Led Lenser Head Torch for Camping & Hiking 2021

Led Lenser Head Torch for Camping & Hiking

Ledlenser is a globally renowned maker of headlamps for camping and hiking purposes. Campers and hikers regard headlamps as the equipment they simply can't do without, particularly when it comes to maintaining safety when hiking in the dark. Headlamps help hikers stay on the right path, illuminate difficult stretches next to impossible to navigate in the dark, and spot wild animals and steer clear of them when hiking through forests.

Read on to know about the various Ledlenser headlamps that are available on Skuxs along with their wide array of features. But before we start reviewing the different Ledlenser headlamps we have on offer, let’s go through all the reasons why you should invest in a headlamp if you’re an avid camper and/or hiker.


The Top Reasons To Invest In a Headlamp - Skuxs

The Top Reasons To Invest In a Headlamp

  • Keep Your Hands Free: The headlamp vs. flashlight debate is a seemingly never-ending one. However, headlamps' greatest advantages are that when you use them, your hands stay completely free, which means that you can use them to do something else. For example, imagine how difficult it would be to pitch a tent in the dark with one of your hands holding a flashlight. When you wear a headlamp, you can use both your hands to set up your tent, making the process much smoother and more efficient.

  • Light Up The Way: Hiking in the dark can be dangerous. The potential threats include a difficult trail and wild animal attacks. However, armed with a Ledlenser headlamp, you can light up the direction you turn your head towards, which will allow you to identify obstacles in your way and also scare off wild animals. Wearing a headlamp will also allow you to hike confidently, which is a problem with conventional flashlights. When one of your hands is busy operating a flashlight, your concentration is bound to get adversely affected, increasing your chances of losing your balance on those tricky trails.
  • Rechargeable: While not all Ledlenser headlamps are rechargeable, many of them are. Going for your camping and/or hiking trips with these headlamps can make your experience convenient, as you can recharge them whenever you please. Unlike non-rechargeable headlamps, you don’t need to replace the batteries. Just plug them into a portable power source and get them back up to full power. Rechargeable headlamps come in especially handy when you go for multi-day hikes, as you don’t need to carry extra battery sets.

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H7.2 - Skuxs

1- H7.2 (Shop Now)

The Ledlenser H7.2 headlamp is a versatile headlamp that provides a maximum output of 250 lumens and has various modes for different illumination requirements. It’s a non-rechargeable headlamp, which means that you’ll need to carry extra batteries if you go for a multi-day hike. Its dimmer switch allows the wearer to adjust the levels of brightness and strobe rates. It also boasts of an Advanced Focus System, which means that wearers can adjust its lighting to view objects both far and near.

There are two switches, one at the front and another on the rear (multi-function) that wearers can use to operate the headlamp. Four AAA batteries are required to run the headlamp, and its runtime range is 5 – 30 hours, depending on the chosen output setting. The battery power indicator allows users to check the headlamp’s power status. Users can use the headlamp’s Transportation Lock feature to prevent it from turning on during transit. Its IPX4 rating ensures that accidental splashes don’t cause any problems.


SEO 7R - Skuxs

2-  SEO 7R (Shop Now)

If you’re searching for an inexpensive rechargeable LED headlamp, look no further than the Ledlenser SEO 7R. This headlamp's highlight is undoubtedly Ledlenser’s revolutionary Optisense technology, which automatically adjusts its levels of brightness after measuring ambient light. So no matter what the ambient light is like, you don’t need to keep fiddling with a switch to adjust the light. Simply let the headlamp work its magic.

However, if you’re more comfortable customizing the light settings manually, there are four manual modes as well; signal strobe, low power (20 lumens), high power (200 lumens), and night-vision-protective red. Some other highlights of the headlamp include the lockout mode for preventing accidental switching on during transit and a carabiner hook that allows the headlamp to be carried conveniently. Also, the headlamp is IPX6-rated, which means that it does incredibly well when pitted against the elements.


H7R.2 - Skuxs

3- H7R.2 (Shop Now)

The Ledlenser H7R.2 is a rechargeable headlamp that offers a max output of 300 lumens, making it one of the most powerful Ledlenser headlamps available on our Skuxs website. There are three output settings; low, high, and strobe. There’s a dimmer as well that allows the wearer to change strobe rate and brightness according to his/her requirements. Ledlenser’s Advanced Focus System is one of the standout features of this headlamp, as it allows the wearer to focus on both far away and nearby objects.

The headlamp has two switches; one at the front and another at its rear (multi-function), that users can use to operate it. The headlamp's runtime ranges from 4 – 60 hours, depending on the chosen output setting. Like the H7.2 headlamp, the H7R.2 is IPX4-rated and features a power indicator and a transportation lock that ensures that the headlamp isn’t accidentally switched on during transit.


H14R.2 - Skuxs

4- H14R.2 (Shop Now)

The most powerful Ledlenser headlamp on our Skuxs website, the H14R.2 is yet another rechargeable headlamp and the most expensive one on this list. Its maximum output is a whopping 1000 lumens and it features a red safety light that’s rear-facing as well. Users can select from four output settings; low power, power, blink, and boost. The headlamp’s dimmer allows users to adjust brightness levels according to their preferences.

The 3.7-volt rechargeable power pack gives the headlamp a runtime ranging from 4 – 40 hours depending on the chosen light output setting. The charge indicator and low-battery warning light allow wearers to know exactly when they need to recharge the headlamp. Its IPX4 rating makes it a device that can handle the occasional splash. Like all other Ledlenser devices, this headlamp also features the Transportation Lock, which keeps it from being inadvertently switched on during travel.

Led Lenser’s history is one that’s filled with greatness. The German brand, which started its operations in 1993, has become one of the global giants when it comes to producing lighting products for camping and hiking enthusiasts.

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