Guide to Choosing the Best Gloves

Best gloves for winter  - Informative Guide

Spring is arriving shortly, but for those last cold days here’s a guide to keep you warm on the hill, or on your daily commute.

One factor that spells out the difference between you freezing in the cold and surviving chilly days is your choice of clothes, even down to the tiniest bit like a sock or gloves.

Wearing gloves is a must when you go outdoors. Our hands may just be a small part of our body, but it can affect our overall temperature when it gets cold. That’s why it is crucial to choose your clothing and accessories correctly, especially for your intended activity.

Choosing Your Gloves

When talking about keeping warm, everybody easily thinks about coats, sweaters, and insulation layers. But a pair of good gloves helps tremendously in keeping you warm.

Choosing gloves can be difficult when there’s many of them in the market, offering a variety of features to entice you with the best way to keep your hands warm.

Here’s a quick, yet great guide on what to consider when buying your hand warmers.

Size and Fit

First, make sure your gloves fit perfectly on your hands.

Getting gloves that are too big won’t keep you warm since there will be a gap that allows air to flow through inside. It is also difficult to grasp anything which might lead to accidents or injury, especially when you try to get hold of and maintain your balance or footing.

On the other hand, a glove that is too tight restricts movement. Your hand can only move so much. There’s a great chance that a smaller glove would expose your wrist, making your glove not good enough to keep you warm.



When choosing gloves, look for ones that adequately retain heat when you wear them.

One of the best glove brands out there is Hestra. Their Wakamaya Glove is made with PrimaLoft Gold insulation that does not only retain heat, but has a breathable material to keep your hands from sweating.

However, too much insulation causes increased hand sweat which can be more dangerous for you when it catches cold air. Make sure to use warm gloves that contain the right amount of insulation for the temperature. For temperatures above 20 degrees Fahrenheit, look for gloves with 80 – 100 grams of insulation. Temperatures below 20 degrees require 100 – 200 grams of insulation to keep one warm throughout.



Aside from insulation, waterproofing is vital in choosing gloves. The important thing about waterproof gloves is that it also has to be breathable for two reasons. The material should prevent moisture and precipitation from getting absorbed inside and allow moisture or sweat from inside to escape.

Waterproofing winter gloves come in different techniques. Some gloves have a waterproof membrane laminated on the fabric itself. Others have an insert in between the insulation and outer shell like the BD.dry™ insert by Black Diamond. In comparison, some apply a waterproof coating to the material. Either way, waterproofing helps in keeping you warm while you’re out in the cold.

Heat Technology

The warmest winter gloves you’ll find in the market are those made with heat technology. These gloves are made with battery-powered heating systems and are completely rechargeable. A pair usually costs more and looks bulkier. But if you’re going out to freezing temperatures, this feature can be handy.

Plus Factor : Touch Screen Compatibility

Technology has pushed manufacturers to innovate on their products, and that includes gloves. So if you think you need to use your phone often, look for gloves with touch screen capability. Most light or medium gloves use this technology, like these by Outdoor Research, which allows you to use your phone’s touch recognition features without needing to take your gloves off.

Find the Best Gloves Brands

Additional factors include the gloves’ material and the length of its gauntlet cuff. Leather gloves are suitable for winter since they have excellent grip – best for snow sports like skiing. A longer gauntlet cuff helps keep you warm to make sure that your wrists won’t be exposed to the cold. The ideal length is for the cuff to reach or extend towards your sleeves.

If you’re looking for the best gloves for men and women, you can find a variety of choices online. Make sure that the gloves have all the qualities above to make sure you keep yourself warm.

Stay cozy this week everyone!

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