Our Top G-Shock Watches Product Review

Our Top G-Shock Watches Product Review

Wrist watches are never going out of fashion. They will always remain a classy accessory that amps up your look. If you are someone who still loves to wear wristwatches even in the time of cellphones, then you must have heard about the Casio G-shock watches!

G-shock has a wide variety of watches for both men and women at a variety of different price ranges. You can find a decent, classic watch like A159WGEA-1 (available at $90), moderately priced watch series like GA2100-7A (priced at $130) to highly-priced luxurious watches like GWG-2000-1A1 (costing $1075).

Lucky for you, most of the G-shock wristwatches are available at Skuxs. And to make your decision easy, we have broken down top-selling Casio G-shock wrist watches.

Here are the top picks for G-Shock wristwatches that are available on Skuxs as well.

Best Overall: G-Shock MUDMASTER

Large and built to endure the weather, the Casio Mudmaster effectively shields the timing mechanism from repeated shocks from a blast. Its dimensions are incredibly large compared to standard G-Shocks: 56.2mm wide, 55.3mm from lug to lug, and 17.3mm tall. The Casio is designed to withstand harsh handling and environments. It receives its name from a set of gaskets inside the pipes that keeps mud and dirt from entering the watch and gives it the title Mud Resist. These pipes improve button functionality in addition to shielding buttons from impacts. When doing down and filthy labor that requires you to go deep into the mud and muck, mud resist design makes sure that none of it gets through into watch.

The Mudmaster includes all the normal functions, a stopwatch function, five alarms, and 31 global times, much like the majority of G-Shocks. Additionally, this specific model has two weather-resistant sensors incorporated into it: one measures temperature, and the other measures compass direction. The watch features two batteries, none of which is a solar battery. At 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock on the watch display are huge Arabian numbers for better readability. An Ultra Illuminator is a high-brightness automatic LED light that illuminates the face to provide maximum visibility in almost any situation. The hour and minute arms are designed with features that make them symbolize warning markers, and the band surface has been polished to replicate the feel of a fabric band. For safer operation, every button has a checkered surface, and the whole structure is robust and hardy.

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Best Luxurious:  GWG-2000-1A3 

It makes use of a resin casing made from carbon fiber that is part of Casio's unique Carbon Core Guard system, increasing strength without adding weight. The GWG-2000 is really 1.9 mm thinner than its predecessor the GWG-1000, and carbon fiber is now used in the inside shell, shock absorbers, and lugs. The watch unit is placed inside the case inside a hollow frame to shield it from shock and vibration. A silicone buffer and newly constructed pusher controls with stainless steel button pipes significantly increase their relative resistance to mud and dirt.

The hefty screw-down crown as well as the knurled bezel ring are also constructed of stainless steel. The sapphire crystal is shielded by screw-down wrought carbon bezel guards at the 12 and 6 o'clock positions, and it has an anti-reflective covering for the best readability. A 200m water resistance rating is provided by a patented gasket system (20 bar). The watch also comes with a sturdy resin band that is quite durable but very stiff and unyielding, especially when you initially put it on your wrist.

The watch has a five-day alarm featuring a snooze option, an additional hourly buzzer, an auto-changing calendar, a low battery indicator featuring auto power saving, and more. a 60-minute timer, date, and weekday display; analog time with Neobrite luminous coating for low-light illumination on the watch hands and indices; multi-band 6 auto atomic timekeeping; LED backlight with selectable 1.5 or 3-second duration; 24-hour timer precise to 1/100th second; as well as a world time feature that shows the current time in significant cities and regions around the world. Directions, height, air pressure, and temperature measurements are all kept up to date by triple sensor measures.

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Best Affordable: GA-900A-1A9

The G-Shock GA900A features a hybrid analog-digital display and borrows several styles from previous G-Shock models. The display has a backlight, and the hour markings and hands are clearly visible. The watch's internal Casio 5637 module mechanism provides the typical set of fundamental G-Shock features, including a calendar, stopwatch, timer, alarm, and global time. The dial is protected by a mineral crystal, and the watch casing is water-resistant for up to 200 meters.

The 10-sided, nut-like bezel is completed in a hard, basic form and secured with screws to reflect the industrialized design concept. Convenience is also improved by using analog hands in conjunction with a digital display. By adding designs to the hands as well as the dial, despite the boldface, high visibility is obtained. In addition, for optimal functionality, the band's lug ends and each of the function switches, such as the front button, are etched with non-slip checkering. To convey the CMF (Color Materials Finish) style, a yellow resin band is employed.

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Best For Women:  GMAS120SR-7A

A perfect choice for women who like the sturdy build of the G-Shock watches. The transparent style, which was popularized in the 90s and has been an important part of the G-Shock history ever since, has been beautifully incorporated, giving the watch a ‘skeleton-like’ look. The rose-gold metallic color in the middle with a completely transparent outer design increases the overall charm and beauty.

The watch is magnetic resistant, making it ideal for work around magnetic fields which could otherwise mess up the time. The watch also boasts a shock-resistant feature, making it ideal for harsh conditions. The watch has a two-hand analog clock display, dial face features three sub-dials, date, date, and time, backlight for improved visibility, water resistant up to 20 ATM/200 meters with a bandwidth of 25 3⁄4 mm for a more secured and tight grip. The watch also has a multi-function alarm, an hourly time signal, and a full auto-calendar (pre-programmed). The transparent case is marked with features, making it easier to understand and remember the function of each button. The watch weighs only 55g, making it easy to wear for longer periods.

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Best For Extreme Environments: GG-1000-1A

The CG-1000-1A features an incredibly durable watch head owing to Sapphire Crystal, is 200M Water Resistant, has a 2-year battery capacity, and is shock resistant mainly due to a gel-encased timekeeping module. It is also mud resistant because keys use cylinder-type guard structures with gaskets for shafts and cylinders to block mud and dust from reaching into the watch. It weighs only 92 grams, which is rather light for something of its size (3.2 ounces). It also rests comfortably and evenly on your wrist thanks to the rounded case back covers at the areas where the band attaches to the rear of the case.

On the digital display towards the top of the watch, the device also has a useful World Time option that enables you to show the time of any time zone you're presently in. The hands also show the time in your local time zone. The second-hand moves to 12 o'clock when the button at 3 o'clock on the watch is pressed, then it moves to a point on the watch that represents the North direction. While a display unit on the bottom left of the watch face displays the present temperature, the display unit at the top also displays the direction you are facing.

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Best for Everyone: GA2100-4A

The GA-2100 series' shock-resistant direction's thinnest material G-SHOCK was developed for individuality. The watch has a red dial face, a resin band that is customizable, a classic buckle closing, and a circular stainless steel case including an overlay of resin and carbon fiber. The watch is resistant to shock. preserving both analog and digital time. It includes  Stick index hour indicators, a digital monitor, a sub-dial, a minute track around the outside, the brand name all on the dial face, and a mechanism for Carbon Core Guard. The module is shielded by a new carbon core guard construction that is enclosed in a carbon casing. The case's excellent strength and break resistance are achieved by using fine resin that contains carbon fibers. window made of mineral crystal. The watch has up to 200 meters and 20 ATM of water resistance.

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The products in the G-Shock range are primarily intended for sports, military, and outdoor-oriented activities. Your G-Shock will function no matter what owing to its shockproof design; this is true even for the most affordable models. They are tough, dependable watches that continuously deliver excellent performance and have a remarkable reputation for reliability. The G-shock watches are made keeping the audience in mind, and the first priority is to satisfy the customers. The G-shock line has a variety of watches to choose from, where everyone can find something which will fit their needs perfectly

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