Best Polarized Sunglasses For Women

Best Polarized Sunglasses For Women

Sunglasses are not just summer fashion accessories but protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful radiation while reducing eye fatigue. Choosing the right type of polarized sunglasses is the secret to unlocking all of their benefits. However, given the wide range of branded sunglasses for women in the market, it can be difficult to know which are the best ones for your needs.

Here is an in-depth look at the best polarized sunglasses for women and what factors you need to keep in mind when buying them. These factors range from the right size, frame, lens to the colour and quality of sunglasses.

How to Choose Sunglasses That Match Your Face

The first step is to determine the shape of your face. Use lipstick, a pencil or a marker and face a mirror. Now trace your face’s outline on the surface of the mirror from the chin to hairline. Step back and evaluate your face’s shape. You can also use tape to measure your facial dimensions.

Best sunglasses for women with a round face - If your face is rounded, choose sunglasses with dark frames and a frame where the width of the frame is greater than its height. Avoid round glasses, glasses with colour lenses, narrow frames and those that cover your eyebrows. Some of the best designer sunglasses for women with round faces are Hawthorne, the Outback Matte Gravy/ChromaPop Polarized Bronze Mirror or the Outlier 2 Matte Tortoise/Polarized Brown. While these sunglasses have a rectangular frame and dark lenses, they use bio-based materials along with no-slip pads on the nose for optimum comfort.

Sunglasses for a square shaped face - Square shaped faces typically have a strong jawline and broad forehead. The best sunglasses for women with this type of face shape is oval or round shaped glasses that give a balanced look. Aviators, round, butterflies or other circular-shaped sunglasses are perfect for these women. For instance, High Key Rose/copper Fade from Quay Australia with Desi Perkins are designer sunglasses for women with a modern twist to the classic aviator design. Serpico 2 Matte Gold/ChromaPop Polarized Gray Green is another great choice that features adjustable nose pads and comfortable temples in addition to carbonic lenses.

Best summer sunglasses for women with oval faces - If you have an oval face, you can look great in almost any type of sunglasses. While you can choose from gently rounded, rectangular to aviator sunglasses, avoid huge frames which can block out your symmetrical features. For instance, Shade Queen from Quay Australia features a slightly curved lens, metal studs and pleasing colours that enhance your overall look. You can also choose Flynn Soft Matte Black Red Fade - HD Plus Gray Green with Red Light Spectra Mirror from Spy that features a semi-rimless frame with high definition lens, ideal for daily wear.

Ideal sunglasses for rectangular or oblong faces - You can enhance your look with oversized sunglasses, square or rectangular lenses, wayfarer and sunglasses that have thick frames. Vintage style frames with bold lines and sharp angles may also be suitable. Some examples of the most elegant sunglasses for women with oblong or rectangular faces are Alright White/Smoke from Quay Australia, the Persuasive Red or the cat-eye styled Rapture | Black-smoke Mono from Le Specs.

 Best Polarized Sunglasses For Women

Another factor to keep in mind when buying or gifting cool sunglasses for women is whether to choose polarized or non-polarized sunglasses.

While light from all sources scatters in multiple directions, when flat surfaces such as water, roads or car roofs reflect light, it becomes ‘polarized,’ which means light travels in a horizontal and uniform direction. This can enhance the intensity of the light, causing glare and reducing visibility. Polarized glasses are designed to reduce glare from surfaces including snow, roads, and water. Although typically more expensive than non-polarized sunglasses, polarized lenses are a great choice for women who have to drive every day or who live near water. Women who are boaters or bikers, skiers, joggers, and golfers will also benefit from polarized sunglasses as they provide optimum glare protection.

Here are some of the best women's polarized sunglasses for driving, outdoor activities, and for making a cool style statement:
General Soft Matte Black - HD Plus Gray Green that features a lightweight frame designed for everyday wear including UV protection and polarization. 

Belmont Matte Tortoise Frame Blue Fade Polycarbonate Polarized Lens Sunglasses from Suncloud featuring polarized polycarbonate lenses, 100 percent sun protection apart from an elegant design. 

The Sentry (Medium Fit) Tortoise/polar Brown is the perfect stylish summer pair for women with super lightweight construction and comfortable nose pads.

Polarized Sunglasses for Outdoor Enthusiasts

If you love outdoor sports, are an endurance addict, cyclist, triathlete or runner, you need an ideal combination of optimum field of vision, impact resistance, lightweight construction, and perfect fit. General Soft Matte Black - HD Plus Gray Green features Trident polarization, rubber nose pads and lens that are built for impact resistance.

If you want a smaller yet stylish frame for everyday workouts such as cycling across the town or your daily run, choose the Zephyr (Medium Fit) Black/polar Gray. Lightweight and super comfortable, these sunglasses help you make a unique style statement.

Apart from these factors, the colour of the frame and lens also will play a huge role when selecting the right polarized sunglasses. From funky blues, feminine pinks to intriguing neon yellows, the options in terms of colours, styles and shapes are endless. Browse through the expansive collection of polarized designer sunglasses for women to make an informed choice.

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