Top 4 Cammenga Survival Compasses You Should Buy Today

Top 4 Cammenga Survival Compasses You Should Buy Today

If you are fond of camping, hiking and other such outdoor adventures, you already know the worth of having a survival compass handy. The great outdoors can be overwhelming sometimes to even the most experienced of adventurers and it is natural to find yourself lost when navigating your way. When you are far away from civilization into the deep wilderness, you may not have smartphone navigation app connectivity or road-signs to guide you back to your desired location. Weather conditions may affect sky visibility and you might not be able to locate the North Star to help you figure out your directions. Myriad possibilities exist when out in the wild, and this is why it is always best to stay prepared.

A survival compass can help you find your way back to camp if you have treaded too far away or assist you in leading you back to more populated areas where you could re-establish connection with your camp-mates.


Why You Should Buy Yourself a Cammenga Compass

Cammenga is the official compass manufacturer for the U.S. Military. You can bet if the military trusts the quality of these compasses, they are unlikely to let your travel expeditions down. Not just the U.S. military, soldiers around the world trust the make of these compasses.

A Cammenga Tritium Compass is quite valuable as only a handful of companies are approved for using the hydrogen isotope. Built based on military specifications, these compasses are designed using top-notch manufacturing products. Founded in 1992, Cammenga has made a well-deserved name for itself in compass manufacturing. In this article, we help inform Cammenga Compass Canada enthusiasts about four of the Best Cammenga Compass products available in the market currently.

Always link to the shop page for the item or why even rank it? Point is to get customers to buy after giving them the authority of why they should buy. All the Shop items below are linked.

Top 4 Cammenga Compass to Enhance Your Camping Experience

Phosphorescent Lensatic Compass 27 (Shop: Compass 27) – Cammenga Compass Model 27 is a Cammenga Lensatic Compass offering. It is a cost-effective compass option provided by Cammenga for customers who want to enjoy the Cammenga Compass experience but do not have the budget for a Cammenga Tritium Compass. The phosphorescent compass utilizes phosphorescent paint for low-light visibility instead of Tritium. It is shockproof, damage-resistant, sand-proof and mostly waterproof. Powder-coated aluminum frame offers great durability. Performs accurately for +/- 40 mils, the compass functions best in -50F to 150F temperature range.


Tritium Compass 3H (Shop Compass 3H) – Cammenga Compass Model 3H is among the Cammenga Tritium Compass devices used by the U.S. military. It’s seven micro-lights provides constant illumination for upwards of 12 years. Shockproof, sandproof, damage resistant and waterproof to a great degree, the Cammenga 3H Tritium Lensatic Compass is designed to be durable and resistant over great distances and in varying weather conditions. Its non-liquid filled needle housing means that its accuracy is uncompromised by weather conditions. The copper induction damping ring in the compass helps its needle slow, settle and steady.


Cammenga GI Special Tritium Lensatic Compass (Shop GI Special Compass)– The Cammenga GI Special Tritium Lensatic Compass is a Cammenga Tritium Compass which has been approved for sale in the Japanese market. Just as with the Cammenga 3h Tritium Military Compass Canada, this Cammenga Compass also reports accuracy for a distance of +/- 40 mils and -50 degree F to 150 degrees F. Built to withstand rough terrain and extreme weather, the compass is cased in an aluminum frame. Waterproof housing protects it against most degrees of water exposure and copper induction dampening system steadies its needle. Magnifying lens, dial graduations and sighting wire help with compass readability. As with all other Cammenga Compass products, Cammenga GI Special Tritium Lensatic Compass is similarly shockproof, sand-proof and damage resistant.


Wrist Watch Compass WC-10 (Shop Compass WC-10) – The Wrist Watch Compass WC-10 is the newest addition to the lineup of Cammenga Compasses. It can be used by itself or as a watch, when strapped to your watch band. Free-floating dial and non-liquid filled model makes it fit to be used in varying weather conditions. Brass casing, with a detachable velcro strap provided – Cammenga’s latest compass offering tries to combine functionality with style. Water resistant upto 100m, you can strap this watch-cum-compass from Cammenga into wrist bands of upto 22 mm width. Made with only the highest quality products, the Wrist Watch Compass WC-10 lives up to the Cammenga name alright!

Save Up for a Cammenga Tritium Lensatic Compass Canada

The Canadian outdoors provides ample opportunity for day hikes and camping trips. If you live in Canada, you would be a fool not to experience all that the Canadian geography has to offer. However, safety and security should also be made important concerns when planning an adventure trip in the Canadian wilderness. A survival compass is a must-have in your camping kit. While you could buy a survival compass for cheap to aid your camping expedition, why not save up for a Cammenga Tritium Lensatic Compass Canada instead? Trusted by the U.S. military, of all people, these sturdy compasses with tritium lights will enhance your camping experience by multitudes! We’ve listed the top 4 Cammenga compass products above for your benefit, so you can go over the details and make an informed compass purchase. We wish you a happy and safe camping trip!

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