Montec M3

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The Montec M3 is made from higher grade steel that is not only super tough, but also makes a sharper edge. Machined from one solid piece of 420 high-grade stainless steel with no vents, this broadhead provides quiet flight and added strength and durability. With the same reusable, easy to sharpen design, the new Montec M3 is Designed To Hunt.

1.0625″ Cutting Diameter

With 3 deadly blades machined from a single premium piece of solid steel, featuring  MonoFlow technology. Our 1.0635″ cutting diameter offers unmatched precision and penetrating power.

100 Grain

Available in 100 grain to ensure optimal speed and accuracy.

100% Spin Tested

Each broadhead is tested to ensure ultimate straightness resulting in unsurpassed accuracy and penetration.


The Original Montec works seamlessly with your crossbow to give you the fastest, most accurate shot.

BMP Practice Model

Make the most of the off-season with the Montec practice broadhead! Made with identical dimensions, practicing with these broadheads will help you acheieve consistencies with flight and accuracy before you head into the field.  Made with a rounded-edge, these broadheads keep target wear to a minimum.