Battle of the Brands: Jansport vs. Cotopaxi

Battle of the Brands: Jansport vs. Cotopaxi

Whether preparing for your next adventure or just searching for a sturdy backpack for work or back to school, Jansport and Cotopaxi are two of the best backpack manufacturers.

With premium quality, best-selling products, both backpack brands are quite popular. While both brands offer excellent functionality and durability, each has its benefits.

Also, with such high competition, it gets difficult for consumers to decide which one is best for them, so we have created a side-by-side comparison of both brands so that you know which brand is best for your needs!

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JanSport vs. Cotopaxi - Which one is better?

To be honest, there is no final verdict upon which brand is best. Each brand focuses on manufacturing nothing but the best quality backpack that offers convenience and functionality to the users. Let’s look at each brand, what they offer and why they are popular!

Jansport - A Walk Down the Memory Lane!

The story of how Jansport came into life is quite interesting. It’s a brand created by three friends, an outdoor enthusiast, an engineer, and an accomplished seamstress! Together they created a brand for everyone who wants a backpack solution that brings convenience to them and allows them the freedom to enjoy the moment without worrying about their haphazard items.

The interesting thing about Jansport is that they have a huge variety of backpacks and bags. They have something for everyone to fit their belongings; from school backpacks to laptop bags, outdoor backpacks to mini travel bags.

One of the highlights of Jansport backpacks is their adjustability. That’s the signature feature of Jansport, and it’s not wrong to say that it’s one of the reasons why this brand is popular.

The amazing thing about Jansport is its sustainability policies. Using partially recycled main body fabric, Jansport prevented 13 million water bottles from ending in landfills. Not just this, they also introduced recycled backpacks manufactured with 100% recyclable material or take up to 20 water bottles. Moreover, their undyed collection is also a spectacular initiative to reduce carbon footprints!

Now that you know the brand story let’s dig into some of its best-selling products also available on skuxs so that you can fall in love with this brand even more!

Half Pint Mini Backpack

Available in four lively and pastel colors, the Half Pint Mini Backpack is as cute and chic as its name. It is manufactured with premium quality recyclable fabric. As the name indicates, the Half Pint is a mini backpack that is small and lightweight.

Although the Half Pint backpack is small, it is spacious enough to fit your essentials. The shoulder strap adjustability features make it super comfy to carry on your shoulders without exerting pressure or stress.

It is a small packet packed with amazing functionality. This miniature backpack is your perfect companion everywhere. It comes in four exciting colors: Misty rose, Midnight magenta, Black, and Blue dusk.

Product Highlights

  • Adjustable shoulder strap 
  • Front utility pocket
  • One main compartment
  • Web haul handle

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Right Pack

Serving humankind for over a decade, the Right Pack backpack by Jansport is an all-rounder. It’s a durable solution for everyone. It is not wrong to call it an Icon.  Today the current right pack collection comes with an upgrade to provide more convenience to its bearers.

It now comes with a side bottle pocket, so you don’t have to worry about spilling inside the main pocket. Another feature added to the Right pack is a padded laptop sleeve to carry your laptop without scratching.

If you like your things to be organized inside your bag, then Right Pack is the right bag for you! It comes with a front utility pocket with an organizer.

Above all, the backpack's classic, chic, elegant design steals the show. The right pack comes in seven colors and includes one design with epic icons.

Product Highlights

  • Side water bottle pocket
  • Front utility pocket with organizer
  • Zippered front stash pocket
  • Internal sleeve fits 15" Laptop
  • Straight-cut / padded shoulder straps
  • One large main compartment
  • Printed liner
  • Premium Cordura® fabric with suede bottom

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Women’s Agave Backpack

Designed specifically to accommodate women, the Women’s Agave daypack comes with AirCore shoulder straps that sit comfortably on your shoulder even if you carry a heavy weight. Not just the strap but a separate padded sleeve designed to fit a 15-inch laptop is also a highlight.

The sleeve can also fit a 3L hydration system as well. In addition to the laptop sleeve, the women’s agave comes with a separate soft tricot-lined tablet pocket. But that’s not just all! This amazing backpack also features a quick access accessory picket and a front utility pocket for your accessories and other stuff. There is an organizer inside the front utility pocket as well. 

Product Highlights

    • Adjustable sternum strap
    • Dual side water bottle pockets
    • Quick access loft pocket
    • Side compression straps
    • Soft tricot-lined tablet pocket
    • Two large main compartments
    • Versatile padded sleeve designed to fit a 15" laptop or a 3L hydration system
    • Web haul handle
    • Expandable main compartment with snap closure
    • Tricot-lined and padded loft pocket for accessories.

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Cotopaxi - The Story Behind The Creation!

Specializing in outdoor backpacks and bags, Cotopaxi is a manufacturer that delivers quality, functionality, and convenience without impacting the environment. Each product is carefully designed to fit the needs of outdoor enthusiasts. Not just this, the company’s sustainability and community policies are pretty strong.

1% of their revenue addresses community issues like poverty and community development. The Cotopaxi gear's excellent durability allows people to explore the outdoors without hassle. Let’s take a look at some of the Cotopaxi backpacks that are also available on skuxs.

Luzon 24L Backpack - Del Dia

The Luzon 24L is the upgraded version of the Cotopaxi’s do-it-all Luzon 18L backpack. It means that this 24L backpack comes with all the features of its little brother and some extra features. One of the bonuses of Luzon 24L is the extra capacity. It is manufactured using 100% repurposed nylon fabric that is durable and eco-friendly.

The addition of the ultralight mesh shoulder strap allows you to stow it inside a larger travel pack or duffel easily. With Luzon 24L, you don’t have to worry about your dirty shoes or clothes staining the clean ones. It has a zippered compartment for that. Not only this, but this amazing backpack also features two mesh bottle sleeves to allow easy access to your drinking vessels.

Product Highlights

  • Added capacity
  • Zippered compartment to carry muddy shoes and dirty clothes
  • Dual mesh bottle sleeves
  • Ultralight mesh shoulder strap

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Tasra 16L Backpack - Del Dia

Featuring some bright and happy colors with a simple and streamlined design, the Tasra 16L Backpack offers heart functionality. This is the perfect duffel for your quick trips and overnight getaways.

You can carry your gear without any fuss in this duffel. In addition to the main zippered compartment, the Tasra 16L also features a side pocket. It means you can keep all your stuff wrangled and organized while traveling.

Tasra is easy to carry due to its standard webbing grab handles. Above all, Tasra 16L is lightweight.

Product highlights

  • Lightweight 
  • Easy to carry due to the standard webbing grab handles
  • Side pocket
  • Manufactured with remnant nylon fabric

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Allpa 42L Travel Pack

Another great backpack from the Cotopaxi collection is the Allpa 42L Travel Pack. Featuring a simple design, the Allpa 42L is a large backpack. It is rugged, functional, and the perfect travel pack for your next adventure. Whether you are exploring close to or far from home, Allpa 42L travel pack will help you carry and protect your gear

Designed with adjustability features and lightweight material, Allpa 42L is easy to carry on your back, strapped to a car roof, or in the belly of a puddle jumper. Due to the TPU-coated polyester shell, Allpa is excellent for the outdoors. It repels the weather inclement. Moreover, adding the padded mesh suspension system and the load lifter straps lets you carry it easily without tiring yourself.

Product Highlights

  •  TPU-coated polyester shell for weather resistance
  • the padded mesh suspension system
  • Load lifter straps
  • Large capacity

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Now you know what both brands, Jansport and Cotopaxi, have to offer. If you are looking for a backpack or bag solely for outdoor adventure, you should consider Cotopaxi products. These products are solely designed for your outdoor adventures in the wild. On the other, if you are looking for sleek and functional multi-functional backpacks and bags, then Jansport has a huge collection to explore.

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