5 Best Face Coverings for Skiing & Snowboarding in 2021

5 Best Face Coverings for Skiing & Snowboarding in 2021

If there’s a country that provides the best ski and snowboarding holiday, then it has to be Canada. Given its pristine, snow-capped mountains and thrilling trails, anyone who seeks to break from their mundane lives can head to some of the best skiing and snowboarding destinations in the country. There are alluring ski and snowboarding resorts that provide ample opportunities to get your adrenaline rushing.

However, the excitement and thrill of skiing and snowboarding are best experienced when you are geared up well. It’s important to note that mercury hits the lowest mark possible in these destinations. Going unprepared can lead to a lot of complications, such as frost bites and body numbness.

The most vital accessory to have on your skiing and snowboarding trip is a balaclava mask or a snow face mask. If you are looking for ski masks or a winter face mask in Canada, then you are likely to come across a plethora of options. To make your choice easier, we put together a list of the best balaclava or face coverings of 2021 for your skiing and snowboarding trip. Here it goes:

  1. The Hood Balaclava Facemask

Perhaps the best balaclava to have hit the market, the Hood Balaclava Facemask is what you need if you are looking for comfort, protection and performance. It has emerged as the preferred option for a ski balaclava or snowboard balaclava owing to its seamless helmet compatibility, ergonomic design and Exo-Hinge construction. The four-way stretch fabric of these ski masks is great at moisture absorption. Given its breathable and wind-proof make, you can use it as a neck warmer for the ultimate comfort. Besides this, the fabric has antimicrobial and sun-protection properties to make for a safe wear during your expedition.

  1. The Expedition Hood Balaclava

If you are looking for the best ski mask or snowboard face mask, then the Expedition Hood Balaclava is what you need to lay your hands on. This balaclava mask sets itself apart in the realm with its performance, warmth, protection and comfort. It’s designed to meet the needs of snowboarders and skiers perfectly under extremely cold weather conditions. This snowboard balaclava or snow face mask has a dual-layer construction across the face, head and neck, thus becoming an ideal windproof ski mask. Its breathable, seamless and stretchable fabric certainly gives this the position of the best balaclava for skiing.

  1. The Kids Hood Balaclava

Another great selection of a winter face mask Canada is the Kids Hood Balaclava. Many young and enthusiastic skier and snowboarders in the country, aged two to seven years, have made this their go-to option. Guardians looking for the best balaclava or skiing neck warmer go for this. That’s solely because of the patented construction, seamless helmet compatibility and ergonomic design of the balaclava mask. Looking for sun protection? This snowboard balaclava has a UPF 50+ (UV) rating to assure you of that. The head and neck portions of this balaclava mask have a single fabric layer to manage moisture and maximize heat. If you want an all-rounder for your little skier when it comes to a neck warmer, ski balaclava and snow face mask, then look no further than this.


  1. The Team Hood

The Team Hood Balaclava rightfully comes in the list of the best balaclava for skiing or the best snowboarding face mask.  It flaunts a classic design that adds a good dollop of innovation compared to the innumerable ski masks out there. The contoured design and adjustable stretch tabs make this balaclava mask compatible with helmets; you can choose it wear it either over or under your helmet. You can be sure of getting maximum protection because of its dual-layer construction. If you are looking for a windproof ski mask, this balaclava mask will meet your expectations.

  1. Smartwool NTS 250 Pattern Balaclava

Last on the list of the best balaclava masks or ski masks is the Smartwool NTS 250 Pattern Balaclava. This ski balaclava is made of 100-percent Merino wool—something that serves as a good head warmer. You can be sure of getting comfortable and complete face protection. There’s enough space around the eye to maintain your vision while skiing or snowboarding. The interlock knit makeup, contoured design and flatlock seams provide a neat fit on the face. The fabric is breathable and lightweight enough to help you cope with mild to harsh weather conditions.


The above are some of the best ski masks or balaclava masks you can consider when planning a skiing or snowboarding trip in Canada. However, you should check out the following FAQs before buying a ski balaclava:

How Tight Should a Ski Mask Fit?

A ski balaclava or snowboard face mask should fit loosely around your face. It should have an ample amount of fabric to cover your ears and other exposed portions of your face. Balaclavas usually have a snug fit on the head but tend to become looser around the face. A ski neck warmer should provide a secure fit around the nose and chin but should be comfortable around the neck.

What Is the Best Material for a Ski Mask?

A blend of spandex and polyester fabrics or even merino wool are considered the best materials for ski masks. These materials prove better than cotton because the latter tends to retain moisture and feel cold against your skin.

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