Slimwallet Rango

by Secrid
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Secrid Slimwallet Rango features a finely embossed lizard patter, that is deeply colored and stands the test of time.

The Slimwallet is a modern take on a classic bifold wallet. The design makes it compact and slim without reducing capacity. Like every Secrid wallet, it's secure and comfortable to use.

Each Slimwallet has the aluminum Cardprotector inside. The patented mechanism provides simple and fast access to your cards. Push the lever and the cards slide out smoothly, ready for immediate use. The strong case protects the cards against bending, breaking and unauthorized wireless scanning.

The leather billfold offers space for extra cards, banknotes and business cards. There is no stud closure, which makes it slimmer. The cards inside Cardprotector are accessible without opening the leather billfold.

Nearly 100 craftsmen are building the Secrid wallets with great precision in Holland. Each wallet comes with a unique serial number as proof of authenticity.

  • Comfortable and fast card access
  • RFID-block secures your data
  • Made in Holland


  • Size68 × 102 × 16 mm
  • Housing: solid aluminum
  • Wallet: European leather
  • Weight: 72 g
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Banknotes: Fit when folded
  • Coin pocket: No coin pocket
  • Card capacity: 10-12
  • Made in Holland
  • Additional features: RFID-protected