November 19: National Camp Day - Weekend Camping Essentials

November 19: National Camp Day - Weekend Camping Essentials

November 19th is a day that every camper knows! It’s a National Camp Day when people take time to escape from their routine and admire nature. So whether you are a nature lover or someone who wants to take a break, then National Camp Day 2021 is around the corner. But wait, just grabbing the hot dogs and marshmallows won’t prepare you for camping. 

You need to pack all the weekend camping essentials that will make your camping experience the best!

If you have no idea what things you need to pack for National Camp Day 2021, then here is a quick list of camping must-haves:

  • Camping Tent
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Camping Chairs
  • Flashlights with extra batteries
  • Cook pot, lid, & other utensils
  • Stove & Fuel
  • Medical Kit
  • Camping apparel
  • Water bottles 
  • Duct Tape & Knife

You can easily find all the camping must-haves here at Skuxs or at your local outdoor retailer. 

Camping Tents

The first thing to pack when going camping outdoors is a camping tent. It is essential to set up your campsite. The purpose of camping tents is to protect you from weather, bugs, and other wildlife animals and your privacy as there are other campers. 

Our Recommendation - Marmot Fortress 2-Person Tent

Designed with durable material and sturdy construction, the Marmot Fortress Two-Person Tent is an excellent pick for camping. The full fabric canopy, seamed construction, vertical walls, and strategic clip placement makes it perfect for stormy weather. 

Product Highlights:

  • Full fabric canopy with Top Vent
  • Lightweight with reduced condensation buildup
  • Two half mesh D doors lock out cold and moisture
  • Seam taped full coverage with additional guy outs
  • Zone Pre-Band construction for vertical walls
  • Roomier with the excellent head area
  • Comes with a lampshade pocket
  • Interior pockets to hold small gear

Sleeping Bags

Going camping just in a tent is not a good idea. You don’t want the cold to catch you from the ground or insects biting you. Sleeping bags are one of the camping must-haves that you should pack with yourself.

Our Recommendation - Adventure Medical Escape Bivvy Sleeping Bag

Stay warm without soaking your clothes wet due to condensation buildup with the Adventure Medical Escape Bivvy Sleeping Bag. Constructed with a waterproof seam and a drawstring hood, the Bivvy Sleeping Bag lets the moisture escape while protecting you from rain, snow, and wind. 

Product Highlights:

  • Breathable fabric that prevents condensation buildup
  • It comes with a side zip
  • High visibility orange color to spot easily
  • Waterproof bag with a drawstring hood

Camping Chairs

    While often overlooked by most campers, camping chairs are essential. It adds an extra touch of comfort so that you can enjoy the outdoors without any hassle. 


      One of the essential camping must-haves is flashlights and extra batteries. It will be helpful during the night exploration or in case of an emergency. 

      Our Recommendation - LED Lenser P5 Flashlight

      LED Lenser P5 Flashlight is a high-performance, lightweight, and compact size flashlight with excellent value for money. It produces 90+ lumens of light while saving energy at the same time. It allows long-distance viewing and comes with AA batteries.

      Product Highlights:

      • High-performance light with DC/DC converter
      • Rapid focus system for quick, one-handed closeup
      • Allows long distance viewing
      • It is lightweight and small
      • Produces 90+ lumens light

      Cooking Utensils

        Outdoors can be pretty cruel if you are not well prepared. That’s why when going camping you must pack certain cooking utensils like:

        • Mugs/cups
        • Plate/bowl
        • Portable coffee maker (Aeropress recommended)
        • Matches/lighter
        • A sharp knife
        • Cook pot with a lid
        • A water cooler or extra water bottles

        Our Recommendation - Jetboil 5L Cook Pot & Lid

        The large capacity, efficient boiling time, and durability the Jetboil 5L Cook Pot & Lid provides all while being lightweight. This pot is manufactured explicitly for outdoors so that you can prepare large meals, including rice dishes, pot roast, or pasta. 

        Product Highlights:

        • FluxRing technology with hard-anodized aluminum construction
        • Large capacity with extremely efficient boiling times
        • Insulated handles allow easy handling
        • It comes with a strainer lid and a protective skirt

        Stove & Fuel

          The fun of camping doubles when you prepare a meal under the open sky. Modern-day campers usually take a stove with themselves when camping, which makes camping more comfortable. Also, packing some fuel for emergencies is recommended. 

          Our Recommendation - Jetboil Genesis Basecamp Stove

          The Jetboil Genesis Base Camp Stove can make your outdoor cooking fantasies come true with a dual burner cookstove! It has a beasty heating system that can boil or cook large meals or melt snow in just 3 minutes. It is compatible with the Jetboil 5L Cook Pot

          Product Highlight: 

          • Dual burners 
          • Can be converted into cooking range with Jetlink-compatible stoves or Luna satellite burner 
          • It comes with a beastly 10,000 BTU heating system
          • Attachable windscreen with compact folding design
          • It comes with a system carrying bag including pockets for regulators

          Camping Apparel

          Most people think that camping must-haves are all about utensils, tents, or sleeping bags. However, in reality, it also means wearing the proper footwear, inner-wear, and outerwear, depending on the weather. There are several brands that manufacture camping-specific apparel. We love The North Face for base layers and outerwear.

          Medical Kit

            The last but not the least thing to take with you on camping is a compact medical kit, aka a first aid kit. The outdoors are unpredictable, and that’s why you should be prepared for any unforeseen event. 

            Our Recommendation - Adventure Medical Ultralight Sleep Kit

            Designed for multi-sport athletes, the adventure medical ultra sleep kit is an excellent first aid outdoors. It is lightweight, compact, and watertight with all the proper medications in it. 

            Product Highlights:

            • 2-stage waterproofing with 100% waterproof DryFlex™ inner bag and water-resistant outer bag
            • Comes with blisters prevention and protection supplies
            • Contains treatment for wounds or illness
            • It also has bug removal and bite-relief medications

            When is National Camp Day 2021?

            National Camp Day 2021 will be observed on Friday, the 19th November. It is celebrated on the 19th of November every year. 

            What do I need to bring on a weekend camping trip?

            A weekend camping essential list includes waterproof tents, warm and comfortable sleeping bags, a stove with cooking pots, flashlights, a medical kit, cooking utensils, apparel to keep you warm and dry, as well as something to carry all your belongings in. We recommend Thule backpacks to carry your clothes and smaller camping items around. 

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