated construction and multiple friction modes, which allow the device to handle almost any rope diameter. The device consists of machined windows and it’s incredibly compact and lightweight as well. The cable boasts of great durability and you can expect it never to get caught up in the ropes. It’s ideally suited for ropes with lengths from 7.7 – 11 mm. On our Skuxs website, the Black Diamond ATC-XP is available as a part of the Black Diamond Men’s Momentum Harness Package.

  1. Edelrid Jul 2

The Edelrid Jul 2 belay kit is a great product for both beginners and advanced climbers. The device consists of optimized geometry, which provides ease-of-use even when you pair it with ropes of thick diameters. High-braking performance is one of the highlights of the device. The durability of the Edelrid Jul 2 can’t be doubted, thanks to its stainless steel abrasion-resistant construction. Also featured in the Edelrid Jul 2 kit is the Bruce Steel Triple Lock HMS carabiner with anti-twist protection.

  1. Edelrid Giga Jul

If you’re on the lookout for a belay device that’s high on versatility, the Edelrid Giga Jul is what you need! In terms of braking functions, the device features both standard and assisted braking, which makes it ideal across a wide range of climbing and abseiling situations. It also supports both single and parallel ropes in the range of 7.1 – 10 mm. To make the device both durable and lightweight, the makers used aluminum to create the body and the abrasion-prone areas are made of stainless steel.

  1. Edelrid Micro Jul

The Edelrid Micro Jul is perhaps the most lightweight belay device that money can buy. Suited to work with both half and twin ropes, the device boasts of high-braking performance, which is a standard feature across all Edelrid belay devices. The stainless steel construction guarantees durability.

Black Diamond, Edelrid, and Mad Rock are some of the most well-known brands in the world of climbing and abseiling. The companies have been manufacturing a wide variety of climbing safety devices for a long time, and their products are trusted by climbers and adventure sports enthusiasts around the world. On Skuxs, you can find belay devices from these brands and many more products that are meant to enhance your climbing experience, be it at your climbing gym or in a real challenge.

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