Best Running Hydration Packs & Vests

Running Hydration Packs & Vests

Enjoy running? Need a hydration pack that you can use for long-distance runs? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we discuss the features you need to look for in hydration vests. Then we consider the best race vests for hydration and where to buy them.

But first off, let us address this important question - are weighted vests good for running?

Why Hydration Packs Are a Safe Option For Marathoners and Ultra-Runners

Is the thought that hydration running vests are too heavy and will ruin your running form keeping you away from buying one? Don’t worry. Research into running kinesiology shows that weighted vests actually help improve form by preventing runners from slouching as they run. Plus, when you have a hydration vest on, you won’t have to hold onto your water bottle for the entire duration of the race. You also won’t have to stow it somewhere and hope that no one tampers with your water.

Why Hydration Packs Are a Safe Option For Marathoners and Ultra-Runners

Key Things To Look For In a Hydration Pack For Running


The design of the hydration vest is important because it affects running comfort. If you don’t own a hydration pack at all, a hydration backpack is a great place to start. But these are huge and heavy and are better-suited for ultra-hiking/running events.

If you’re either going short distances or want a light hydration pack, a running vest works great. If you already have a camelback/vest/hydration backpack, then you can just buy additional reservoirs  to carry with you. If you don’t want any of these, you can buy a small running waist pouch with slots to store a water bottle or two.


Not all hydration packs fit well on all body shapes and sizes. It’s essential you know how well-fitted a hydration vest may be. If you’re purchasing your hydration running vest online, then be sure to check the size at a local store first.


There are numerous capacities available in running hydration packs. You can choose based on your running preferences and marathon schedule. Typically, you get hydration packs that hold water from 1 liter up to 10 liters.

It’s okay if you purchase a low-capacity vest for now. You can always upgrade with an additional reservoir or move onto a hydration backpack at a later date.

Pockets & pouches

Be sure to check if your hydration vest has pouches, slots, and pockets or not. These are essential to store your smartphone, house keys, handkerchiefs, pepper spray, and anything else you may wish to carry with you.

Best Hydration Packs For Runners

Best Hydration Packs For Runners

UltrAspire Alpha 4.0 Race Vest

This hydration running vest has won wide acclaim thanks to its insulated 2L reservoir. This keeps water cool in summer and tepid in winter, ensuring comfort when running. There are zippered pockets with straps for added security, and they are perfect for storing your phone and wallet. The 30D fabric lining at stress points ensures zero chafing.

UltrAspire Momentum Race Vest

A really light-weight race vest, the UltrAspire Momentum Race Vest comes with pockets on the back for hydration. While the bladder is not included, you can place four UltraFlask 550 bottles in the vest. The microfiber polyester material is gentle on your skin and doesn’t leave marks. The fabrics are coated with Silicone and PU, making them water and rain-proof. This vest contains many zippers and pockets to keep your cell phone, keys, energy bars, and pills, as necessary.

UltraAspire Zygos 4.0

The Zygos 4.0 hydration pack by UltraAspire is world-renowned ultra-runner Bryce Thatcher’s preferred running hydration vest. This is a high-capacity hydration vest that is ideal for long runs, hikes, and treks. You have a 2-liter reservoir, which can be expanded to store 4 liters of extra water. The vest comes with a magnetic clip making it completely hands-free.

Fitted Race Belt Fitted Race Belt

The Fitted Race Belt Fitted Race Belt is a small waist belt that is an ideal hydration option for runners who prefer to run short distances. This belt is one of the most popular for its ergonomic shape, convenient size, low weight, and multiple zippers which can each hold keys, hydration packs, energy bars, and your cell phone. The waist belt comes in five different sizes and is adjustable as well.

CamelBak Rim Runner 22 85 Oz

CamelBak has always been one of the foremost choices for hydration packs for runners. The Rim Runner has a hydration capacity of 2.5 liters. The hydration device is the CRUX™ Reservoir with Standard Exit Port. It also comes with an extra hip belt and 8 additional pockets where you can store your small accessories and carry a small water bottle too. It’s got sufficient volume on the inside to carry food, clothes, and other accessories for day-running or trekking. The padded back ensures the hydration pack is comfortable to carry all day long.

CamelBak Ratchet 100 Oz Hydration Pack

This 3L CamelBak is great if you’re going on long runs or are out on the trails on a hot summer day. The zippered pocket on the exterior makes it a safe place to store your valuables. It boasts of a CRUX™ Reservoir with Quicklink™ System, which uses a valve to stop the flow of water when you’re done having a drink. This way, you save 20% of the water, which is otherwise lost to dripping.

CamelBak Women's Aurora 85 Oz

The Aurora camelback, with a hydration capacity of 2.5L, is one of the best race vests for marathoners and cyclists. This CamelBak has four elastic external storage pockets, where you can store any small items that you’d want on your run.

CamelBak Women's Daystar 16 85 Oz

This hydration running backpack comes with all the frills you need to indulge in a short hike or a 2+ hour trail run. It comes with a 2.5L reservoir inside and plenty of pouches outside to hold additional water bottles. You can also squeeze in your lunchbox and other accessories.

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