Poo Powder® Waste Treatment


Make cleanup even easier with Poo Powder® Waste Treatment. This proprietary waste treatment powder gels and solidifies waste, preventing spills, splash back, and contact with waste. It also controls odors and contains a decay catalyst with natural enzymes to break down solid waste. This non-toxic, environmentally-friendly treatment comes pre-loaded in all of our toilet kits but can be used with your own bags as well. One scoop goes a long way and gels 21 oz. of liquid waste, which can provide multiple uses if needed.

What’s included: Convenient pre-measured plastic scoop, Waste treatment powder.


  • Each scoop gels and solidifies 21 oz. of liquid waste.
  • Good for multiple uses.
  • Containers are recyclable plastic with secure screw on lid


  • Add 1 scoop of Poo Powder® Waste treatment to gel and treat up to 21 oz. of liquid waste.


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