CURREX® CLEATPRO™ Insoles | Sports Insoles for Soccer Cleats, Football Cleats, Spikes, & Field Sport Shoes

by Currex

Whether you need insoles for football cleats, soccer insoles, or baseball shoe inserts, CURREX CLEARPRO insoles are the chose replacement insoles for cleats in all field sports. They improve the fit and feel of narrow cleats or spikes while an anti-slip grip delivers ultimate ball control. Players of every age group and skill level can experience the comfort, stability, and control of CURREX CLEATPRO.

Combined with a heel stabilizer for a perfect fit, wrap, and lock, these dynamic sports insoles feature anatomic 3D support in an ultra-thin, lightweight design. Shock absorbing cushioning and max flexibility underfoot help reduce fatigue and prevent injury for uninterrupted play. Take your game to the next level of performance with CURREX CLEATPRO, the insoles for cleats engineered to keep you on the field.

  • Flexible anatomic support and shock absorbing cushioning help reduce fatigue and pressure, preventing common sports injuries.
  • PROPO+ forefoot cushioning delivers explosive propulsion for rapid accleration and precision turns.
  • NEO Touch SuperGrip anti-slip surface keeps the foot perfectly connected with the shoe for complete ball control.
  • Stabilizing sports insoles with a decoupled heel cup create a secure fit, wrap and lock in narrow cleats and spikes for greater heel stability.
  • Helps manage moisture with mesh top layer and premium foam cushioning to keep feet dry and cleats fresh.