Things to Do at Waterton Lakes National Park

Things to Do at Waterton Lakes National Park

When it comes to National Parks, Canada has quite a number of them. However, one of the best National Parks worth visiting is the Waterton Lakes National Park. This National Park has everything to offer, from hiking to boat tours to wildlife sightings to sipping tea. 

Whether you are a tourist or a local, visiting Waterton Lakes National Park for the first time, we have created a list of activities you can do. We have also recommended some accessories to make your trip worthwhile and available at Skuxs

Bicycle Stroll in The Park

Waterton Lakes Park is a biosphere reserve stretched over many acres of land. The national park is home to wildlife and has many scenic views, hence one of the best things to do at Waterton National Park is a bicycle ride. You can rent a bike from the town or even bring your own to explore the park—bike through the Red Rock and Akamina Parkway to Kootenai Brown Trail. You can also go mountain biking as there are five mountain bike trails in Waterton.

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Bewitched by Cameron Falls

One of the Waterton Lakes National Park's highlights is the scenic Cameron Falls. The freshwaters surrounded by mother nature have a very pleasant and soothing environment. This waterfall is located at the edge of the town. You can drive there and spend your time. It also has a parking lot where the visitors can park their cars. 

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Waterton Lake Tour on Boat

When visiting Waterton Lake, one of the worthwhile things to do there is cruising at the lake. Throughout the day, different cruises leave the lake. The cruise tour lasts about 2 hours. It is great for sightseeing and for those who love wildlife sightings. The route consists of the Canada and US border, including a stop at the Goat Hunt in Glacier National Park. For people who want Instagram-worthy photographs, the best time for a cruise is 10 am. On the other hand, if you love wildlife, hop on the 7 pm cruise; it’s the best time to spot different wildlife. 

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Go Hiking

Visiting the Waterton National Park and not hiking feels unreligious. There is more than one hiking trail in the Waterton Lakes National Park including the Bear Hump, Crypt Lake, Bertha Falls, and more. Each trail has its specialties to offer. However, one thing that is common among all is that they offer wonderful scenic views of the whole park. The Bear Hump is a relatively short hike but gives a wonderful view. Bertha Falls is relatively longer than Bear Hump, and its highlight is the wonderful views of the park. The whole hike is about a 5 km round trip, and the lower Bertha Falls are mesmerizing to view.

Speaking of the Crypt Lake hike, it is for those who love the thrill. Nominated as the world’s most thrilling hike trail by National Geographic, Crypt Lake has a lot. The hike is 18 km long with 700 meters in elevation. You enjoy the boat ride, 4 waterfalls, a passage through a mountain tunnel, a section of trail for climbing holding onto the chains, and a walk along the beautiful Crypt Lake.

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Stop at the Prince of Wales Hotel for Evening Tea

One of the reasons why Waterton National Park is the best is because it offers some exceptional experiences that one can’t expect from a national park. Stop at Waterton town, which is a small town with many boutique shops, fine dining restaurants, and beautiful houses. While shopping and strolling in the town, don’t forget to stop at the Prince of Wales hotel to have a delicious evening tea. Not only does the hotel offer tea, scones, sandwiches, and cakes, but also the captivating views across the Upper Waterton Lake. 

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Experience the Canoeing, Kayaking

Another great thing to experience at the Waterton Lakes Park is canoeing and kayaking. Visiting the National Park during the hot summer days, canoeing, kayaking, or stand-up paddleboarding is a must! 

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Stargaze in the Night

End your Waterton Lake National Park trip with stargazing. This national park has been recognized as the Dark Sky Park and it’s the perfect spot for stargazers because it offers scenic sky views. The best spots for stargazing at the Waterton Park are Cameron Bay, Red Rock Parkway, and Bison Paddock overlook. 

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