Choosing the Best Snowshoes Reviews & Guide

Choosing the Best Snowshoes Reviews & Guide

Looking to up your hiking game with the best snowshoes available in the market? One can buy snowshoes in person or online. How to buy snowshoes can be a bit of a pickle for those who have never bought them before.


The key is to look out for certain indications such as how rigid and solid the snowshoes are, if they offer good traction or not, if the binding comfort and flotation suits you well or not etc.


Snowshoes might come costly but they are worth that investment because they don’t just keep you safe and secure but also warm in the freezing snow. This is especially true if you frequently go on skiing and hiking trips in the snow.


If you are looking for the best snowshoes for men, snowshoes for women or snowshoes for kids, your search is finally over. Here is how you can pick the best snowshoes or winter boots with spikes to make your winter hiking experiences thoroughly enjoyable. Have a look at the best snowshoe boots available for you in the market currently.


Best Snowshoes for Men and Women


Xplore Snowshoes by Tubbs


The sturdy and powerful snowshoes by Xplore and available on the market for both men and women. Both the snowshoes for men and snowshoes for women are priced equally at $180. If you are a customer who is looking for cost-effective snowshoes, these lightweight shoes are one of the best options available to you.


The Xplore snowshoes come with the QuickPull technology. This technology allows the slides to quickly snap into place and unlock with just a soft push. However, even as it opens with ease, the slides always stay in place when locked to offer maximum protection. These snowshoes also reduce the stress on your hips and knees by using the Fit Step frame. Using these, you can now go on long hiking explorations in the snow without tiring yourself out.


Another innovative feature to look out on these Xplore snowshoes is the Control Wings technology. Using this, your heels stay aligned and you can avoid any unfortunate ankle twists or ligament tears.


Apex BC by Atlas


One of the best snowshoes, Apex BC by Atlas are powerful snowshoes to hike in backcountry terrain. Priced at $336, these snowshoes have powerful and reliable features such as the Reactiv-Trac Frame, Spring-Loaded Suspension, PackFlat Binding and Infinity Decking among others.


The Reactiv-Trac Frame on the Apex BC snowshoes allows the person to obtain the most confident footing in the snow ever. No matter how bad the snow or ice is, your foot always stays conformed to the terrain and allows you superior grip.


When in the snow, it is crucial that your foot is allowed to suspend freely and move as and how you wish the articulation to be. A major part of allowing this free maneuvering is to keep the snowshoe close underfoot. This has been made easily available on the Apex BC using the Spring-Loaded Suspension technology.


Wilderness Women’s Snowshoes by Tubbs


If you are looking for amazing traction in your snowshoes, the Wilderness Women’s Snowshoes by Tubbs are an excellent choice. Priced at $268, these snowshoes come with the 180™ Pro binding technology.


This technology allows you to feel pressure-free comfort in your snowshoes. This means that if you have been walking for long or are hiking up a steep slope, you wouldn’t feel the heavy pressure and strain in your ankles and heels.


The best part of these Wilderness Women’s Snowshoes by Tubbs is the fact that they improve your grip on the snow or ice. This means that if you are hiking in particularly bad weather, you wouldn’t need to worry about accidentally slipping and hurting yourself. This has been made possible using the carbon steel Cobra toe crampon.


Apex Elektra Trail by Atlas


One of the best snowshoes available in the market, the Apex Elektra Trail by Atlas is comfortable, cozy and reliable. Some important features on the Apex Elektra Trail by Atlas include Heel Lift Bar, Wrapp Trail Binding, Infinity Decking and Reactiv-Trac Frame.


Eliminating frame wrap in your snowshoes is crucial since this helps optimize the surface area on which you step onto. This has been made possible in the Apex Elektra Trail using the Infinity Decking technology. These snowshoes also come with Wrapp Trail Binding that helps you to securely slide your foot in and out of the snowshoes.


Lastly, another attractive feature on these Apex Elektra Trail snowshoes is the Heel Lift Bar. This technology helps reduce the stress on your calves and prevents them from getting tired quickly. Thus, when you are looking to go on longer hikes in the snow and wish to prevent any strain on your lower limbs, these Apex Elektra Trail snowshoes are your perfect choice. These are some of the best snowshoes for men and women and are priced at $300.


FLEX VRT Men’s Snowshoes by Tubbs


Another one of the most capable and powerful snowshoes available in the market, the FLEX VRT Men’s Snowshoes by Tubbs helps you hike intense peaks.


These snowshoes also prevent your body from getting tired quickly. Your ankles, heels, calves, knees and hips do not bear the brunt of the intense hike owing to the Rotating Toe Cord Limiter Articulation System.


If you are looking to hike in icy areas where the snow is packed hard, you need snowshoes that can offer superior grip on the sidehill. This is where the 3D-Curved Traction Rails on the FLEX VRT snowshoes come into play. This curved shape avoids any slippage on the icy and snowy traction and enables you to have a firm foot on the ground.


When hiking in intense conditions, it is also crucial to provide the area around your foot with even pressure distribution. This is key when it comes to preventing strain on your body and ensuring that you can walk for longer hours. Plus, this even pressure distribution also helps give your foot ample support which in turn helps you get a good grip on the ground.

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