Men's Elevation Compression Socks


Simple doesn't have to mean boring, and these Elevation Firm Compression socks are certainly far from dull. On the surface, they look like typical Navy, Espresso, Grey, Khaki, and Black socks but upon further inspection, you'll find some pretty high-tech specs. Made from Cashmerino wool that regulates temperature and manages moisture and featuring an ultra-light cushion sole and arch support these socks stand out in the crowd for their superior comfort and style.

FIRM 20-30mmHG


• Spandex throughout the sock
• Graduated compression leg
• Turn welt top
• Arch support
• Seamless toe closure


31% Merino Wool
31% Bamboo Rayon
30% Stretch Nylon
8% Spandex

Cushioning: Ultralight cushion sole