Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Men's Collection Review

Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Men's Collection Review

The CozyChic from Barefoot Dreams is quite the talk of the town among men. The question is, is this collection worth the hype? This blog post reviews the BareFoot Dreams Canada CozyChic collection for men to help you decide why you need to have them in your wardrobe!


Here are the 5 Barefoot Dreams CozyChic must-haves that are also available at Skuxs:

  • CozyChic Men's Shawl Collar Cardigan
  • CozyChic Men's Camo Zip-Up Hoodie
  • CozyChic Ultra Lite Men's Jogger
  • CozyChic Lite Men's Raglan Pullover
  • Cozychic Heathered Men's Socks

  • CozyChic Men's Shawl Collar Cardigan

    For someone who loves basic but sophisticated & fashionable apparel, the CozyChic Shawl Collar Cardigan is an excellent choice. This shawl collar cardigan gives you a snug look while elevating your overall appeal. Manufactured with the finest 100% polyester microfiber, this cardigan is designed to keep you warm & cozy. While the cardigan looks super basic, it features ribbed hemlines, two front pockets complemented with an elongated shawl collar, and button closures. The choice of heathered monochromatic colorways makes this handsome style cardigan captivating. Wear it at a family dinner, at work, or even to your college flaunt your style without being loud!

    Product Highlights:

    • Manufactured with 100% polyester microfiber.
    • Machine washable compatible (cold+gentle cycle)
    • Features two front pockets
    • Buttoned closure
    • 2 x Colorways (Heathered Carbon/Black or Heathered Indigo/Pacific Blue)
    • Available in all sizes

    CozyChic Men's Camo Zip-Up Hoodie

    Who doesn’t love a hoodie? Yeah, you guessed it, nobody! And that’s why CozyChic Camo Zip-Up Hoodie is a must-have. This Camo Zip-Up Hoodie CozyChic from Barefoot dreams is a show stealer no matter where you wear it. It impressively combines elegance, bold style, and a cozy all-in-one hoodie. Manufactured from premium quality 100% pure polyester microfiber, this unique hoodie is soft to wear, skin-friendly, and free from any allergens. 

    It features a camouflage pattern created using a jacquard knit of three Barefoot Dreams hues.  Unlike your usual hoodies, the Camo Zip-Up hoodies have a roomy hood and pockets so that you stay warm, cozy, and comfortable all the time. With its attractive style, this hoodie can be your style statement everywhere. 

    Wear it to your gym, morning jog, or at a friend's night out; the Camo hoodie will keep you warm without compromising your style. The hoodie comes in two attractive colors and five different sizes. Washing and drying the hoodies is not a hassle, as the fabric is machine washable. With a price tag of $208.00, the CozyChic from Barefoot Dreams, Camo Zip-Up Hoodie is an investment you won’t regret!

    Product Highlights:

    • Manufactured from 100% polyester microfiber
    • It has a Camouflage pattern
    • Available in 5 sizes
    • 2 x colors (Multi indigo or carbon)
    • Machine washable
    • Zip-Up style
    • Two pockets 
    • Comfortable fitting

    CozyChic Ultra Lite Men's Jogger

    Whether you enjoy your weekend, go for a run, or have a casual day out, the CozyChic Ultra Lite Men’s Jogger can be your go-to! This Men’s Jogger is designed to keep you comfortable while giving you an up-to-date look. Manufactured with high-quality 71% Nylon 29% Viscose, these Barefoot Dreams joggers are unquestionably comfy and skin-friendly. This CozyChic basic jogger features two side pockets that have enough room. Additionally, both pockets have a zipper closure so that your wallet or keys don’t fall out.

    Moreover, the Ultra-Lite CozyChic Joggers come with a tunnel drawstring waistband encased in soft elastic that is easy to secure. With the ribbed cuff at the leg opening, the Ultra-Lite Joggers look cool, comfy, casual, and sleek all at once. Featuring such a style and carbon/black colorways, the Ultra-Lite Men’s Joggers are such a steal. 

    Product Highlights:

    • Premium quality Nylon and Viscose material.
    • Ultra-comfy and stylish.
    • Ribbed cuffs.
    • Soft elastic encased tunnel drawstring waistband.
    • Zipper pockets.
    • Machine washable.

    CozyChic Lite Men's Raglan Pullover

    Elevate your off-duty look while feeling extremely comfortable in your outfit with CozyChic Lite Raglan Pullover. This pullover shirt from CozyChic by Barefoot Dreams Canada sells like hotcakes. And its hype isn’t unjustified. From the manufacturing to the fabric quality to color and overall appeal, the Raglan Pullover is nothing but the epitome of perfection. 

    It is manufactured with a mix of Nylon (75%) and Rayon (25%) that is skin-friendly and high-quality material. With a buttery-soft touch of CozyChic’s classic raglan pullover, you get the snuggly feel while your body relaxes. The Raglan Pullover from the CozyChic collection is available in 5 different sizes and three elegant colors. Update your wardrobe with this highly desirable Raglan Pullover shirt from CozyChic by Barefoot Dreams. 

    Complete your look by pairing this classic raglan pullover with a shawl collar cardigan and ultra-lite joggers - all of which are available on Skuxs

    Product Highlights:

    • Premium quality Nylon and Viscose material.
    • Buttery soft touch.
    • Available in three colors, including Heathered Olive / Loden,  Heathered Indigo / Pacific. Blue, & Heathered Pewter / Silver.
    • Machine washable.

    Cozychic Heathered Men's Socks

    The essential item of your wardrobe that every one of us has is a pair of socks. And that’s why Barefoot Dreams Canada has introduced a comfy pair of socks in their CozyChic collection. Their Heathered Socks for men is a must-purchase because of their quality, touch, and warm feel. 

    Manufactured with the Barefoot Dreams’ best-selling heathered CozyChic fabrics, this pair of socks is everything you need. These socks keep your toes warm and give you a supremely soft feel. These are one-size-fits-all socks available in 4 warm colors. 

    Product Highlights:

    • Manufactured with 97% Polyester, 3% Spandex fabric.
    • Machine Washable.
    • Available in 4 colors, including Warm Gray, Heathered Beach Rock, Charcoal, Slate Blue (White).


    What is so great about Barefoot Dreams?

    Barefoot Dreams make blankets, loungewear, and apparel. They offer something for all of your family members, including the pets. Their pullover sweaters and cardigans are not only stylish but also very functional. All Barefoot Dreams products are manufactured with the same high-quality soft, comfy, and warm materials. One of the best-selling Barefoot Dreams’ clothing items from the CozyChic men’s collection is the CozyChic Men's Camo Zip-Up Hoodie. 

    Is Barefoot Dreams a luxury brand?

    Yes! If you like to be warm and toasty, you should probably see or consider a piece from Barefoot Dreams. This high-end label is known for its insanely soft and sumptuous garments. The brand offers fine quality and ultimate coziness that even the Kardashians own their blankets. 

    Are Barefoot Dreams worth it?

    Yes, the Barefoot Dreams blankets are well worth the money. If you have $150+ to spend on apparel, loungewear, or blankets, then yes, they do live up to the reputation. Undoubtedly the Barefoot Dreams whole collection is undeniably soft. Their products give you the feel of being wrapped up in heaven. Their entire collection has been manufactured using premium quality microfiber, perfect for a whole year. Due to their premium quality, barefoot dreams products are one of the best gifts!

    Wrapping Up!

    Barefoot Dreams is a renowned brand specializing in manufacturing cozy apparel, loungewear, and blankets. After reviewing the CozyChic from Barefoot Dreams collections, it is not wrong to say that products are worth the hype. Well, if you want to take a look at the CozyChic Men’s collection, you don’t have to go anywhere else, as Skuxs got them. So scroll through Barefoot Dreams’ collection and find the right product for you!

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