How to Choose the Right Cycling Equipment

How to Choose the Right Cycling Equipment - Informative Guide 2021 | Skuxs

If you are a beginner cyclist with no idea what cycling equipment you need, here is a complete guide explaining what equipment to buy and where to find it. 

Here is the biking equipment list that is essential to make your road cycling more enjoyable!

  • Bike Helmet
  • Padded Shorts
  • Biking sports shoes
  • Assos Chamois Creme
  • Cycling Compression Socks
  • Biking frames
  • Cycling Helmets

    Bike Helmet

    When it comes to road cycling, the first thing that you need to buy is a bicycle. Yeah, that’s what most people tell you. However, the bike helmet is also a top priority! As soon as you buy the bike, make sure that you purchase a good quality helmet. 

    Not only does the helmet protect the head from injuries, but it also keeps the head cool by protecting it from the sun. Assos Canada is one of the leading brands that produce high-quality cycling equipment, including road cycling helmets. 

    Giro Register Mips

    A great bike helmet is the Giro Register Mips. This helmet is specifically designed to add a layer of protection from the harsh sun. The universal fit size makes this helmet ideal for any rider without compromising comfort. 

    Designed with the Roc Loc Sport fit system, the Mips are adjustable with just one dial. Available in two striking colors, blue and black, this helmet comes with a removable visor.

    Product Highlights

    • Universal fit size
    • Removable Visor
    • Adjustable Roc Loc Sport System
    • Multi-directional Impact Protection System
    • Color variation available
    Assos bike shorts

    Padded Shorts

    Road cycling with your regular pair of shorts/pants can cause some severe chafing. To prevent it, you need padded shorts. Padded shorts like Assos bike shorts Canada are designed to absorb the sweat produced during cycling. 

    At the same time, these shorts keep the skin hydrated. As a result, padded shorts reduce the risk of chafing or other skin abrasions.

    RS Pro Bib Shorts

    If you are looking for cycling shorts, then the Pro Bib Shorts is an excellent choice. These shorts are manufactured with high-quality, moisture-wicking yet breathable fabric. Pro shorts provide more excellent comfort and fit with a flat seam and Formula FX chamois cradle construction. 

    Product Highlights

    • Breathable and moisture-wicking, firo fabric
    • Flat seam for a comfortable fit
    • Ultra Aero fabric for better aero efficiency
    • MAB powerBand silicone leg gripper for anti slip
    • Formula FX chamois cradle construction

    Biking Sport Shoes

    Cycling means putting your feet to work. When you paddle, it exerts pressure on your feet. And unless you ride to the next block, you need proper biking shoes. Assos cycling clothing Canada produces high-quality shoes that are designed specifically for cyclists. 

    Whether you are a professional rider or do it as a hobby, the boots allow you to bike to longer distances without tiring your feet. 

    Assos Biking sports shoes

    Genius 7 Mega

    The Genius 7 Mega is one the best cycling shoes available in the market. Constructed with high-quality nylon, carbon, and textile, this shoe is incredibly comfortable. The adjustable ratchet closure provides precise adjustments. 

    It also features a velcro fastener designed with integrated locking polymer teeth. Furthermore, the shoe comes with a reinforced heel cap with replaced polyurethane heel. It uses a lightly padded insole and high-quality microfiber upper. 

    Product Highlights

    • Lightly padded, ergonomic foam insole
    • Replaceable heel
    • Speedplay with adapter
    • Precise adjustment with adjustable ratchet closure
    • Velcro fastener featuring locking polymer teeth

    Assos Chamois Cream

    One thing that is often overlooked by bike riders is a Chamois Cream. This cream is in fact, one of the bike packing equipment gear essentials. It prevents skin irritation and protects from bacteria buildup. Moreover, the cream rehydrates and replenishesany sensitive areas you may have. Be it saddle sores or inflammation, you can count on Assos Chamois Cream to relieve you from the suffering.

    Product Highlights

    • Made from natural extracts
    • Prevents skin irritation and bacteria buildup
    • Relieves skin inflammation
    • Rehydrates the skin 
    • Prevent saddle sores

    Compression Socks

    Another bike essential is the compression socks. Assos’ bike clothing line manufactures compression socks for cycle riders. The compression socks are not your regular pair of socks. These socks are designed to reduce the stress on the foot during the paddle. These socks are manufactured in leg length and ankle length.

    Coolmesh II Crew Sock

    The simple yet highly comfortable Coolmesh II Crew Socks are designed specifically for bike riders. Available in two length variations, the coolmesh socks are unisex. Though it comes with a double layer, these socks are incredibly lightweight and breathable. These socks’ support and comfort make them ideal for hiking, walking, trekking, biking, and even running. 

    Product Highlights

    • Breathable and light-weight socks
    • Constructed with double layer
    • Multi-purpose socks
    • Simple design
    • Provide great arch support
    • Have a minimal feel on the feet

    Biking Frames

    The last thing on our list for biking-packing equipment gear essentials is an anti-glare biking frame. Biking frames protect the eyes from glare and help you to ride smoothly. Moreover, the frames also protect the eyes from direct wind and dust particles that may cause irritation or eye-watering. 

    Ballistic M Frame 2.0

    If you seek style with protection, then the Ballistic M Frame 2.0 is the perfect choice for you. Manufactured in a modish design, it provides high-level eye clarity and maximum safety. Featuring Oakley's HDO Optics with Polaric Ellipsoid Technology, the lenses are anti-glare, anti-fog, and UV (including UVA, UVB, and blue light) resistant. 

    Product Highlights
    • Oakley’s HDO Optics with Polaric Ellipsoid technology
    • UV resistant, anti-glare and anti-fog
    • Provide high-level clarity
    • Thin stem technology
    • Ultra-lightweight with helmet and helmet-mounted compatibility
    • Chemical resistant
    • More excellent support with a holding clip for lens and frame


    What Cycling Equipment Do I Need?

    It depends on your personal preference, biking distance, and location. However, some must-have biking accessories include a helmet, frame, biking clothing (shorts and jersey), biking shoes, a water bottle, and chamois cream (anti-chafing cream).

    How to Choose The Right Bike-Packing Equipment Gear?

    When choosing the bike-packing equipment, you need to consider the space, comfort, and weight. Choose a lightweight gear for bike-packing but also spacious enough to fit all your biking essentials. 

    What Is The Best Brand for Bike Essentials?

    Many brands produce cycling equipment, but Assos Cycling Canada is our favourite brand because they cover all bases with high-quality cycling essentials. Assos provides helmets, shoes, clothing, and even chamois cream for the bike riders.

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