Best Gifts Under $100

Best Gifts Under $100

Looking for gifts under $100 that aren’t the cliche gift cards and coffee mugs? If you have found yourself constantly googling “gifts under $100 for him” and “gifts under $100 for her” without any solid options, your search for the best $100 gift ideas is finally over.


Our picks include clothing, equipment, accessories and skin care gifts for her and him. We have also included the best $100 gifts for kids and teenagers. No matter the person you are looking for a gift for, we have a unique and excellent gift option for them all.


Gifts for her


Whether you are looking for “birthday gifts for her” or “Valentine’s gifts for her”, ditch the cliche gift options and consider giving her something rare and trendy. Here are our best picks for gifts for her.

A Unique and Stylish Hat:


Hats and beanies have always been the perfect holiday gifts. They are superb to keep you warm during the chilly winters and protect you from the sun when the temperatures start rising.


We recommend the LTM6 Airflo Hat by Tilley that offers excellent sun protection. This hat is water-resistant and also wicks moisture away. If you are looking for something more casual, we recommend the Sombriolet Sun Hat by Outdoor Research.


When it comes to winter beanies, the close-fitting Wind Pro Hat is an excellent choice. It is made of hard-faced fleece and suits backcountry skiers superbly well. If you are looking for something sillier, consider buying the cuffed Herschel beanie that comes with a fancy jacquard design.


Skin and Hair Care Products:


Nothing says ‘I care about you’ like a set of carefully picked out skin and hair care products. The Cold Shower Cooling Soap Cubes by Duke Cannon come with mint and menthol which give a superbly cooling effect after you take a bath.


If you are looking to add onto this, consider buying the Cold Shower Ice-cold Body Scrub that comes with menthol, caffeine, aloe vera and glycerine to not just hydrate and refresh your body but also keep it cool.


You can also consider purchasing the travel-sized edition of Bloody Knuckles Hand Repair Balm by Duke Cannon. These are made with lanolin and help you moisturize and hydrate dry and cracked hands. The best thing about this balm is that it doesn’t leave your hands greasy but ensures that your hands remain moisturized.


Lastly, we also recommend a calming and refreshing hair wash that will help your hair become healthy and lush. Consider the Duke Cannon's News Anchor Cedarwood 2-in-1 Hair Wash or Duke Cannon's News Anchor Tea Tree 2-in-1 Hair Wash.


Sturdy and Fashionable Sunglasses:


Add a touch of style and fashion to your gifts by choosing trendy sunglasses for women. The Persuasive Red by Quay Australia offers a classic sunglasses look in a bold red color. If you are looking for something a bit more toned down, consider buying the gunmetal and purple sunglasses called Lickety Split by Quay Australia.


The iconic cat eye look is also quite fashionable and you can pick the Air Heart by Le Specs in the caramel shade if you are looking for such a Hollywood-style look. These are incredibly sturdy and suit almost all face shapes.


Gifts for him


Looking for men’s gift ideas, birthday gifts for men or Christmas gifts for men? From hoodies to skin care products to wallets, here are our best picks for gifts for him.


Sturdy and Quality Hoodies:


Ditch the traditional sweaters this year and choose sturdy and quality hoodies that are going to last for years. These are perfect to be worn during chilly winters and are also super comfortable. Plus, these hoodies can also be worn during workouts.


We recommend the Men's Echo Hoodie by Outdoor Research. It comes with ActiveFresh™ odor control technology, UPF sun protection, anti-chafing flat-seam design and AirVent™ moisture management. These features make it perfect to be worn during high-exertion workouts or to keep you cool and active when out in the sun.


You can also consider the luxuriously soft Ls Pocket Henley Pullover by 2UNDR. This hoodie can be worn daily and comes with a stylish Henley neck. It also has 3% Spandex which makes it super stretchable as well as durable.


A solid and stylish wallet:


We recommend a wallet with a soft matte finish and made with a natural vegan material called

Slim Wallet Vegan Soft Touch by Secrid. It comes with an RFID-blocker which protects your data and offers fast card access. This classic bifold wallet also protects the card from bending or breaking.


You can also look at the Cardprotector Laser which comes in six different colors or the Miniwallet Vintage which also comes in ten attractive shades. These are simpler options that help you do the bare minimum but are incredibly easy to carry. Since they aren’t bulky, you can carry them without any fuss. Plus, the sturdy material also ensures that these wallets last you a long time.


If you are looking to buy a wallet with a traditional Baroque pattern, we recommend buying the Miniwallet Ornament by Secrid. This wallet comes in two colors - Black and Rose. It also comes with an RFID-blocker and fast card access.


Skin and hair care products:


Skin and hair care isn’t just important for women. Men need to take care of their skin and hair which is why these products make for incredibly thoughtful gifts as well. Men love receiving gifts that show that you care about them which is why buying skin and hair care products is an excellent option.


We recommend the super affordable and easy-to-carry Shampoo Puck - Barrel Char No. 004 by Duke Cannon. This is a super concentrated shampoo formula that lathers superbly well. If you are looking to add some manly fragrance in his life, we recommend the Solid Cologne - Bourbon. You can also consider buying the Natural Charcoal Deodorant by Duke Cannon in the Sandalwood & Amber fragrance.


Lastly, you can also consider buying the Cooling After-Shave Balm that helps soothe pores or the Cannon Balm Tactical Lip Protectant to keep their lips super soft and moisturized.

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