Fall Camping in Banff

Fall Camping in Banff


Banff is one of Canada’s most visited tourist destinations, being visited by Canadians from across the nation and visitors from nearly every country each year. With such a great history Banff has something entertaining for everyone from amazing shopping, to beautiful hiking trails, and even some amazing rock-climbing routes for those who enjoy the more extreme outdoor activities!

Recently our team was able to go on a camping trip together, at the foot of the Rockies, in beautiful Banff! One of our favourite things to do it is getting together as a team and enjoying the great outdoors together, camping can be enjoyed during any season, making sure you’re prepared is the key deciding factor in enjoyment we find. With the change in season, especially with all the green space in Banff, the sheer beauty of the Rockies is exemplified, leaves changing colours, cool crisp breezes, and enjoying warm drinks way more!

Some of the Packing tips we have when camping in cooler temperatures are; make sure to bring warm under layers Smartwool has some amazing merino base layers, both bottoms and tops, for men women and children assuring everyone stays warm and comfortable! We also always make sure we bring our Jetboil Flash Java kit to make sure we can make enough coffee in the mornings to lore everyone out of their cozy sleeping bags. Since we’re on the sleeping bag topic, we cannot stress enough having a proper sleeping bag for the temperatures you will face, one of our favourite sleeping bags is Marmot Sawtooth which is rated for up to -9 degrees Celsius! When camping in the Fall we also noticed that one of our main difficulties came with being able to see properly at night, especially with the sun going down early that what we’ve been used to over the summer months. Fumbling with a flashlight over a fire, or while trying to get into your tent is never an optimal experience, that’s why we make sure we equip our entire team with LED Lenser’s H7R.2 Head lamp, not only does it allow you to have great visibility without restricting you to one hand, but they’re also rechargeable! Finally our last packing tip is more on the luxury side of the spectrum but its something a number of our team members see as a must have, the Helinox Cot One Convertible, this ultra-light weight cot is easy to pack, and even easier to setup and will provide a lot more comfort than traditional sleeping on the ground.

In conclusion, camping is an amazing activity to do with friends, family, and even co-workers! To assure your party will have the best time possible when enjoying their camping trip be sure to plan for the time you are away and pack accordingly!

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