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SPY Optics sunglasses are inspired by the iconic Western mountain range. They have you covered for eyewear from the trails to the slopes with strong frames that are built to last while adding a dash of verve to your persona.

Spy Optic Rocky Sunglasses Review

The Rocky is a chic and modern pair of sunglasses, perfect for a daytime drive or for a hike up to the summit. The sunglasses have been designed using super sturdy and almost indestructible Grilamid material. The glasses boast an 8x4-base polycarbonate ARC® lens. The sunglasses have a specialized UV coating, protecting both the glasses and your eyes from sun damage. The nose pads and temple tips are made using Hytrel rubber, which makes the glasses very comfortable to use for long durations. The temple tips are detachable for attaching leashes. The Spy Optic Rocky sunglasses are available with the SPY Happy Lens and Trident polarization, which add to the functionality of the glasses.

Spy Optic Rocky Sunglasses Review

Spy Optic Farrah Femme Fatale Sunglasses Review

The Spy Optic Farrah Femme Fatale sunglasses are a gorgeous pair of contemporary and elegant sunglasses designed exclusively for women. The oversized 8-base polycarbonate ARC® lenses are coated in a light chocolate brown, making them perfect for all skin tones. This contrast-enhancing HD Plus Lens frame your face and allow you to show yourself off. The glasses boast 100% UV protection, protecting your eyes from long-term damage. The frame is large and is made using sturdy propionate. The Spy Optic Farrah Femme Fatale also has robust 5-barrel hinges, Trident polarization, and SPY Happy Lens technology. 

Protecting Your Eyes from UV

The importance of sunglasses in the summer needs no highlight if you want to protect your eyes from sun damage. They protect your eyes from harmful UV radiation, provided you identify the best types of summer sunglasses available.

With the right sunglasses, you need not have to worry about exposing your eyes to UV radiation. There are several other benefits of sunglasses in summer. You are protected from cornea damage, which could potentially lead to vision loss. Best summer sunglasses can protect your eyes from these damages.

Protecting Your Eyes from UV

Here are some more benefits of sunglasses in summer.

The odds of developing astigmatism are reduced and the eye disease progression can be halted or slowed down. The UV radiation damages your eyes in several ways other than vision damage and vision loss. UV rays can cause tissue growth in the white part of your eyes if the rays cause pterygium. Eventually, this tissue growth leads to a change in the curvature of the eye resulting in astigmatism. The best quality summer sunglasses will prevent all these damages.

Using proper protection for your eyes is crucial as many eye diseases are proven to be caused or enhanced by UV rays over time. Nearly 20% of the cases of cataracts result from UV exposure. Damage to the retina resulting in macular degeneration is a leading cause of blindness. Macular degeneration or damage to the retina is attributable to UV exposure and is largely preventable by wearing proper summer sunglasses. 

Summer Sunglasses for Men and Women

Summer Sunglasses for Men and Women

Decorative Designs

While the best quality glasses are the same for men and women, several other distinctions including frame balance, color, and feature may dictate gender-specific sunglasses. The best summer sunglasses for women may come with embellishments and small designs. They may include fun elements like swirls, stripes, and dots. In contrast, summer sunglasses for men are less ornate.


Several colors are interchangeable between men and women such as lime green, lemon yellow, and electric blue. Nevertheless, a pair of pink frames on a man’s face is a rare sighting. Such a color often falls in the exclusive domain of women. The traditional brown, gray, and black colors for men are now old-fashioned as manufacturers are branching out with more color choices for men.


It is probably the biggest distinction between sunglasses for men and those for women. Men often wear bigger size frames than women. There are exceptions, nonetheless, depending on the face size. Fortunately, there are manufacturers like Spy Optic who have a large inventory of gender-neutral sized sunglasses to be worn by any gender. They make highly modern sleek-design sunglasses also as seen in futuristic movies that are gender-neutral.


The material used in the frames used to be different in the past. Men’s sunglasses were commonly available only in metal frames, while women’s sunglasses were made with plastic material. That is no longer true now. Modern sunglasses are made of the finest metal and plastic material for both men and women. 

SPY Optic Canada

Some of the best sunglasses available in the market are made by Spy Optic Sunglasses Canada and they have a multitude of frames and models to choose from. Spy Optic has a large inventory of sunglasses for men. These include Helm Tech, Discord, Genre, Cyrus, Bewilder, and more in a variety of colors, designs, and frames. They come in various price ranges to fit everyone’s budget. In the women’s sunglasses category some of the best sunglasses include Genre, Flynn, Czar, Pemberton, Farrah, and Allure in the price range of $150 to $250. The Spy Optic Rocky and the Spy Optic Farrah Femme Fatale sunglasses are our favourite go-to options for this summer. 

Shop Spy Optic Rocky and Farrah sunglasses, as well as other styles, online at Skuxs Canada.

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