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Many factors go into making a successful hunt, from finding prey to sticking it once you do. One major factor is having the right equipment which includes your hunting backpack! A good bag will not only carry all your gear but also be comfortable on long hikes through rough terrain while keeping everything safe and dry inside when it's pouring rain outside. 

The best alps hunting backpacks are the ones that are lightweight, comfortable, and have ample space to fit in all your hunting essentials so that you can have a successful hunting experience. 

Here is our list of the best alps hunting backpacks:

  • Alps OutdoorZ Game Vest X
  • Alps Commander X
  • Alps OutdoorZ Commander X Pack
  • Alps OutdoorZ Hybrid X
  • Alps Pursuit Hunting
  • Alps OutdoorZ Commander
  • Alps Dark Timber backpack
  • Alps Snow Goose Chair
  • 1. Alps Canada Game Vest X

    If you have some experience hunting in the uplands, this backpack will make your hunting experience much smoother. The Alps Outdoor Canada collection contains some of the best quality hunting backpacks. The Game Vest X should be your go-to choice for upland hunting. Designed with gun rests and shoulder flaps for maximum shooting comfort, this backpack is all you need on your next hunting trip. 


    • Shell pockets, rear pockets, and gear pockets for carrying hunting gear.
    • Wrap around the game pocket and shooter-friendly shoulder straps
    • Water bottle and radio pockets
    • Lightweight design


    2.  Alps Commander X Canada

    Hunting is messy business and your gear might get heavy if you are hauling meat after a successful hunt. The Alps Commander X is the best backpack that is explicitly designed to carry a hunting haul. It features an innovative lashing system featuring a compressed wing system and a lower shelf that firmly secures the load. The backpack is made of premium quality 1680D ballistic nylon fabric and Hypalon. It uses dual aluminum stays with a high-density polyethylene frame. 


    • High-density polyethylene frame with enforced aluminum
    • Compressed wing system which secures the load
    • Foam suspension and ballistic nylon fabric for extra strength and flexibility


    3.  Alps Commander X Pack

    If you are looking for a multipurpose backpack, it doesn’t get better than the Alps Commander X Pack. This is just not a hunting backpack. Along with a bag, if you need a complete system to go hunting for more days, Commander X + Pack is the best choice. It is the perfect combination of a backpack and hauling pack. 


    • Sturdy frame for hauling with a lashing system to secure loads
    • Detachable in-pack bag for carrying other essential hunting items
    • The backpack can be attached and detached from the meat hauling frame

    4.  Alps Hybrid X

    Not everyone can find the ultimate backpack, but this is it if you are looking for one! For most hunters, carrying gear comfortably during the hunt is on top of their lists. However, it is not easy to manage if you have a meat hauling backpack. However, with the Alps OutdoorZ Combination Backpack, your hunting becomes a breeze. Its numerous features and functionality make it perfect for hunting. With straps for ease of carrying your firearm, it is the most complete backpack you’ll ever find.


    • Drop-down weapon pocket.
    • Combined internal frame meat hauler with a detachable top-load pack bag
    • Manufactured with heavy-duty fabrics like 1680D Nylon Ballistic with Hypalon reinforcement
    • Lycra shoulder straps with a molded foam suspension system for comfort
    • Internal frame featuring a shelf and compressed wing-style pockets
    • Waist belt with clip holster, hydration pocket, and sturdy aluminum frame

    5. Alps Pursuit Hunting Backpack

    Whether you are a beginner hunter or a seasoned pro, you'll probably spend most of your time moving in pursuit of the game. You've got to get into a position to take the shot, which is often the most challenging part of hunting. With this fantastic Pursuit Hunting Backpack, you can trek in the wilderness with ease. With many features, it’s designed to accommodate easy movements. You can trek much faster with this backpack. Every feature of this backpack is designed to help you move faster. It makes the whole concept of 'weight carrying' much simpler.


    • Lashing straps for keeping a bow secure while moving
    • Waist belt for improved weight distribution
    • Rain cover for unexpected wet weather

    6. Alps Commander

    If there’s a backpack you’re on the search for that’s specific to meat hauling, then this is it. Hunting may be all fun and games until you make a kill. Then what? How do you get all the meat back to camp? This is where the Alps OutdoorZ Commander comes in. Designed with a strong freighter frame, it is perfectly built for meat hauling. With a padded waist belt and shoulder straps, this backpack provides excellent comfort.


    • It comes with a lashing system to secure the meat
    • Robust frame design for carrying meat
    • Padded waist belt and shoulder straps to make meat hauling easier
    • Separate pockets for knife and flashlight
    • Lashing straps designed to hold and secure the shooting stix

    7. Alps Dark Timber

    For any hunter who prefers mobility and durability, this backpack should be on top of your list. While many experienced hunters may require more oversized backpacks, your primary focus as a beginner should be comfort. If you seek comfort without compromising durability, then the Alps Dark Timber hunting backpack is the right option for you. Manufactured with premium quality fabric, the Dark Timber is lightweight yet carries a heavy load. The hydration compatibility, padded belts, and straps of this backpack make hunting for beginners a breeze.


    • Lightweight and durable material
    • Hydration compatible
    • Lashing straps
    • Padded waist belts and shoulder straps
    • Three separate pockets for gear
    • Water bottle pockets on either side

    What makes the Alps Backpacks unique? 

    The Alps backpacks are designed with durable material, making them perfect for rugged hunting trips. Many of these backpacks are lightweight and easy to carry. What makes this collection truly unique is the range of different options that you can choose from. Each Alps backpack is manufactured with heavy-duty fabrics like ballistic nylon and has hydration compatibility, making it perfect for outdoor use. In addition, the shoulder straps come with molded foam making it comfortable to carry. Each bag comes with a meat hauler and extra pockets to fit in all hunting equipment. 

    So whether you are going on an extended hunting trip or a short trek, make sure to get the ideal backpack from Skuxs.


    What are the best Alps OutdoorZ hunting backpacks in Canada?

    Alps backpacks are specifically designed for hunting purposes, heavy-duty fabric and come with a meat hauler. Most of Alps OutdoorZ’s collection is hydration compatible. The best would include the Alps OutdoorZ Hybrid X, Alps Pursuit, and Alps Commander. 

    How do I know which backpack to choose? 

    Always choose your backpack based on your trip and hunting gear. If you need to spend more time pursuing the game, then a lighter backpack is better. If you are hunting big game, then consider choosing a hybrid hauler/backpack. If you want to go for 1-day hunting, then go for Alps OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Back

    What should I look for in the ideal hunting backpack?  

    An ideal hunting backpack is manufactured with heavy-duty fabrics, has a meat hauler, extra pockets to fit in your small gear, comfortable molded foam shoulder straps, is hydration compatibility, lightweight, and has ample space. 

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