Cardprotector Powder

by Secrid
Sold out

A year of research was resulted in a new powder-coating technique. These functionally excellent Cardprotectors are covered with a new layer of powder coating. The texture and brightly coloured mechanism make the new Cardprotector Powder a true eye-catcher, and represent another step closer to a zero-waste supply chain.

The Cardprotector is the core of each Secrid wallet, and works as a minimalistic, slim card case on its own. The patented mechanism provides a simple and fast access to your cards. Push the lever and the cards slide out smoothly, ready for immediate use. The strong case protects the cards against bending, breaking and unauthorised wireless scanning. Depending on the thickness of your cards, it can hold up to 4-6 cards. You can also choose to store just one card.

Nearly 100 craftsmen are building the Secrid wallets with great precision in Holland. Each Cardprotector comes with unique serial number as a proof of authenticity.

  • Powder-coated
  • Colourful mechanism
  • Comfortable and fast card access
  • RFID-block secures your data
  • Made in Holland