Our Top Hiking Accessories

Our Top Hiking Accessories

Are you a hiking junkie/nomad who loves the wild trails? If yes, then we have got some handy hiking accessories for you! We have listed our top-selling best hiking gear in these articles and why you need them for your next trail!

Our top hiking accessories that are also available at Skuxs include:

  • Micro Vario Carbon WS
  • Light Titanium 650ml Pot
  • Mountain Vest 5.0
  • Norse Dragon Seax Knife
  • Titanium Backpacking Wood Burning Stove

    Micro Vario Carbon WS

    The flexible Micro Vario Carbon in a women's version is designed to save your energy on the go.  

    The AEGON Thermo Long Grip is anatomically built to provide a broad supporting area on the handle, perfectly fitting in your hand. It features a dual locking system with the ELD External Locking Device and the effortless Speed Lock 2 Adjustment System. Its double locking system design gives more stability and security thanks to its unique design. The folding carbon pole can be folded together to a packing size of just 40 cm and stowed in any backpack with the push of a button. 

    With all these fantastic features, the Micro Vario Carbon Lady is a true all-rounder for the hikers with a passion for mastering every terrain with stability and security!

    Product Highlights:

    • Faltstöcke construction
    • Aergon (Thermo compact) grip
    • Lock security strap (Skin) 
    • Five teilig segments
    • 100% pure carbon material
    • Speed lock 2 adjustment system + External Locking Device (ELD)


    Light Titanium 650ml Pot

    The unique Light Titanium pot by Toaks is constructed for unpredictable terrains. Its thick titanium construction with 0.3mm thickness makes it durable while keeping it ultralight. It means you can easily carry this titanium pot on any terrain. With 22oz/650ml, this pot can hold TOAKS Titanium 450ml Cup, 100ml gas canister. Featuring a lid with a lockable grip and mesh sack, the Toaks titanium pot is easy to handle and cook. To make cooking more accessible, the pot is graded in ml and oz. Moreover, it can also hold 32oz Nalgene, 38oz Nalgene stainless, 42oz Klean Kanteen without lid. 

    Keeping all these features in view, it is not wrong to say that the Toaks Light Titanium 650ml pot is worth hiking accessories for the rugged trails. 

    Product Highlights:

    • Titanium material construction
    • 22oz/650ml capacity
    • Ultralight pot with 0.3mm thickness
    • Includes lid with lockable grip and a mesh sack
    • The pot is graded with ml/oz

    Mountain Vest 5.0

    Packing up and carrying the hiking gear has been convenient with the new Mountain Vest 5.0 from Ultimate Direction. Manufactured with premium quality Flex Mono Mesh, MicroMono Mesh, 20D Nylon 66 sil/pu, 4-way stretch Nylon/elastane with micro-rip, this backpack is a durable hiking accessory. It allows single-handed use due to its upgraded sliding rail sternum straps. The Mountain Vest 5.0 features an easy-to-access clamshell main pocket complemented by dual quick stash upper shoulder strap pocks to keep your tablets, chapsticks, or other small essentials. The shoulder straps are shaped so that it distributes the weight and gives a comfortable fit. Above all, the mountain vest is incredibly lightweight and comes with a 4-way stretch and rip-stop pattern. 

    Product Highlights:

    • Comfort CinchTM 2.0 is slimmer, lighter, and more adaptable.
    • Phones can be stored in the front stretch mesh pockets.
    • 4-way stretch fabric with ripstop design for increased durability.
    • External gear storage and overall compression with corded elastic.
    • Weight distribution and a comfortable fit.
    • Upper shoulder strap pockets with dual quick stash compartments.
    • Clamshell main pocket.


    Norse Dragon Seax Knife

    The Norse Dragon Seax Knife comes from the Norse Dragon Knife Collection, which takes you back to the migration period. Featuring Germanic tribe-inspired broken-back sex, this knife is a remembrance of the direct connection between England and Ireland Vikings. Due to the knife’s lightweight and greater versatility, it is an excellent companion for hikers, and mountaineers, on rugged trails. 

    Product Highlights:

    • Broken-back seax
    • 7” 1095 carbon steel blade
    • Natural forged finish
    • Trapezoid blade with long straight cutting edge & spine
    • 0.12” Blade Thickness
    • American Hickory Handle


    Titanium Backpacking Wood Burning Stove

    The Titanium Backpacking Wood Burning Stove by TOAKS is a simple, three-piece stacking stove designed to enhance your hiking experience. Constructed from premium quality Titanium, this Toaks stove allows you to heat warm, cooked food even when miles away from home. The perfect three piece stack design locks perfectly when assembled. While it’s a wood-burning stove, the Toaks titanium backpacking stove doesn’t just burn the wood. The ingenious design of the furnace also burns the wood gas in the furnace with 2nd and 3rd combustions. The stove will have plenty of fuel without burning more wood, resulting in cleaner combustion. What makes it more interesting is the highly durable nylon stuff sack for easy storage. The lightweight construction of the stove makes it easier to carry on the hike or climb. 

    Product Highlights:

    • Titanium material construction.
    • Three stack piece design.
    • Compact and lightweight.
    • Easy to use.
    • Efficient wood-burning stove.
    • Uses multi combustion mechanisms.
    • Double-walled.


    What do you need for hiking?

    It depends on your preference, weather conditions, trail difficulty, and hike duration. Some must-to-take hiking accessories include weather-appropriate clothing, rainwear, backpack, first-aid-kit, knife & multi-tool, navigation gear, toiletries, and hiking shoes. 

    What should you not take for hiking?

    Hiking is a challenging activity, so you must pack light, easy to carry, and valuable items only. Avoid taking jewelry, bulky towels, extra toiletries, pillows, more than one pair of clothes, or extra gadgets when hiking. 

    Is it okay to hike in jeans?

    When going on a hike, it is recommended to wear comfortable clothes that can withstand the moisture, cold or warm trails. Jeans are made from cotton, which holds water and can freeze. Hence, jeans are usually not recommended for the hikes. However, if you are going on a short distance hike, then you may wear jeans. 

    Bottom Line!

    These are the best hiking accessories and a part of the hiking essentials system. However, there are no fixed lists for hiking accessories. The hiking essential system or accessory list can be customized according to your preference, trail toughness, climate, and hike duration. So always pack your accessories considering all these factors. If you need more hiking essentials, you can find a wide range of options at Skuxs.

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