Winter Sports Gear Checklist

Winter Sports Gear Checklist

With winter arriving just in time, it rings bells for skiing and snowboarding. While you take out your snowboarding and skiing equipment, make sure to check the winter sports gear checklist. 

Here is the list of winter sports essentials to keep you safe and comfortable on the surf:

  • Helmet
  • Five finger gloves
  • Facemask and neck gaiter
  • Snow Goggles
  • Snow Shoes
  • Jacket and Pants
  • Socks
  • Snowshoe and Boot Bag

If you’re wondering how expensive this stuff would be and how long it’s going to take to shop it all, check out all the winter sports gear at available at a reasonable price range.

Snow Helmet

Snowsports are full of thrill, and they can be risky. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro at winter sports, a helmet is a must-have for winter sports. A helmet is a priority because it protects your head and brain from possible injuries.

Based on the material, protection, and other features, the prices of the snow helmets vary from cheap to expensive. However, no matter how expensive a snow helmet you buy, it's a waste of money if it isn't the right size. Therefore, when choosing a helmet, your focus shouldn't be fully focused on the price but also the fit! 

Our Recommendation - Giro Avera Helmet

Refined and reloaded, the Giro Avera Helmet offers excellent protection. If you look for maximum protection, functionality, style, and value for money, then this is the helmet you need. Manufactured with premium quality material, the helmet is designed to protect the head from severe injuries.

The hidden Eps Foam in the helmet adds extra layering protection. Moreover, the Beveled Detailed Venting Slider of the helmet is easily adjustable. It can be easily adjusted while wearing mittens or gloves. The helmet's sleek aesthetic look and the colour selection make it a perfect match with your snow sports outfit!

Product Highlights

  • Adjustable Fitting
  • Hidden Eps foam for added protection
  • Venting Slider with beveled detail to allow easy adjustment
  • Color availability

Gloves or Mittens

Snowsports or not, no one is a fan of freezing hands. Not only does it get difficult to hold the skiing poles, but there's also a risk of frostbite. And no one wants that. Therefore, the next thing that you pack for the snow spotting season is mittens or gloves. While there is a wide range of options available, you must look for a mitten/glove that is 5 fingers and waterproof with an insulation feature. 

Our Recommendations - Hestra Army Leather Heli-Ski 5 Finger

The Hestra army leather heli-skis 5 finger gloves are modern classic gloves. What makes these gloves stand out is their functionality. People who often ski powder and look for more extended glove models should consider these gloves. Manufactured with Hestra Triton polyamide fabric and army goat leather, the gloves are durable and keep the hands warm. 

Product Highlights

  • Made from army goat leather and Hestra Triton polyamide fabric
  • Durable
  • Windproof and water-resistant yet breathable
  • Compatible with hand liners

Another Option - The North Face Etip Gloves

Don't want to miss out on Instagram while skiing down the mountain? Then get yourself the North Face Etip Gloves! These 5 finger gloves are designed to keep your hands warm and relaxed while allowing you to use your phone without taking them off. The gloves feature a four-way stretch making them touchscreen compatible with a firm grip yet still soft. 

Product Features

  • Sleek, chic style
  • Soft and comfy with radiometric articulation
  • Four-way stretch fleece and Etip functionality for touchscreen compatibility
  • Consistent sizing with 5D Fit
  • Superior grip with silicone gripper palm
  • Machine-wash safe

Facemask and Neck Gaiter

The following winter sports gear essential on the list is a facemask or a neck gaiter. When you are sliding down the mountain, the winds feel colder. Going down the hill without proper layering can be harmful. To protect your face and neck from cold and muscle spasms, it is advised to wear a face mask or a neck gaiter under the helmet. Not only do they keep you warm, but they also add an extra layer of protection. 

Our Recommendation - BlackStrap The Team Hood Balaclava Facemask

A modern, innovative yet classic snow gear to keep you warm and protected is the BlackStrap The Team Hood Balaclava Facemask. It is a facemask, neck gaiter, and hood hybrid that brings ease. With a four-way stretch and dual-layer construction, the Balaclava provides maximum protection. Moreover, it is moisture-wicking and antimicrobial, with UPF 50+ for sun protection. With its adjustable pull tabs, it is super easy to be worn under a helmet. 

Product Highlights

  • Over or under helmet compatible
  • Hinged mouth for articulation and breathability
  • One size fits all
  • Pull tabs adjustment
  • Tri-blend, lens safe, and machine washable fabric
  • Design variation

Snow Goggles

Goggles are one of the most essential snow sports gears. The purpose of these goggles is to prevent glare and protect the eyes from snow, ice, sunlight, or wind. 

Our Recommendation - Spy Optic Woot Snow Goggle

The Spy Optic Woot Snow Goggle is an excellent choice for your next mountain expedition, a perfect blend of comfort, progressive design, technology, and durability. The scoop vents allow increased airflow and reduced fogging and sweat. The HD lens technology combined with anti-fog cylindrical dual lenses increases clarity, eliminating distortion with optimal viewing. It is custom-built, anti-scratch coated, compatible with silicone helmets, and built to reduce eye strain and fatigue!


Product Highlights

  • 100% UV protection to shield eyes from high altitude sunlight
  • Anti-fog, cylindrical dual HD lens technology 
  • Enhanced safety with anti-scratch coating
  • Scoop ventilation for increased airflow
  • Ergonomic Isotron face foam combined with moisture-wicking Dri-Force fleece
  • Silicone-lined strap to prevent slippage
  • Includes a free bonus lens
  • Manufactured from premium quality, flexible and durable polyurethane
  • Provides a drier fit with all-day comfort 

Snow Shoes

Snowshoes are essential gear for winters. The purpose of snowshoes is to provide support and grip to your feet on the snow. With snowshoes, you can incline up or down in deep snow efficiently. 


Our Recommendation - Tubbs XPLORE Men's Snowshoes

Going snowshoeing for the first time? Then Tubbs Xplore Men's Snowshoes is the right choice for you. Designed specifically for beginners, the Tubbs Xplore is lightweight, easy to use, and comfortable. It features intuitive QuickPull binding with the same traction as Wayfinder, allowing cinching and unlocking with just one buckle push.

These snowshoes reduce the musculoskeletal impact on ankle joints, knees, and hips by 10%. With an innovative articulation system and recreational crampons, you can enjoy uphill, downhill, and sidehill grip even in extreme snow conditions.

Product Highlights

  • Innovative upturned tail aluminum Fit-Step frame with biomechanical benefits
  • Rotating toe card articulation system lets you shed off the snow
  • Sharp teeth on toe traction that bite deep into the snow
  • Recreational carbon steel crampons featuring front and rear braking teeth for firm grip
  • One buckle push for easily cinch and unlocking
  • Intuitive Quickpull forefoot strap binding

SnowShoe and Boot Bag

Most people find it unnecessary to carry a snowshoe bag. However, in reality, you must always pack your snowshoes in a separate bag. The sharp teeth on the shoes can damage your other gear. Similarly, you must also pack your snow boots in different bags to prevent the risk of wetting the other gear. 

Our SnowShoe Recommendation - Tubbs Napsack

Manufactured with durable nylon and mesh, the Tubbs Napsack is the perfect match for your snowshoes. With many functional features, like adjustable shoulder straps, the Napsack allows hands-free movement. The breathable mesh material keeps the snowshoes dry. 

Product Highlights
  • Adjustable shoulder strap 
  • Hands-free movements and easy access
  • Side handle for gear transport
  • Durable
  • Nylon and mesh material
  • Available in three sizes

Our Boot Bag Recommendation - Talvi X Ski Boot Bag

Combining durability, accessibility, lightweight, and large volume, the Talvi X Ski Boot Bag lets you carry your snow boots without any hassle. Not only the boots, but this bag can also fit your helmet and other snow sports gear. It features a front pocket with meticulous construction making it functional and durable. 

Product Highlights
  • Large top-loading volume
  • Lightweight
  • Durable and water-resistant polyester and PVC free tarpaulin fabrics
  • Compatible for boots, helmets, apparel, and other gear

Snow Pants

Having a good pair of snow pants is essential to make your snow sports a blast! Snow pants, just like the jackets, are manufactured with fabric to provide you comfort and warmth when sliding down the hill.

Our Recommendations - Outdoor Research Men's Cirque II Pants

A blend of fresh style and old favorites, the Outdoor Research Men's Cirque II pants are reliable, durable, and softshell pants. Featuring a harness-compatible waist and reinforced scuff guards, these pants are a 4-season purchase. Its waistband features a thermo-regulating technology that adjusts to your body temperature. Moreover, these pants are also water and wind-resistant, breathable, and have movement mirroring stretch. 

Product Highlights
  • Wind and water-resistant, breathable, and provides movement mirroring stretch
  • Waistband featuring Active Temp that provides thermoregulation
  • Harness compatible waistband with reinforced scuff guards


When it comes to winter sports, ordinary socks can lead your feet to freeze in the cold. That's why you need winter-specific socks that not only keep your feet warm but also protect them from blisters etc.

Our Recommendation - Sigvaris Merino Outdoor Unisex Socks

Manufactured with high-quality fabric, the Sigvaris Merino Outdoor Unisex Socks provide comfort during hiking, climbing, skiing, or snowboarding. Designed for both men and women, Sigvaris comes with several functional features. The best thing about these socks is that they are affordable.

Product Highlights

  • Unisex socks
  • Soft, comfortable and itch-free
  • Mesh flex zones for ventilation
  • Odor resistant
  • Cushion and padded soles for blister protection

These are the essential winter sports gear checklist to give you a head start! However, you can customize your list according to your needs! No matter which snow gear you’re wanting to add to the above list, Skuxs has all the options for you!

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