7 Reasons You Should Buy 2UNDR Men’s Boxers

7 Reasons You Should Buy 2UNDR Men’s Boxers - Skuxs

If you are not sure why or which boxers you should buy, then here is the one brand that fits every man’s needs. 2UNDR is a reliable men’s garment brand that provides quality products at an affordable price range. 

Here are some of the best 2UNDR Boxers that are available at Skuxs:

  • Power-shift boxer brief
  • Swing-shift boxer brief
  • Night-shift 6in boxer brief
  • Day-shift boxer brief
  • Power-shift 6in boxer brief
  • Power-Shift Boxer Brief - Skuxs

    Power-Shift Boxer Brief

    Manufactured with poly and elastane fabric, this 2UNDR men's underwear provides the best support and allows quick-dry performance. It is designed specifically for athletes, so it comes with a breathable athletic mesh back panel. It is available in different sizes and designs.


    • It comes with a patented joey pocket for maximum support and comfort
    • Features a 35mm premium roll-resistant waistband
    • The no-drip-tip hydrophobic membrane for a dry environment
    • It has a front fly for quick access
    • Have a flatlock, smooth and chafe-free seam
    Swing-Shift Boxer Brief

    Swing-Shift Boxer Brief

    Looking for underwear that lets you go out the whole day without sweating, itching, or a rash? Then the 2UNDR Swing Shift Boxer is the one you may need. Manufactured with 95% Lezing Modal and 5% Elastane, this boxer brief is shrinking and fade resistant. It is a comfortable mid-rise, regular and tagless boxer brief that provides maximum support during athletic activities.


    • Roll-resistant waistband
    • Fits perfectly 
    • It comes in size, color, and design variety
    • Has a hydrophobic membrane that keeps it dry
    • Easy to wash
    • No hard water deposit
    • Features a quick access fly
    High Quality Stuff by 2UNDR

    Day-Shift Boxer Brief

      Do you prefer regular cotton underpants but also want maximum support and comfort? The day-shift boxer brief is one of the best 2UNDR boxers available on the market. It is a combination of bamboo, elastane, and cotton, which means that you get breathability, silkiness, and stretchiness all in one. The patented joey pouch and the hydrophobic membrane, along with the quick access front fly, make your day-shift hustle like walking in a paradise.


      • Regular, tagless, and mid-rise boxer brief
      • Stretchable, breathable, and silky soft
      • Features a smooth, chafe-free, flatlock seam construction
      • Available in 8 color and design variation

      7 Reasons 2UNDR Men's Underwear Is Worth Buying

      Whether you prefer going on commando or wearing underwear, here are some of the benefits of wearing underwear by 2UNDR:

      Patented Joey Pouch

        If you are an athlete or love doing workouts, you would know the pain of wearing undies with your private parts dangling outside. Whether you are a boxer or brief fan, you need something that provides you maximum support during the movements without compromising comfort. That’s when the 2UNDR boxer brief comes in handy. These underwears are specifically designed for athletes, hence featuring a patented joey pouch. The smart addition of this pouch in the undies keeps your sensitive parts in place even during strenuous movements. 

        Chafe-free Seam Construction

          Unlike your usual men’s underwear, 2UNDR Canada truly cares for your comfort. All the boxers, briefs, and boxer briefs feature a smooth, chafe-free, and flatlock seam construction. It means that even when you are wearing a brief that fits perfectly to your size, there is no skin abrasion or chafing. You can wear the 2UNDR boxers all day long without feeling anything on your skin. 

          Quick Dry Performance 2UNDR Underwear

          Quick-Dry Performance

            When it gets scorching hot outside, it gets sweaty and messy. The situation worsens when sweat stains and odor appear on the groin and buttock area. However, that’s not the case with 2UNDR men's underwear. The whole collection features a No-Drip-Tip hydrophobic membrane that keeps the environment dry inside. It means that you can enjoy a quick-dry performance during the top-level competitions or hot sunny days.

            One of the best 2UNDR boxers is the Swing Shift 3 in Trunk. It comes in a variety of designs and is manufactured with shrink-resistant and fade-resistant fabric. In addition, the material doesn’t let the hard water deposit.

            Quick Access Front Fly

              One thing that makes 2UNDR boxers Canada one of the best underwear brands is their signature quick access front fly. Not only does it make the underwear more breathable and allows quick access for a bathroom break, but it also looks sexier. Besides, the front fly provides greater comfort without compromising your privacy. 

              Premium Quality Breathable Fabric

                The groin area is the most sensitive part of the body. Anything rough can easily give skin abrasions, chafing, or cause a skin reaction. 2UNDR uses premium quality fabric including elastane, poly, and Lenzing modal to manufacture their briefs and boxers. The material is soft on the skin, easy to wash, and does not shrink or fade. 

                Athletic Back Panel

                  Another reason to buy 2UNDR underwear is that it is designed specifically for athletes. It means that the undies will provide you maximum comfort while keeping the support intact. What makes this underwear ideal for athletes is the breathable athletic mesh back panel. It makes the underwear moisture-wicking and keeps the groin area dry during activities. Ultimately the underwear provides maximum comfort with enhanced ventilation.

                  Comfortable Waistband

                    The last but not the least thing that makes 2UNDR men’s underwear a perfect choice is the waistband. Unlike most underwear, the 2UNDR briefs and boxers feature a premium 35mm roll-resistant waistband. Not only is the waistband super elastic, but it also doesn’t roll. Whether you work out or play a sport, you don’t have to worry about twisting and rolling your underwear waistband. 

                    Though some of you may find the prices a little higher than regular underwear, the men’s underwear from 2UNDR is worth its price tag. With so many features like quick access fly, hydrophobic membrane, joey pouch, and not to forget the design & color variations, this brand has convinced many ‘going on commando’ guys to don underpants!


                    Boxer or Briefs, Which Is Better?

                    Well, there is no engraved-in-stone rule for this. While boxers can be comfortable, they aren’t suitable for formal functions and events. It’s almost like going on commando. On the other hand, briefs are better; they provide better support and comfort. However, the best among these undies are the 2UNDR boxer-briefs that provide maximum support to your private parts, keeping the groin environment dry without compromising comfort.

                    Which Underwear Brand Is Best and Why?

                    Though many brands manufacture underwear, the best one so far is the 2UNDR. What makes it the best is the breathable fabric, patented joey pouch, chafe-free seam construction, roll-resistant waistband, and no-drip-tip hydrophobic membrane. 2UNDR boxers let you walk without any embarrassment or shame.

                    What Is The Most Comfortable Underwear for Men?

                    The silkiness, breathability, and stretchability all determine the comfort factor of men’s underwear. It means that if comfort is what you look for, then you must focus on quality fabrics like cotton, bamboo, elastane, or Lenzing modal. The 2UNDR boxer brief range, including Power-Shift Boxer Briefs, Day Shift Boxer Briefs, and Night Shift boxers, are all super comfortable with soft and stretchable material. 

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