With 3 blades and a massive 2″ cutting diameter, the Megameat Broadhead does a tremendous amount of damage, meaning short blood trails with happy endings for you! An easy-to-use snaplock collar keeps the blades secure during flight for field-point accuracy while opening up to deliver a massive 2″ cutting diameter on impact! A chisel tip enhances the G5 Megameat Mechanical Broadhead’s ability to bust through bone. Use a ballistic match point (not included) to get these hunting broadheads sighted in without tearing up the razor-sharp blades. Replaceable blades and collar.

2″ Cutting Diameter

With 3 deadly blades machined from solid steel, our massive 2″ cutting diameter offers unmatched precision and penetrating power for bigger, deadlier holes.

Crossbow Version Available

The Megameat works seamlessly with your crossbow to give you the fastest, most accurate shot.

3 Ultra Sharp Blades

Our rearward sliding steel blades are designed for better cutting on impact. All blades and collars are replaceable with our Replacement Blade Kit, which includes blades AND SnapLock collars.

No Blade Pre-Deployment

Made with high-speed crossbows in mind, the SnapLock™ collar locks blades in place during flight, yet quickly releases the blades upon impact.