Indoor Shoes

by Glerups
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Keep your feet toast and warm during chilly winter days and cool summer nights with Glerups indoor shoe. Glerups are the perfect indoor footwear for barefoot comfort around the house or chalet, where cold floors are a fact of life. Made from 100% wool, the distinctively Scandinavian design utilizes eco-friendly dyes and a soft, vegetable-tanned leather sole.

  • 100% Pure Wool
  • Natural Leather Sole
  • Easy to Slip-On
  • Danish Designed
  • Makes a Great Gift

Since 1993, Glerups have been made with nature's wonder fibre, 100% pure wool. Glerups select wool is gently washed in soft water, made into socks and felted with steam to the shape of your foot. Soft leather soles protect the wool for longer wear. Leather soles also take  the "slip" out of slippers and provide a step that's as whisper soft as it is cozy.