Men’s Underwear & Sleepwear Collection 2021

Men’s Underwear & Sleepwear Collection 2021

In everything they wear, men usually seek comfort and utility over everything else. Yes, style is important too but men who are always on the go, extremely active, and hardly ever relax need more mobility and comfort than anything else. But that said every individual has a different preference. Overall, men who are into activities like running, hiking, climbing, or biking need to wear comfortable clothing and underwear is one of the most crucial but often neglected part of it. Finding the right kind of men’s underwear is essential for comfort and sometimes for health reasons as well.

Men may often overlook the importance of buying the most comfortable men’s underwear. They might make the mistake of thinking that all underwear is the same and it does not matter which men’s underwear brands they choose or what suits their body type. This notion is both wrong and often unhealthy. Underwear or sleepwear are the layers of clothing that are closest to your skin and so wearing the wrong material or the wrong size of men’s underwear can have impacts on your health.

This guide aims to help you find the best men’s underwear in Canada according to your body type, your specific purpose of use, and overall comfort.

Should men's underwear be tight or loose?

That’s one question on every man’s mind. You know that underwear should be tight enough to provide support but how tight is too tight? The answer to this is that comfortable men’s underwear should not leave imprints on your skin. Wearing underwear that is too tight can cause a lot of physical health issue. Again, wearing loose underwear during sports or activities isn’t advisable either. Loose underwear like boxers should only be worn when you are relaxing and not indulging in any heavy activity.

Read on to find out more about the different types of underwear for men and their uses.

Different men’s underwear types available

There are four basic categories when it comes to men’s underwear. These are – Briefs, Boxers, Boxer briefs, and Trunks. Apart from these, there are also long leg briefs or men’s thermal underwear that fall under the 4 broader categories themselves.

Let’s find out how each of these men’s underwear types is different and what should suit your body type.


Almost every man probably has a pair of briefs. The briefs of yesteryears have, however, given way to more modern and sleek designs though the functionality remains the same. Briefs are the best underwear for men with bigger thighs. This does not necessarily mean men who are heavier but also includes those who work their legs and have muscular thighs.

The reason why briefs are good for these men is that they have this Y-shaped front with no legs. Underwear with legs tends to rise up as you go about your day-to-day activities. This may not be a problem faced by leaner men but those who have a little more weight or muscle will be able to relate to it and they know how uncomfortable it can be.

Briefs are the most comfortable men’s underwear for moderate sports offering the required support, for everyday use and for dressing up or going out. Briefs may be low-rise - ending just below the natural waistline, mid-rise – with waistband sitting at your natural waistline, or high-rise – ending just below the belly button.


Boxers, as the name suggests, were inspired by the boxing shorts. Boxers were designed to offer mobility and comfort. They are supposed to be loose fitting but certainly not baggy. Boxers are usually not made of stretchable fabric and the leg openings on these men’s underwear are not elasticized.

Boxers are not that great for support but if breathability and comfort are your priority, they’re perfect for you. They can be worn during leisure, when you are not wearing fitting clothes, making them the best choice for sleepwear.

Boxers suit men who are generally fit and have a little muscle on their legs. If you’re very thin, boxers may not flatter your body type. Also, they are not meant to be worn during active sports like running or cycling. So be careful about that.

Boxer briefs

Boxer briefs are a crossover between boxers and briefs. They provide both the comfort and breathability of the boxer as well as the support of the snugly fitting briefs. These men’s underwear run up to your mid to lower thigh. They don’t bundle up like between your legs like the boxers, but the added material between your thighs also prevents rashes from rubbing or chafing of the thighs which is possible when wearing a brief.

Boxer briefs usually suit all body types and can be worn with fitted clothing.


Trunks are quite similar to boxer briefs but are a little shorter providing slightly lesser thigh coverage. They are usually flat fronted and highly stretchable. Trunks are more body-hugging than boxer briefs. They also normally have a lower waistline than the boxer briefs.

Trunks are the best underwear for men with leaner thighs as bigger thighs could cause the trunks to rise up when you walk. They can be worn with any outfit and are good to accompany low-waist pants.

What to add to your collection for 2021?

We believe that every man should have a pair of each of these men’s underwear types in their closet. There is no harm in experimenting after all. How else would you find out which is the most comfortable men’s underwear?

If you are an athlete and enjoy your sport, you should definitely try out the Power Shift Long Leg by 2UNDR which is designed with inputs from professional athletes. These long leg boxer briefs provide great support and are quick-drying, just what athletes need.

For men who enjoy long hours of trekking or hiking, a fabric that controls sweat and odor is a necessity. The Men's Merino Sport 150 Boxer Brief, Boxed by Smartwool provides that and more. These boxer briefs are designed for support and extra comfort. The fabric manages sweat and odor and also has temperature regulation ability.

For a casual and fun day out, how about adding some color to the usual monotonous men’s underwear? You will love the splash of colors on the Swing Shief Boxer Brief by 2UNDR. It is a mid-rise regular boxer brief with a hydrophobic membrane to keep moisture away. It comes in a range of different prints in some really fun colors and quirky prints that add to its character.

If you need something for your everyday activities, the Day Shift Boxer Brief by 2UNDR is a perfect pair. It gives you the breathability of a cotton brief and the optimum stretchiness of elastane. So you get enough flexibility to run around doing your job and enough comfort to keep you feeling good.

This is just a glimpse of the choices you get at the Skuxs. We provide a wide choice of men’s underwear in Canada. Explore the store to find your pick.

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