Which Down Jacket is Best For Winter in Canada?

Which Down Jacket is Best For Winter in Canada?

Canada records one of the lowest temperatures in the world. There’s no denying the fact that the country experiences heavy snowfall during winters and the wind can be pinching cold. However, this freezing temperature does not hold back adventure-lovers and thrill-seekers from undertaking some exciting activities in the snow. Skiing, snowboarding and ice-skating are a few activities to name.

To enjoy such outdoor activities to the fullest despite the cold, you need to gear up well. One of the most essential accessories that you will need is a puffy jacket or a down jacket. These garments are extremely vital for keeping yourself warm in extremely cold conditions—something that Canada experiences every year. Thanks to their material and layering that they perform this function the best.

When you are looking for the best down jacket, you will find a plethora of options in the marketplace. From trendy colors to eye-catching designs, the choice is wide. Try not to get confused by all that. Here’s a list of the best winter puffer jacket you can find:

  1. Betty Down 

If you are looking for puffer jacket women, then Betty Down is an option worth considering. Considered the best packable down jacket, it packs easily into a small mass to fit comfortably in your travel kit. With a design consisting 800 fills, this 100-percent nylon down jacket women performs perfectly in all weather conditions. Since it is water- and wind-resistant, you can wear it on your waterside camping trips or on your mountaintop adventures. The versatility of this winter puffer jacket is seen in the way it stuffs into its casing and forms a comfortable pillow. Its storage spaces make it a lot easier for you to carry small essentials that you may need on the go.

  1. Roswell Jacket 

The next on the list is Roswell Jacket, which is an epitome of functionality and style. The two-layer, well-insulated down jacket makes for an ideal wear during your outdoor activities in the chilly weather. It offers a long fit along with stormproof features like a powder skirt, wrist gaskets, and helmet-compatible hood to keep you warm. The four exterior pockets on the winter puffer jacket are ideal for stuffing in small items for your use on the way. It’s surely the best packable down jacket to have for your vacation in the chilly landscape of Canada.

  1. Gotham Jacket III

If you are looking for a North Face down jacket for men, then the Gotham Jacket III is perhaps the best option for you. Designed to provide the maximum level of insulation during winter, this winter puffer jacket can accompany you to the coldest of regions in Canada. It consists of a 550-fill down insulation and comes with many additional features, such as a storm flap, an adjustable hood, and a ribbed trim. Given its water-resistant construction, you can wear it perfectly during your waterside adventures without fretting at all. Its 100-percent windproof fabric, warm ruff, and ample storage spaces make it an ideal choice for the rough wearers.

  1. Women’s Dealio Down Crop Jacket

Another North Face down jacket to consider is the Women’s Dealio Down Crop Jacket. This puffer jacket women is designed to help you beat the cold during winter. Whether you are out camping in the woods or skiing and snowboarding in the mountains of Canada, this down jacket with 550 down fills would act as an ideal companion to keep you warm. Its water-proof construction proves extremely useful when spending time outdoor on wet days. Additional features of this puffer jacket include a double-layer hood, a tricot collar, a storm flap, ribbed cuffs and zippered chest and hand pockets. It’s surely the best packable down jacket to consider carrying on all your adventures.

  1. Rab Neutrino Pro

If you are looking for a heavyweight down jacket to tackle the cold, then the Rab Nutrino Pro is a great option for you. Weighing a pound and having 800 down fills, this winter puffer jacket is an ideal creation for climbers and mountaineers. The weather-resistance of this piece comes from its 20D shell, which also adds greatly to its comfort factor. Whether you decide to camp by the waterside or trek up a snow-capped mountain, you can truly count on this down jacket because of its design and construction.


The above are some of the many options for a down jacket or a winter puffer jacket you can find in the marketplace. However, it’s best to be aware of certain aspects before you invest in anything. Here are answers to a few frequently asked questions about these garments:

Which down jacket is the warmest?

A goose down jacket is considered the warmest down jacket as compared to a duck down jacket. A goose down jacket is also lighter in weight and proves much cheaper. A down jacket or a winter puffer jacket with a fill power rating of 550 would be ideal for wearing in Canada.

Are down jackets worth the money?

A down jacket comes as a handy garment to have when residing in a cold region like Canada. The country receives a heavy amount of snowfall during winter and surviving the cold with an ordinary jacket would be difficult. So, a down jacket or a winter puffer jacket would be a good investment for you if you live in a place with cold but not so wet weather.

What is the best down jacket brand?

There are innumerable brands out there who are selling down jackets. But not all of them meet the desired quality standard or perform as expected. North Face is considered a reputable brand dealing in these items. A North Face down jacket is made of durable fabric and is designed to deliver the best performance. These jackets have an excellent fill power rating and can keep you warm in extremely cold conditions.

So, from the above discussion, it becomes clear that you should have a down jacket or a winter puffer jacket to beat the chilly weather in Canada. To know more about them, you can visit Skuxs.

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