CURREX® HIKEPRO™ Insoles | Insoles for Hiking Boots & Shoes

by Currex

No matter if it's a short hike or an all day outing, CURREX HIKEPRO insoles are trail ready. They deliver a perfect fit in all hiking shoes while supporting your feet for less fatigue and endless adventure. A non-slip, deep heel cup increases stability and confidence on all terrain. With just the right amount of flexible support, these hiking boot insoles cushion your feet and keep them dry. For the most comfortable hiking experience, choose CURREX HIKEPRO, the hiking insoles engineered to keep you outdoors.

  • Shock absorbing cushioning with flexible support provide superior comfort, reducing fatigue and increasing performance.
  • Anti-slip SuperGrip heel surface and deel heel cup fix the heel in place for sure-footedness and stability on uneven terrain and downhill descents.
  • Full contact dynamic arch support with a decoupled heel fits wraps and locks the heel in place for a secure hold and perfect it.
  • Breathable materials with premium foam help manage moisture to keep feet dry and blister free.
  • Recycled EVA base with air vent technology leaves feet comfortable in all outdoor shoes while remaining environmentally friendly.