5 Best Knives for Outdoor Adventures 2021

5 Best Knives for Outdoor Adventures 2021

Canada is a country where outdoor adventure opportunities come in all forms. Camping, hiking, and mountaineering are popular outdoor activities that people—both residents and tourists—indulge in during their weekends and holidays. That’s all very soul-enriching and thrilling, but staying properly geared throughout the trip can be a cherry on the cake for everyone.

One of the most important accessories to have during any outdoor adventure is a survival hunting knife. As the name indicates, these are camping knives that are designed to meet the most rigorous of survival needs of outdoor adventurists. When camping or hiking in extreme conditions, you will need a survivalist knife for a variety of purposes, such as self-defense, hunting and skinning animals for food. To meet such survival demands, you will have to have the best camping knife handy.

If you are looking for a bush craft knife or a hunting knife Canada, you are likely to come across a plethora of choices. You can either get a folding fixed blade or a folding survivalist knife. But choosing the best camping knife from such a huge selection can often be a confusing affair. Balancing utility with the convenience of these accessories can be challenging while making a choice.

To make it easier for you to select the best camping knife or survival hunting knife, we have prepared a list of the best ones of 2021 here. Check it out:


1- Bugout Knife

The Bugout Knife is quickly rising to become a preferred pocket knife for sale owing to its travel-friendly design. It’s light in weight and has a foldable construction—something that makes it ideal for campers and hikers. The drop-point blade is made of premium CPM-S30V stainless steel and features a range of convenient aspects. These include the textured locking mechanism, reversible deep-carry pocket clip, and extra-large lanyard hole. Be it cutting through the thicket or slicing meat, you can use this survivalist knife conveniently during your outdoor adventures.

2- 484 Nakamura Axis Knife

The 484 Nakamura Axis Knife is a great bushcraft knife to have hit the market in 2021. Any outdoor adventurist wanting to make the trip easy and convenient can rely on the design of this pocket knife Canada. Functional strength and superior craftsmanship come together in this survivalist knife that’s designed to meet the most extreme of your survival needs. With a blade made of premium stainless steel and featuring a lightweight design, you can trust that this foldable survival hunting knife will accompany you wherever you venture out into the wild.

3- Spitfire Folding Knife

You will find a bushcraft knife of various types, but the 722 Spitfire Folding Knife has its own differentiating characteristics. This survival hunting knife comes with a razor-sharp blade made of stainless steel and has excellent edge retention, corrosion-resistance and strength. You can perform a one-handed opening action smoothly with the thumb hole on its blade. It’s compact, stylish and extremely lightweight, making it the best camping knife for your emergency use. The four-step removable clip makes this survivalist knife extremely convenient to carry in your pocket, on your belt or in your travel bag.

4- Osbourne Design BK1-Coated Rift Knife 950BK

The Osbourne Design BK1-Coated Rift Knife 950BK has stolen the hearts of many outdoor adventurists with its spectacular design and superb utility. This bushcraft knife comes with a reverse tango tip, which enhances its toughness to be usable in extreme conditions. The large-bellied blade takes the utility of this survivalist knife a notch higher, and the texture handle makes for a secure and strong grip. Despite its manual opening-action, you will find this survival hunting knife extremely convenient to use. Be it for everyday purposes or for camping demands, this pocket knife Canada will surely make everything easier and simpler.

5- ZT0022 Small Galyean Frame Lock Knife

Last on this list of the best knives for outdoor adventures is the ZT0022 Small Galyean Frame Lock Knife. This survival hunting knife has a small and compact size, making it a popular pocket knife for sale these days. The Tim Galyean design of this knife includes a carbon-fiber handle featuring a razor-sharp blade measuring 1.8 inches and an ano-titanium pivot collar. You can depend on the edge retention and strength of this survivalist knife owing to its steel blade. Tip-up carry is possible with the reversible pocket clip of this. The best part of this hunting knife Canada is its titanium frame that locks the blade for safe handling.


What is the best knife for bushcraft?

A bushcraft knife forms a critical piece of accessory for anyone who’s venturing out in the wild or conditions where survival places extreme demands. This kind of knife is used primarily for cutting wood. You can use a bushcraft knife to make sharp points for making stakes in the wild and notching the wood. For it to be completely useful, the bushcraft knife you choose should have good strength and edge retention. It should be able to handle the hardness of wood and should give fine cutting results.

What makes a good camping knife?

The best camping knife will accompany you on your toughest of voyages. Whether you are out camping, hiking or mountaineering, a hunting knife Canada with a razor-sharp blade, travel-friendly size, and foldable design would be great for your camping trips. A good camping knife should have a robust construction to withstand extreme usage and give proper edge retention to have the desired utility.

Are hunting knives legal?

There’s always confusion around the legality of hunting knives. If you are looking for a pocket knife for sale, then you might want to ensure you don’t get into trouble. So, you should know that you are legally allowed to carry a dirk, dagger, stiletto or a hunting knife Canada. But, cane swords, ballistic knives, metal knuckles and throwing stars are considered illegal possessions if the purpose of their use is to do anything unlawful against another person.

The above are a few hunting knives you should consider buying in 2021. If you are looking for a well-designed, utility-driven pocket knife for sale in Canada, then you can check out our collection at Skuxs.

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