2021 Holiday Gift Guide for the Outdoor Lover

2021 Holiday Gift Guide for the Outdoor Lover

Are you looking for the perfect holiday gift for your outdoor lover friend? Many people hassle in finding the best holiday gifts, especially for someone who likes the outdoors. If you’re the one too then you have landed on the right webpage! We have the best holiday gift ideas for 2021 to help you choose the right gift for someone who loves the outdoors!


Here are our top holiday gift ideas 2021 to make this Christmas a little more exciting:


  • The North Face Women's Venture 2 Jacket
  • The North Face Men's Apex Bionic 2 Jacket
  • Adventure Medical Intrepid Water Bottle
  • Outdoor Research Men's Gripper Gore-tex Infinium Sensor Gloves
  • Outdoor Research Women's Melody Sensor Gloves


You can find these and hundreds of other holiday gifts for an outdoor lover easily at skuxs.com.


Christmas Gift Guide 2021 For Women

We have put together some of the best outdoor gear that are fantastic holiday gifts for someone who likes the outdoors. Finding a gift for an outdoor lover isn’t a problem anymore!


The North Face Women's Venture 2 Jacket

A true combination of functionality, compact storage, and lightweight, the North Face Women's Venture 2 Jacket is a must-have outdoor gear and a great holiday gift for women! 

Outdoor activities are fun until it starts to rain and you get wet. While some may find it fascinating, a true camper or hiker knows that getting wet outdoors is not lovely. That's when the North Face Women's Venture 2 Jacket comes in handy! 

This jacket is specifically designed for the summer and spring seasons. Manufactured with premium quality material, this rain jacket is quite extraordinary. It is waterproof and provides extra protection during the storm. 

Unlike other gear or similar products, the Venture 2 jacket doesn't take much space in the backpack. Not to mention the jacket is ultralightweight. Moreover, it provides a relaxed fit and comes with an adjustable hood. It means you can add extra layers as well to keep yourself warm when the temperature gets colder. 


Product Highlights
  • Ultralight with compact storage
  • Waterproof 
  • Durable
  • Adjustable hood
  • Provides a relaxed fit


Outdoor Research Women's Melody Sensor Gloves

With its functionality, elegance, warm and comfortable feel, the Outdoor Research Women's Melody Sensor Gloves are a beautiful and excellent holiday gift for your she-friend!


Let her flaunt with style while keeping her hands warm and comfy in the cold weather this Christmas with the Outdoor Research Women's melody sensor gloves! Manufactured with incredible plush polyester and spandex fabrication - these women gloves are warmer, soft, and super comfy.

Though melody sensor gloves are casual winter gear, their elegance and beauty make you wonder. What makes these gloves a winter must-have is the Touch screen compatible sensor technology.

With this technology, your friend can enjoy taking selfies, posting on social media, or using her electronic devices without taking off the gloves in the cold weather. From durability to comfort to warmth and touchscreen sensitivity, Melody gloves are a true "Beauty in Function."


Product Highlights
  • Touch-screen compatible sensor technology
  • Elegant design and color
  • Plush, soft, comfortable, and warm
  • Durable polyester and spandex fabrication
  • Machine washable


Holiday Gift Guide 2021 For Men

Do you want to surprise your pal with something other than a cardigan? Lucky for you that there's a wide range of holiday gift ideas for men. What's great about these gifts is that not only are they perfect holiday gifts for someone who loves the outdoors, but even if they are not much of a camper, they will enjoy them.


The North Face Men's Apex Bionic 2 Jacket

Known for its quality, functionality, and style, the North Face Men's Apex Bionic 2 Jacket is a great Christmas gift for your buddy!

Starting from its overlook, the North Face Men's Apex Bionic 2 Jacket is a classy one. The black color gives a sleek and refined look to your overall appearance. What makes this jacket stand out is its multiple features that make your outdoor experience a breath.

The jacket is manufactured with premium quality, water-resistant material to keep you dry and comfortable on the trail. At the same time, the Apex Bionic 2 jacket is perfectly breathable and stretchy - so you can rock even on the track. Another exciting feature of this bionic jacket is that it keeps you warm and wind chill-free in windy, cold weather.

It is because the jacket features a windproof exterior along with a comfortable fleece backer. Whether you are an athlete, outdoor lover, or someone looking to update their wardrobe for the season, the North Face Jacket won't disappoint you. 

Product Highlights
  • Windproof, stretchable, and softshell jacket
  • Standard fit
  • Zip chest and hand pockets with center front zipper
  • Hem cinch-cord
  • Water-resistant and breathable


Outdoor Research Men's Gripper Gore-tex Infinium Sensor Gloves

An affordable yet super warm and comfortable hand glove, the Outdoor Research Men's Gripper Gore-tex Infinium Sensor Gloves is on top among holiday gift ideas for the 2021 list. 


The Gripper Gore-tex Infinium Sensor Gloves are pretty popular among men. Multipurpose outdoor gloves are a perfect match for any outdoor activity. And it's for all the good reasons. Starting from the fit, the gloves provide a secure and comfortable fit.

These gloves feature sensor technology that lets you buzz your social media without exposing your hands out in the cold. Moreover, the gloves also come with a weather-resistant fleece that blocks the wind and keeps your hand warm.

The durable synthetic palms combined with sensor technology provide a firmer sure grip. The fabric used to manufacture the gloves is lightweight, moisture-wicking, breathable, and allows quick drying.

When it comes to the design of the gloves, they are a game-changer. The gloves elevate your outfit by featuring a pull-on loop, glove clip with under cuff & pre-curved construction, and tapered wrist. 


Product Highlights
  • Touch-screen compatible with sensor fingers and palm
  • Windproof, moisture-wicking, and breathable
  • Quick-drying and lightweight
  • Undercurve and pre-curved constructions
  • Tapered wrist featuring a pull-on loop and glove clip


Christmas Gift Ideas For The Outdoor Lover

Finding the right Christmas gift for your friend who is an outdoor lover can sometimes be tricky. One of the best gifts for this season, according to the Christmas gift guide 2021, is to choose unisex outdoor items. You would be amazed how many options you can explore when it comes to unisex items. And the good news is you can find all the variety on skuxs so that you can pick only the best holiday gift for your loved one. 


Adventure Medical Intrepid Water Bottle

It's not just a water sipper or bottle; in fact, it's a savior on the trek and hike trail, and that's what makes it an excellent holiday gift for someone who loves the outdoors. 

No matter how efficiently you pack, there's a limit to how much water you can take for camping or trekking. That's why you need the Adventure medical intrepid water bottle. It's not an ordinary water bottle.

Featuring a Rapid Pure Intrepid, this bottle lets you purify and filter the water during the hike. With a capacity of 25 oz, this water purifier bottle is lightweight, compact, and efficiently removes 99.99% of microbes and sediments.

The best thing is it works for the frozen water as well. Its Ultra Ceram technology removes pathogens 100 times smaller. No need to press, prime, or squeeze the bottle; the flip-top lid just lets you fill and drink!


Product highlights
  • Ergonomic design
  • Flip-top lid for a quick fill & drink with easy handling
  • Rapid Pure Intrepid and Ultra Ceram technology for high purification
  • Fast flow rate
  • Durable and long-lasting material
  • 25 oz water capacity
  • Works even when frozen
  • Ultra Lightweight and compact storage making it ideal for traveling


Wrapping Up: Holiday Gift Guide for the Outdoor Lover 

When choosing a gift, it's best to consider whether the gift will be functional for the person or not. It's not just about spending the money; what matters is that people enjoy and use it. All the outdoor gear mentioned in this Christmas gift ideas for the outdoors lover guide are from reliable brands, functional, unique, and available at reasonable prices. Explore skuxs.com for more gift options! 

Happy Holiday Shopping!


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